‘Tenants have more flexibility’: Construction firm founder Todd Sachse on how building stores has changed

Brick-and-mortar retail has transformed over the past decade, with less emphasis on in-store sales and more focus on customer experience. Todd Sachse, the founder of retail construction company Sachse Construction, explains how retailers are rethinking how they build out their physical footprint.

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  • JUL 20, 2021

    Chipotle’s new recruitment strategy signed on 5,000 new employees

    On Tuesday, Chipotle announced that revenues increased 38% year over year in the second quarter of 2021 to $1.9 billion. To court employees this quarter, Chipotle raised its minimum wage, recruited via social media, invested in a mental health app for current employees and subsequently hired 5,000 new employees over the second quarter, up to 102,000 total workers at 2,850 restaurants.

  • JUL 20, 2021

    How luxury accessory rental services are plotting their post-pandemic futures

    In 2021, consumers are returning to accessory rental, though prioritizing more casual styles than a pre-pandemic past. Moreover, lured by the potential to reach younger consumers after a tough sales year, luxury brands are opening up to the model.

  • JUL 20, 2021

    Why more apparel brands are launching gender neutral lines

    Gender-neutral fashion and apparel is rapidly being embraced by large retailers. While branding is a major factor, some industry experts believe the trend is a long time coming and will only help popularize the category.

  • JUL 15, 2021

    How outdoor furniture brand Yardbird started on Craigslist and expanded nationally

    Over the years, outdoor furniture brand Yardbird has outgrown its scrappy online marketplace roots. The company has its own website, as well as seven showrooms around the country in cities like Minneapolis, Denver and Washington DC. More are slated to open this year, and co-founder Jay Dillon told the Modern Retail Podcast that business has been consistently doubling year-over-year.

  • JUL 15, 2021

    Retail salespeople are transforming themselves into social influencers

    For decades, sales employees have been strictly floor workers: they interacted with customers browsing in stores, showcasing and pitching them items in order to make commissions. But as more and more customers continue to buy online, their mostly commission-based sales associates as not just charismatic employees but also people with social reach who can become potential drivers of site traffic.

  • JUL 14, 2021

    In-store shelf labels are getting an e-commerce makeover

    Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are increasingly displaying customer reviews from their e-commerce site, on their shelf labels in-store. These new shelf labels are not only deepening the connection between e-commerce and physical retail, but they are also heightening the stakes for brands around customer reviews and search placement.

  • JUL 14, 2021

    Why Nordstrom purchased a stake in fast fashion retailer Asos

    Nordstrom announced it's purchasing a minority stake in British fashion group Asos, the owner of brands Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT. The deal is the latest attempt by the department store to diversify its apparel assortment and attract younger shoppers.

  • JUL 13, 2021

    Despite recent digital inroads, Pepsi’s growth relied on in-person sales

    After a year of heightened e-commerce sales, PepsiCo's focus has shifted back to in-person sales. On Tuesday, PepsiCo announced second quarter net revenues were up 21% year-over-year to $19.2 billion. A return to in-person consumption and buying at bars and restaurants and big box and convenience stores, drove sales.

  • JUL 12, 2021

    Why big-box retailers like Dollar General and Walmart are trying to build health care credibility

    Health care is shaping up to be the next area of interest for big-box retailers, with companies like Dollar General and Walmart searching for ways to boost their medical credibility. Two recent announcements highlight the new arms race.

  • JUL 08, 2021

    Marriott is preparing for the return of travel with a new Pinterest partnership

    On Tuesday, Marriott Bonvoy and Pinterest teamed up for the latest activation in Marriott’s broader “The Power of Travel” campaign, a multi-platform investment across streaming platforms, social platforms and even gaming platforms like Twitch. The hotel chain is adapting to a new travel landscape, moving away from its traditional business-traveler consumers and instead shifting platform spend to appeal to younger and leisure-focused travelers.

  • JUL 08, 2021

    Modern Retail Research: More brand and retail employees are going back to the office full-time

    Brand and retail employees have mixed feelings about returning to the office full-time. In an April-May 2021 Glossy and Modern Retail survey of brand and retail employees, 28% said they've gone back to work full-time, and 32% said they'd be willing to go back to the office full-time in the next month.

  • JUL 08, 2021

    ‘I don’t have a good filter’: East Fork’s Connie Matisse on scaling a brand while staying true to its roots

    A lot of changes have happened at Asheville, North Carolina-based East Fork Pottery over the last year. For one, its CMO and co-founder Connie Matisse became the brand's CEO earlier this year. What's more, the ceramics company grew during the pandemic -- and became profitable. "We are coming up on 11 months of consistent profitability, which is huge for us," Matisse said on this week's episode of the Modern Retail Podcast.

  • JUL 16, 2021

    Report: Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences drive revenue growth

    Every interaction a customer has with a brand is an opportunity to nurture the customer-brand relationship. This report highlights tactics that top brands are using to improve the customer experience.

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Jul 28, 2021

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