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Mall Rats: Gen-Z shoppers are rerouting the future of physical retail

As “retail apocalypse” rumors continue to fly, teenagers are reviving shopping centers’ foot traffic. Among the draws are a social experience, immediate gratification, a personal branding opportunity and a much-needed break from their mobile phones.  

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  • MAR 24, 2020

    As store closures near the two-week mark, retailers look to the government for relief

    It's a critical week for U.S. retailers, as Friday will mark two weeks since many of them decided to temporarily shutter their stores. While most of them said that they would fully pay their store employees through the closure, they were also only initially planning on closing their stores for two to three weeks. With the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. only continuing to grow, it's likely that many of their stores will remain closed for longer than that. As such, trade groups like the National Retail Federation are more urgently pushing Congress to include relief for retail businesses in any bailout package. 

  • MAR 23, 2020

    How internet culture and Instagram changed the rules of internships

    When 21-year-old Hunter College student Kenneth Pabon began looking for a fashion internship during his spring 2019 semester, he took a little bit of a different approach to finding his gig. Pabon did not use Hunter College’s career advising office or scour online job boards like LinkedIn, where he does have a profile, or Indeed. Instead, he Instagram direct-messaged two of his favorite fashion influencers, Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, sisters behind the website and social media accounts Yin 2My Yang.

  • MAR 20, 2020

    As retailers struggle with a new reality, retail tech will likely see a big boom

    Retail has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. While many businesses are struggling, the ones that are able to see this crisis through will likely need to invest in new technology to be better prepared for the next crisis. Here are some of the areas that big retailers will likely focus on.

  • MAR 17, 2020

    Beyond discounts: Retailers offer frequent shoppers out of the box perks

    Retailers are embracing shopping rewards programs that offer bonuses beyond coupons. As brick and mortar and e-commerce retail struggle to navigate the current landscape, loyalty programs can act as a bridge to shoppers amid the Covid-19 crisis. A shift in customers’ expectations in recent years has led more retailers to adopt unique perks that reward frequent shoppers in experience-focused ways, not just discounts. Retail chains like Uniqlo, Sephora and H&M have joined the trend, along with startup direct to consumer brands like Carbon38 and Glossier.

  • MAR 17, 2020

    ‘This is an apocalypse’: The coronavirus crisis is exposing mid-tier retailers’ weaknesses

    Businesses big and small are feeling the impact of the coronavirus. But mid-tier retailers, especially those saddled with a lot of debt, are in an especially precarious situation. Many of these brands have been trying to rejuvenate business for years with mixed success. The coronavirus may prove to be their death knell.

  • MAR 16, 2020

    Retail startups press pause on events, rethink store operations

    Some investors have speculated that the coronavirus could lead to a rise in sales for e-commerce startups, as more people shop online instead of visiting stores. But, that doesn't mean that these startups are completely in the clear. Direct-to-consumer startups, in their never-ending quest to acquire customers more cheaply, have been moving to open more stores in recent years. Others also rely on in-person events to reach new potential new customers.

  • MAR 13, 2020

    ‘It’s their Super Bowl’: As trade shows get canceled or delayed, CPG brands figure out how to cope

    Melanie Kahn, founder of Illinois-based beverage brand Poppilu Antioxidant Lemonade, was relying on the annual Natural Products Expo West event to help move her business forward in a number of ways. She was hoping to meet with potential investors during the event, which was supposed to be held between March 3 and 7 and get her company in front of new retailers. Plus, she had a new product to promote, for kids. 

  • MAR 03, 2020

    As it prepares for life as an independent company, Bath & Body Works lays out its plan

    For the past couple of years, Bath & Body Works has been the one bright spot of L Brands, reporting positive comparable sales growth while Victoria's Secret has been reporting declining sales. Soon, the mall-based lotion and candle retailer will get a chance to stand on its own.

  • MAR 02, 2020

    After cost-cutting, Bed Bath & Beyond looks to drive people back to the store

    It's been four months since Bed Bath & Beyond named former Target executive Mark Tritton as its CEO, in the hopes of reversing nearly three years of same-store sales declines. Tritton has started to lay out his agenda for turning the big-box retailer around, beginning with cleaning house. Last week, the company cut 500 jobs, or about 10% of its corporate team. Now, the next step is for Tritton to figure out how to bring more people back in-store.

  • FEB 25, 2020

    As Victoria’s Secret’s star wanes, the lingerie market is growing more fragmented

    Victoria's Secret's market share has declined for years as consumers have grown tired of its overtly sexualized marketing and merchandise. But the number of startups and retailers vying to take a slice of the business that previously belonged to Victoria's Secret hasn't slowed down.

  • FEB 21, 2020

    Inside Kroger’s push to sell — and regulate — CBD

    Last summer, Kroger began selling cannabidiol products at over 1,000 of its stores across the country. The country's largest national grocery chain joined the CBD boom in stocking topical CBD products like oils, balms and creams. Kroger, along with Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS, has been on a mission to introduce CBD use to mainstream shoppers since the hemp-derived compound was decriminalized in 2018. With hundreds of stores, largely located in the Midwest and the South, Kroger has quickly become one of the biggest brick and mortar CBD sellers by footprint, with plans to become the go-to hub for large CBD producers.

  • FEB 21, 2020

    How Blue Apron went from meal kit darling to scrounging for cash

    Blue Apron is considering either selling itself or raising more private money. It's also closing one of its facilities. Undoubtedly, the meal kit company has had a rough few years -- and this latest development may mean the beginning of the end. How did Blue Apron go from a startup darling to where it is now?

  • MAR 23, 2020

    A retailer’s guide to email marketing

    While many channels factor into customer experience, email has by far the most reach. In a new guide for retail marketers, learn the best practices for using email to drive revenue, increase brand awareness and boost traffic.

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