Marriott is preparing for the return of travel with a new Pinterest partnership

On Tuesday, Marriott Bonvoy and Pinterest teamed up for the latest activation in Marriott’s broader “The Power of Travel” campaign, a multi-platform investment across streaming platforms, social platforms and even gaming platforms like Twitch. The hotel chain is adapting to a new travel landscape, moving away from its traditional business-traveler consumers and instead shifting platform spend to appeal to younger and leisure-focused travelers.

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  • JUL 08, 2021

    The rise of the omni-associate: Apple is the latest company to test hybrid retail worker schedules

    The line between store and e-commerce retail associates continues to blur. This month, Apple became the first major company to test a "flex" work schedule for its retail associates beyond the pandemic. The tech giant is reportedly allowing the pilot program's participants work both in-store and at-home during the test run.

  • JUL 07, 2021

    ‘We really honed our focus’: How Overstock responded to the home goods boom

    In the first quarter of 2021, online-only retailer Overstock’s revenue rose 94% year-over-year and active customers nearly doubled. In 2020, the retailers' full-year revenue rose 75%, to$ 2.5 billion. Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson talked to Modern Retail about Overstock’s unique ability to navigate furniture supply chain issues, the company's expansion to Canada and the longevity of the patio furniture boom.

  • JUL 06, 2021
    Seth Goldman

    ‘The food world is shifting’: Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman on the state of plant-based products

    Thanks to consumers' changing tastes and eating habits, the plant-based trend has been growing for years. The success of brands like Oatly and Beyond Meat helped prove the trend's staying power. Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea and new plant-based jerky brand Eat the Change, explains why the pandemic helped further popularize the category.

  • JUL 02, 2021

    Hoka One One’s Wendy Yang on how the footwear brand approaches fashion partnerships

    While other footwear brands struggled in 2021, Hoka One One managed to grow sales. Hoka (which ended its fiscal year in March 2021) reported a full-year revenue increase of 62% to $571 million, outpacing performance footwear peers like Nike or Adidas. Now, the brand is continuing global expansion, partnering with fashion brands and driving sales on and offline.

  • JUL 01, 2021

    Riding the vaccination rollout, Walgreens wants to brand its stores as health care destinations

    Walgreens' 17 million vaccinations drive a 12% revenue increase and a 9% boosts to filled prescriptions this quarter. Going forward, however, the brand will rethink its retail plan -- retail sales were relatively flat year-over-year -- and further invest in digitization and a VillageMD partnership to drive continued success.

  • JUL 01, 2021

    United Sodas of America’s Marisa Zupan on the new DTC beverage playbook

    It's not easy launching a new brand -- and even harder doing it during a pandemic. But that's what United Sodas of America did. The startup soda company hit U.S. shelves in 2020 and has been growing ever since. Co-founder and CEO Marisa Zupan joined the Modern Retail Podcast and talked about the past year's trials and tribulations.

  • JUL 01, 2021

    Car brands are promoting new models on digital platforms like Twitch and Instagram

    The auto industry is famous for its pricy television commercials: during the 2020 Super Bowl LIV, for example, auto manufacturers invested $77 million in television ads, outpacing any other product category, according to data insights firm Kantar. However, brands like Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are increasingly shifting investment to digital platforms like Twitch, Pinterest and Instagram, for new campaigns.

  • JUN 30, 2021

    Sales of travel-size goods are slowly rebounding in 2021

    Last year, sales of a few specific items -- like hand sanitizer -- largely kept the travel-size goods market industry afloat. Because of lingering concerns about supply chains, shuttered gift shops and potentially downstream impacts from the collapse of business travel, the recovery of travel-size goods might happen more gradually compared to other travel-adjacent industries.  

  • JUN 29, 2021

    Gap is crowdsourcing its next hoodie re-release via a TikTok competition

    These days, brands going viral on TikTok is becoming the norm, leading these brands to build on the buzz by creating challenges or releasing in-demand products. The latest example is Gap, which is re-issuing its recently-viral vintage hoodie and crowdsourcing which new color it will release next.

  • JUN 28, 2021

    How Apple’s post-pandemic retail strategy is shaping up

    Despite a record-breaking year helped by online sales, Apple is moving forward with opening more stores this year. The tech giant confirmed that after a nearly a year of relying on e-commerce, it's ready to resume building more physical locations and expand its global footprint.

  • JUN 28, 2021

    Why resale is the next gold rush for brands like Rent the Runway and Stitch Fix

    Many fashion retailers see resale as a way to grow business, diversify income streams and capitalize on their existing inventory. But despite consumer appetite for used clothing, even established resale platforms haven’t yet figured out the profitability puzzle.  

  • JUN 25, 2021

    Prime Day made back-to-school shopping season come early

    Most analysts don’t mark the beginning of back-to-school season until mid-July. According to one estimate, only 17.1% of back-to-school purchases typically happen in June, compared to 42.2% in August. But the new timing of Prime Day seems on track to jumpstart the season early.

  • JUL 16, 2021

    Report: Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences drive revenue growth

    Every interaction a customer has with a brand is an opportunity to nurture the customer-brand relationship. This report highlights tactics that top brands are using to improve the customer experience.

Modern Retail Livestream Commerce Trends
Jul 28, 2021

At Modern Retail’s Livestream Commerce Trends, we’ll explore how the growth of livestream and video shopping trends are transforming how retailers, brands and marketing teams are engaging with consumers in-stream and live across social and owned-and-operated websites.