Mall Rats: Gen-Z shoppers are rerouting the future of physical retail

As “retail apocalypse” rumors continue to fly, teenagers are reviving shopping centers’ foot traffic. Among the draws are a social experience, immediate gratification, a personal branding opportunity and a much-needed break from their mobile phones.  

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  • MAR 27, 2020

    Could the coronavirus outbreak lead to a wave of unionization in retail?

    The coronavirus outbreak has lead workers from all kinds of industries to push for greater protections from their employers, and retail is no exception. This begs the question of how, once the coronavirus outbreak slows, which temporary changes to a retailer's paid sick leave policy or pay increases will stick. One potential outcome: that more retail workers will seek to unionize.

  • MAR 26, 2020

    The coronavirus is upending the direct-to-consumer calculus

    As brands struggle to stay afloat in light of the coronavirus's spread, what the DTC industry will look like is a big question mark. Big brands will likely adopt DTC-like tendencies, and small startups will probably die. The one thing that's for sure is that earlier doomsday predictions have rapidly accelerated.

  • MAR 26, 2020

    As the concept of a summer job changes, businesses seek to woo Gen Z

    There's more ways than ever for teens to make money. Some teenagers are foregoing the typical 20 hours per week part-time job in favor of starting their own side hustles, like promoting sponsored content on their Instagram pages or selling secondhand clothes. As a result, businesses that rely on a lot of young employees are having to offer more perks in order to convince teenagers to work for them

  • MAR 26, 2020

    Brands move resources to provide coronavirus relief

    As the medical gear and staffing shortage increases, retail’s efforts toward coronaviruses relief are expanding beyond monetary donations. Since the virus’ outbreak in the U.S., multiple brands have announced plans to quickly offer important aid to those on the front lines of the public health crisis. Companies include direct to consumer players like Allbirds, Clove and Judy, as well as corporations like Apple, Walmart and Gap, among others. Medical gear is depleting fast, which has manufacturers like Honeywell putting factory schedules into overdrive to produce N95 masks. In the meantime, those with existing reservoirs are stepping in to replenish protective equipment and other needs for the healthcare providers who need it most. 

  • MAR 26, 2020

    Resident co-founder Eric Hutchinson: ‘Uncertainty is the most difficult thing to manage to’

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused retail revenue to plummet "almost overnight," Hutchinson said. But he added that the DTC side of the business is strong. "Right now consumers are online, so we pivoted our business and really have been able to make up the ground that we lost to the retail."

  • MAR 25, 2020

    As physical retail falters, retail startups fall back on virtual sales

    DTC brands are going back to their roots by shifting their focus back to e-commerce.

  • MAR 24, 2020

    As Nike’s sales fall in China, the retailer braces for impact to its US business

    Nike took a hit to its China business during the third quarter thanks to the coronavirus outbreak there. Now, the company will look at what the outbreak, which is ramping up in the U.S., will do to its retail business, even as the company hopes that its growing DTC business and loyalty programs may mitigate the worst of the impact.

  • MAR 24, 2020

    As store closures near the two-week mark, retailers look to the government for relief

    It's a critical week for U.S. retailers, as Friday will mark two weeks since many of them decided to temporarily shutter their stores. While most of them said that they would fully pay their store employees through the closure, they were also only initially planning on closing their stores for two to three weeks. With the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. only continuing to grow, it's likely that many of their stores will remain closed for longer than that. As such, trade groups like the National Retail Federation are more urgently pushing Congress to include relief for retail businesses in any bailout package. 

  • MAR 24, 2020

    ‘I’m trying to focus on staying strong’: First-time founder Kaylin Marcotte of Jiggy on leading through crisis

    "With everyone staying home, it’s actually been good for the puzzle business."

  • MAR 23, 2020

    How internet culture and Instagram changed the rules of internships

    When 21-year-old Hunter College student Kenneth Pabon began looking for a fashion internship during his spring 2019 semester, he took a little bit of a different approach to finding his gig. Pabon did not use Hunter College’s career advising office or scour online job boards like LinkedIn, where he does have a profile, or Indeed. Instead, he Instagram direct-messaged two of his favorite fashion influencers, Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, sisters behind the website and social media accounts Yin 2My Yang.

  • MAR 20, 2020

    How brands are adapting to the expectations of an increasingly vegan generation

    Studies suggest around 80% of Gen-Zers expect to consume fewer animal-related products in the coming year, over 30% intend to be on entirely meat-free diets by 2021 and 44% think being vegan is cooler than smoking. But Gen Z’s culture and attitudes surrounding plant-based products are very different than those of their elders, and what’s resonated with Millennials isn’t going to cut it with a new generation of consumers for whom availability of non-animal-based products is expected.

  • MAR 20, 2020

    As retail stores and malls close, DTC brands attempt to renegotiate leases

    "Landlords have been sympathetic to the retailer brands’ situation during these shutdowns."

  • MAR 23, 2020

    A retailer’s guide to email marketing

    While many channels factor into customer experience, email has by far the most reach. In a new guide for retail marketers, learn the best practices for using email to drive revenue, increase brand awareness and boost traffic.

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