‘Mega-category’: Why subscription fitness is the next battleground retailers and tech companies

Retailers and tech companies are breaking a sweat trying to outgun one another in the red-hot subscription fitness space. Apple became the latest entrant on Tuesday, announcing at a product event that it would be launching a new service for Apple Watch users called Fitness+ by the end of the year. A big tech company like Apple entering the space brings a greater air of legitimacy to the idea that subscription fitness is set to be a lucrative revenue driver that many companies will want in on in the coming years.

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  • SEP 15, 2020

    Retail winners and losers emerge from second quarter earnings

    Second quarter earnings season is almost to a close, and there are already lessons to be learned about what retailers must do to survive. Some companies are thriving in the age of coronavirus, while others continue to falter. The recent round of results may not be terribly surprising, but they do highlight the digital acceleration felt by every company around the world.

  • SEP 10, 2020

    Why Lululemon is betting on pop-up shops during the holidays

    Even though some shoppers are still hesitant to visit stores, not every retailer is shying away from opening new brick-and-mortar locations. Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald said on Tuesday during the company's second quarter earnings that it plans to open about 70 pop-up locations during the second half of this year. Before the coronavirus, Lululemon primarily used pop-ups to test out new markets that the company was considering opening permanent stores on. Now, the company is leaning on these pop-up stores to help the company mitigate long wait times in areas where it is seeing a lot of foot traffic.

  • SEP 10, 2020

    ‘A little bit of a rocket ship’: Abbio co-founder Jonathan Wahl on growing a kitchenware brand during a pandemic

    Jonathan Wahl sees the boom in kitchenware companies as a good thing for the sector as a whole. "Seeing others recognize the same opportunity reaffirms that yes, we're on the right track," Wahl, who co-founded the cookware company Abbio last year with his brother, said on the Modern Retail Podcast. On this episode, he spoke about growing a brand during coronavirus and the myriad other kitchenware brands available online.

  • SEP 10, 2020

    How Grey Goose is using the U.S. Open to test out at-home cocktail kits

    This year, alcohol brands are getting creative in the ways they're making up for lost hospitality and on premise marketing. In recent months, this has mainly involved delivery platform paid campaigns and social media ads. But with live events at a halt for the time being, brands like Grey Goose are attempting to get customers to buy their drinks from the couch.

  • SEP 09, 2020

    ‘Test of consumer demand’: A muted back-to-school advertising season casts a shadow on the rest of the year

    Back-to-school season was retailers' first major test in the coronavirus era, and not every company passed with flying colors. While no major retailers have released exact figures about how sales were this back-to-school season compared to last, a few things have become clear. Retailers' spend on back-to-school advertising is down, and those that are spending are favoring digital advertising and social media campaigns rather than splashy national TV campaigns. And, the window of time during which people do their back-to-school shopping has grown. Both trends are likely to continue into the holiday season this year.

  • SEP 08, 2020

    Deep Dive: Modern Retail Virtual Forum

    The retail industry is in flux, and the coronavirus has only complicated and accelerated an interlocking web of transformations set in motion over the past decade.

  • SEP 03, 2020

    ‘Capitalize on the trend’: How Everlast is going beyond boxing

    Founded in 1910, Everlast isn't exactly a young DTC startup. The legacy brand, which has historically been known as an equipment supplier for professional boxers, has goals to expand beyond its niche market. After experiencing double-digit sales growth in the last few months, thanks the home gym phenomenon, the strategy is to continue adding new distribution channels as well as venture into athleisure.

  • SEP 03, 2020

    ‘A perfect storm’: Article Director of Marketing Duncan Blair on cornering the furniture market

    2020 hasn't been a good year to travel or go on vacation, and Americans are spending more on home improvement instead. Furniture brand Article was lucky enough to corner that market with a DTC model that eschews the need for expensive floorspace that has gone unused for several months this year. Its director of marketing Duncan Blair joined Modern Retail Podcast and spoke about how the company has grown and why it's not opening a store anytime soon.

  • SEP 01, 2020

    Shopify, Chewy and Ally are Resilience Awards finalists

    In an era upended by pandemic and recession, companies of all stripes have scrambled to survive, let alone innovate and scale. Nonetheless, some media, marketing, fashion, beauty and retail players have continued to succeed in the face of daunting odds.

  • SEP 01, 2020

    Why retailers are seeing app downloads surge

    As customers continue to do more of their shopping online, retailers are also seeing huge increases in the number of customers downloading their apps. Best Buy reported during its second quarter earnings last week that the number of customers who have downloaded its app have doubled compared to the same time last year. Home Depot similarly experienced a record number of app downloads during the second quarter. While people are shopping more online than they are in store, the increase in mobile app usage has also been driven by the adoption of services like curbside pickup.

  • AUG 28, 2020

    While other dollar stores falter, Dollar General continues to soar

    While other retailers falter, Dollar General still flourishing. Despite relying on in-store sales, the dollar store continues to see big growth. Meanwhile, other dollar stores continue to face headwinds. While overall foot traffic was down, average purchases have increased, likely due to shoppers stocking up and making less store trips during the pandemic.

  • AUG 28, 2020

    With Amazon’s Fresh store, the autonomous checkout wars have begun

    Amazon is about to open its first Fresh store, which lets customers put items in a cart and then leave without checking out. Meanwhile, this month, convenience store chain Circle K became the latest retailer to announce a new "grab and walk out" payments rollout across thousands of its stores. There's a growing race by retailers to implement this new type of cashier-less technology.

  • SEP 17, 2020

    For marketers, 10 tactics are driving advertising success on Amazon

    One thing is true for nearly all conversions on Amazon: They’re captured by products on page one of the search results. And a significant share of purchases go to just the top few results.

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