‘Was Facebook giving themselves extra credit?’ Overheard at the Modern Retail Summit

The retail sector has been completely upended over the past year and a half and at the Modern Retail Summit in Palm Springs, brand and retail executives came together about how they are trying to shift strategies in this new world.

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  • OCT 12, 2021

    URBN achieves the retail-resale-rental trifecta with launch of Nuuly Thrift

    On Tuesday, URBN’s Nuuly rental service added a resale service called Nuuly Thrift, making URBN one of the first major fashion companies to house retail, resale and rental businesses under one roof. Unlike other companies that have employed outside platforms to power their resale, Nuuly created the Thrift program in-house. The move is a big bet on the future of circular fashion and alternate consumption models, though it comes with heavy associated costs. 

  • OCT 12, 2021

    Big-box retailers promote new buy now pay later options ahead of the holidays

    Late last week Target announced that it was partnering with two BNPL providers, Sezzle and Affirm, “right in time for the holiday season.” As retailers attempt to get consumers shopping early this season, analysts interviewed by Modern Retail think BNPL might help to speed up holiday purchases and draw in younger holiday shoppers.

  • OCT 11, 2021

    How Harrods is turning sneaker resale into a bespoke shopping service

    Famed London department store Harrods is embracing luxury streetwear, announcing that it will now be the home of online reseller The Edit LDN’s first sneaker boutique. In Harrods case, the 172-year-old store is pitching sneaker drops as the latest in its repertoire of bespoke services, which span personal shopping to made-to-order curtains and bedlinens to real-estate. 

  • OCT 11, 2021

    ‘Gamers are unstoppable’: PepsiCo’s Fabiola Torres on Rockstar Energy Drink’s rebrand

    After acquiring Rockstar in March 2020, PepsiCo announced plans to double Rockstar’s sales worldwide over the next three years. In an interview with Modern Retail, PepsiCo’s CMO and svp of the energy category, Fabiola Torres, discussed Rockstar’s rebrand, as well as the brand’s forays into gaming.

  • OCT 08, 2021

    How Clairol planned a digital ad campaign to boost a Target sale

    With at-home haircare becoming popular among consumers during the coronavirus pandemic, brands are looking for ways to reach these customers. One example is hair coloring brand Clairol, which recently tested digital campaigns to help drive sales at Target during a Clairol products sale.

  • OCT 08, 2021

    Walmart announces Home Depot as first customer of its delivery service

    On Wednesday, Home Depot announced that it would be the first retailer to join Walmart’s delivery as a service business, Walmart GoLocal. Home Depot's entry into same-day delivery is another way for the retailer to increase digital sales as well as sales from contractors. For Walmart, the partnership highlights the retailer's plan to become a multi-service provider. 

  • OCT 07, 2021

    Why Eastbay is launching a new private label line

    Foot Locker-owned Eastbay is the latest retailer to debut an in-house brand. For decades, Eastbay's merchandise strategy has been focused on carrying third party brands. Now, the company wants to grab a bigger share of the student athlete market with the help of refreshed merchandise.

  • OCT 07, 2021

    ‘Billion dollar brand’: Kids Foot Locker’s Jill Feldman on the retailer’s ambitions

    Kids Foot Locker has big plans to be the number one shoe retailer for kids. According to Jill Feldman, the vp and general manager of Kids Foot Locker, she aims to make it a billion dollar brand. "That's not quite doubling [where it is now]," she said on the Modern Retail Podcast, "but we have had really big momentum recently.

  • OCT 06, 2021

    Amazon and Target shift holiday sales earlier as supply chain worries loom

    This week, Amazon rolled out two month-long sales events, signaling a move from the brief holiday blitzes of Prime Day and Cyber Monday, into an earlier and longer seasonal playbook. As supply chain issues threaten product stockouts, Amazon and other retailers are shifting their holiday sales strategies across more days, earlier, to get consumers shopping now.

  • OCT 05, 2021

    How National Tree Company is preparing for the holiday decor rush

    The demand for seasonal and holiday decor is already weighing heavy on tree and decoration sellers. The expected consumer demand, along with a slew of supply chain disruptions, has brands like the National Tree Company planning rigorously this year.

  • OCT 04, 2021

    The holiday toy wars are starting early

    Major retailers have all already launched their holiday top toys lists, pushing parents to buy the hottest toys now before holiday season stockouts arise. Companies from Target to Walmart to Macy's are pushing customers to buy toys early, but big hurdles still lie ahead.

  • OCT 04, 2021

    Retailers are getting creative to deal with supply chain constraints

    The latest retailer to announce significant changes to its supply chain is Costco, which is leasing three of its own container ships for a one-year period in order to more quickly transport products across the Pacific Ocean. Costco isn't the only major retailer to take that step: in recent months, IKEA, The Home Depot, Walmart and Dollar Tree have all chartered their own containers ships.

  • OCT 18, 2021

    Report: The state of online marketplaces

Modern Retail Summit
Oct 12–Oct 14, 2021

At the Modern Retail Summit, retail marketers will discuss everything from the Amazon effect to new infrastructure to the shift in the direct-to-consumer world.

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