Inside Yes Way Rosé’s seasonal marketing strategy

For brands that focus on seasonal products, marketing efforts can be tricky to balance throughout the year. Rosé makers, for example, often have to plan for quiet winter months and demand surge during the summer. Yes Way Rosé, which primarily focuses on French-made rosé, is testing out new strategies so that it doesn't rely on only the summer months for sales.

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  • JUL 19, 2021

    Refurbished electronics marketplaces are having a moment

    In the past, refurbished technology was typically associated with second-rate or used, unwanted inventory. But thanks to the secondhand boom, consumers are increasingly considering professionally refurbished electronics over new ones. As a result, some online marketplaces are boosts in sales.

  • JUL 19, 2021

    Inside DTC weighted blanket Bearaby’s hyper-local marketing strategy

    Weighted blanket brand Bearaby's hyper-localized digital advertising helped the brand increase revenue by 600% in 2020. Going forward, Bearaby will maintain the strategy, while adapting advertising narratives towards trends like travel and working around IOS 14 app privacy tracking by keeping users' purchasing path in a single creative-to-cart, new ad type.

  • JUL 13, 2021
    dtc briefing

    DTC Briefing: After months of hesitation, brands are rushing to host in-person events

    Last summer, brands took a muted approach to marketing. Now, the mood is much more celebratory as some brands are rushing to host their first in-person events in nearly eighteen months. Many of these events are being planned on the fly, as some brands were hesitant to plan any indoor events until a month or two ago.

  • JUL 13, 2021

    Why more non-apparel DTC brands are selling at Urban Outfitters

    Over the years, many health and beauty direct-to-consumer brands have chosen to expand their physical retail via standalone stores or marketplaces. However, there is also a growing trend of partnering with traditional department stores or big box retailers, such as Nordstrom and Target. Urban Outfitters, once known as a hip millennial clothing retailer, is quietly building its own hub of digitally-native skincare and wellness brands.

  • JUL 12, 2021

    Inside Figs’ brand ambassador program of health care professionals

    Health care apparel brand Figs, which recently went public, has an army of nurses and doctors online. These brand ambassadors have helped give the company a name -- as well as lowered its customer acquisition costs.

  • JUL 09, 2021

    How Maisonette is tapping into the back-to-school boom with its new private label line

    Outside of athleisure, fashion sales were some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Now, with apparel sales ticking back up again, retailers and brands are looking for ways to stand out in the crowded field -- including those in the kids clothing category. One way online children's boutique Maisonette is approaching this is by launching its third private label.

  • JUL 06, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Startups contend with ‘whack-a-mole’ iOS14 fallout

    Roughly two months after the iOS14 update rolled out, direct-to-consumer startups are still trying to understand the impact of it. The impact felt by DTC startups has widely varied, according to the four media marketers and media buyers. Multiple brands reported their cost per impressions (CPMs) rising on Facebook since the iOS14 update, while the conversion and purchase-related data Facebook reports back seems to be less accurate.

  • JUL 06, 2021

    ‘An everyday purchase’: How startups are trying to stand out in the crowded beverage space

    After a year of vying for shelf space and digital customers, premium beverage companies are strategizing how to retain their newfound customers. Startup brands like Olipop, Sunwink and Swoon are looking for new long-term ways to keep shoppers replenishing as the pandemic winds down.

  • JUL 01, 2021

    More brands are hitting the road this summer with traveling showrooms

    This summer, several brands are abandoning the traditional showroom and getting on the road. As pop-ups and showrooms return, brands including Cuyana and Maker&Son are bringing their inventory to customers via a showroom-on-wheels concept.

  • JUN 29, 2021

    DTC Briefing: How Monica + Andy is preparing for a mix of in-person and virtual events

    Over the past year, many retail startups experimented with virtual events. But for Monica + Andy, an eight year old baby clothing brand, virtual events became a regular part of its marketing strategy. Now, Monica + Andy presents a potential case study as to how DTC brands might approach events going forward: CEO Monica Royer said she expects half of Monica + Andy's events to be virtual, half in-person, going forward.

  • JUN 28, 2021

    Suitcase brands are ramping up expansion plans as air travel returns

    This month marked the first time that two million passengers were screened in airports on a single day. Suitcase and travel brands are embracing the return of air travel by offering new products, expanding into new markets and doubling down on brick-and-mortar.

  • JUN 28, 2021

    Chewing gum is getting an e-commerce makeover

    The direct-to-consumer chewing gum brands have been pushing one idea in particular: Rather than positioning chewing gum as an afterthought purchase, they want turn it into a high-price, premium product that consumers seek out on direct-to-consumer websites the way they might with a houseplant or a meal kit.

  • JUL 16, 2021

    Report: Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences drive revenue growth

    Every interaction a customer has with a brand is an opportunity to nurture the customer-brand relationship. This report highlights tactics that top brands are using to improve the customer experience.

Modern Retail Livestream Commerce Trends
Jul 28, 2021

At Modern Retail’s Livestream Commerce Trends, we’ll explore how the growth of livestream and video shopping trends are transforming how retailers, brands and marketing teams are engaging with consumers in-stream and live across social and owned-and-operated websites.