About Us

Modern Retail is a media brand covering the ins and outs of the reinvention of the retail industry.

Launched in 2019 by Digiday Media, Modern Retail explains the changes transforming the retail business with honesty, depth and authority. We cover the industry’s nuances, through the digital lens, from Amazon’s strategic shifts and their implications to stores’ recasting as experience meccas and fulfillment centers.

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Editorial standards, AI guidelines and plagiarism
  1. Any fact, figure or quote produced and published by Modernretail.co is independently researched and vetted by our editorial staff. Modern Retail does not use generative AI for fact-based research.
  2. Text in all editorial stories is written by a human, and Modern Retail will not paste any AI-written text directly into editorial content. Modern Retail checks facts and sources using generative AI in any way for instances of plagiarism and maintains a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism across all of our content.
  3. Any use of generative AI that falls outside of these guidelines will be clearly disclosed where used, along with details on why and how it was used.

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About Digiday Media
Digiday Media is a next-generation vertical media company founded in 2008 by CEO Nick Friese and headquartered in New York City. The company strives to continually reimagine and reshape the media we cover and create, guided by our core values of quality, honesty, curiosity and tenacity. Its flagship media brand, Digiday, is focused on the modernization of media and marketing while Glossy is focused on the evolution of fashion and beauty and Modern Retail covers the transformation of retail.

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