Logistics, third-party sellers & Alexa: What to know from Amazon’s investor letter

In his investor letter, Jeff Bezos confirmed that Amazon Prime now has “more than 200 million subscribers” worldwide. But beyond that top-line figure, a few other numbers in the Bezos letter illustrate exactly where that growth is coming from -- and largely confirm existing speculation about the ascendancy of Amazon’s third-party sellers, its accelerating logistics footprint and the growth of its Alexa system.

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  • APR 12, 2021

    With its Perpule acquisition, mom and pop stores are central to Amazon’s India strategy

    Amazon just bought Perpule, an India-based tech company that helps local mom and pop stores -- called kirana stores -- move their product catalogs online and implement contactless checkout. Amazon’s interest in kirana stores goes much deeper than a desire to just make profits from digitizing small businesses -- instead, Amazon sees small stores as both drivers of fulfillment for the company and as sources of growth for other Amazon products, including Amazon Pay.

  • APR 12, 2021

    Why delivery platforms may start betting on branded credit cards

    As the demand for delivery eases, pandemic winners are looking to maintain their momentum and retain customers. For example, delivery services Instacart and DoorDash are reportedly thinking about launching rewards credit cards that entice customers with cash back and encourage repeat purchases.

  • APR 12, 2021
    video game ads

    Why some retail brands are testing out in-game ads

    Over half a dozen ad platforms -- including Bidstack, Frameplay, AdInMo and InMobi -- offer some version of an in-game ad service, and they are increasingly attracting the attention of major companies. In the past few months, Postmates, Burberry, Axe, Burger King, Asda and 7 Eleven have all run ads within video games like Off the Rails 3D and Gravity Zero -- suggesting that in-game advertising, while still very niche, is becoming a real consideration in retail marketing. 

  • APR 08, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Lawyers are helping brands crack down on Amazon sellers

    As competition ramps up on e-commerce marketplaces, brands that have wholesale channels are trying to figure out how to walk the delicate tightrope of growing their presences online -- without forfeiting control of how their products are sold and who gets to sell them. While Amazon offers some services to help sellers control who gets to sell their products, a small group of lawyers are popping up to fill in the gaps.

  • APR 06, 2021

    ‘We’re not trying to be the everything store’: Why Verizon is launching its Yahoo Shops marketplace

    Verizon Media is launching a new marketplace called Yahoo Shops. This is Yahoo's biggest, but not its first, step into the e-commerce landscape. Yet while Yahoo might be helping customers discover products, it isn’t capturing the actual purchases on its own platform. By building a marketplace that contains those purchases in-house, Yahoo can both keep a cut of the commission and refine their ad targeting.

  • APR 06, 2021

    As privacy changes loom, Amazon stands to reap the greatest reward

    Nearly half of brands now rely on Amazon DSP today, up from around one third in 2019, according to one study. That market share will likely only grow amid the demise of the third-party cookie.

  • APR 01, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Amazon’s employee influencers present a new retail frontier

    Amazon is far from the only retailer to encourage its employees to talk about their jobs online. Amazon’s might be the most extreme example, but tapping workers to leverage their social followings has slowly become a mainstream strategy in the retail world -- and cases like Amazon’s may only be the beginning.

  • APR 01, 2021

    ‘Everybody had a Facebook agency’: As customer data becomes scarcer, performance marketers face fallout

    The days of the Facebook whiz who can type out a few keystrokes and acquire thousands of customers thanks to an algorithmically-provided lookalike may be numbered. And brands that have relied solely on quick and easy digital customer acquisition tricks to grow their businesses face a tough road ahead.

  • MAR 31, 2021

    Amazon U: Advertising Beyond Search Recap: How to leverage your brand on the e-commerce giant

    At Digiday Media’s “Amazon U: Amazon Beyond Search” event, industry insiders shared current best practices, case studies and tips on how to make Amazon work for your brand in 2021. This was the first of three events focusing on different parts of the Amazon ecosystem.

  • MAR 29, 2021

    How eBay is trying to woo Gen Z shoppers with secondhand and collectibles tools

    The resale boom has given eBay a lifeline over the past year. Now, the company is hoping to capitalize on the pandemic's growth by investing in tools aimed at secondhand sales, particularly in the collectibles categories. By pivoting back to focusing on refurbished and pre-owned inventory, eBay's latest strategy involves investing in features better fit for selling and buying used goods.

  • MAR 29, 2021

    Google’s newest test serves up products displayed on YouTube

    Google’s new commerce features, including the company’s recent video-shopping platform Shoploop and its checkout option Buy On Google, have by most accounts attracted the interest of very few brands. Yet a new feature that serves products in YouTube videos, if it is rolled out more widely, is already exciting agencies -- and, in the eyes of brands, it might help boost the value of YouTube as a shopping platform.

  • MAR 26, 2021

    Why restaurants are investing in WhatsApp-based ordering

    Earlier this week, Taco Bell parent company Yum announced the acquisition of Tictuk Technologies, a software company that facilitates orders on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The acquisition gives a major boost to what has been, until lately, a relatively quiet corner of the food world: delivery storefronts operating on messaging apps -- also called conversational commerce

  • APR 14, 2021

    How brands are putting personalization at the center of e-commerce

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