Tailored Brands CMO Carolyn Pollock: Our retail stores give us an advantage over startups

Tailored Brands, the parent company of stores including Mens Wearhouse, has had a rough few years. The company is trying to rebuild its digital credibility with its new CMO, Carolyn Pollock. Modern Retail talked to her about the men's retail landscape and how she plans to go about her plans to revamp the portfolio of menswear brands.

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  • FEB 18, 2020

    Walmart’s earnings show the limits of relying on grocery for growth

    During its fourth quarter earnings report on Tuesday, Walmart once again reported strong growth in its online grocery business, which has become the crux of its e-commerce strategy in recent years. But the company was also hurt by weak sales in toys, apparel and gaming.

  • FEB 18, 2020

    Jetblack’s demise ushers in a new era for Walmart’s digital program

    Walmart is shutting down Jetblack, its shopper concierge service. It's one of many small digital programs Walmart on which Walmart is scaling back. This move highlights Walmart's changing approach to its digital experiments. It no longer needs to spend a lot and think big; the retail giant has made a name for itself as an e-commerce leader and can now think more conservatively.

  • FEB 14, 2020

    With second location planned, Showfields concept finds some success

    Showfields is expanding beyond NYC and into the Miami market, where it plans to open a second concept shop in May.

  • FEB 14, 2020

    Peapod’s shuttered Midwest operation shows the growing cost of online grocery

    Peapod is shutting down its Midwest division, laying off 500 people. While it's only a small percentage of its overall business, the move highlights the headwinds grocery e-commerce businesses face. While more grocers try to offer more digital fulfillment options -- it becomes ever more clear that it remains an difficult, unprofitable program.

  • FEB 13, 2020

    Why the VC-DTC calculus is changing

    Many onlookers believe a DTC cooling is on the horizon. With a bunch of less-than-stellar exits from the likes of Casper, Peloton and Harry's, the VC-funding model of branding building seems to be crumbling. This leaves both investors and founders left with the question: Is it worth it to raise money from venture firms? It's becoming a more complicated topic, and one that will have a big impact on a company's choices down the line.

  • FEB 13, 2020

    How lawn care startup Sunday is trying to build a subscription business (and beat Home Depot)

    Direct-to-consumer "ended up being the best solution we could come up with," said Sunday founder Coulter Lewis. "That enabled us to do this custom approach."

  • FEB 12, 2020

    With sluggish DTC growth, Under Armour lowers 2020 expectations

    Under Armour's look forward to 2020 includes expected losses that the company blames on China's coronavirus outbreak.

  • FEB 12, 2020

    As 7-Eleven enters the fray, cashierless stores stay stuck in the test phase

    The race to go cashierless has another entrant. This month 7-Eleven became the latest chain to test cashierless stores at its Irving, Texas headquarters as part of a pilot program. The 700-square-foot store, which opened on Feb. 5, is currently available to employees only via an app, allowing them to check in, shop and exit the store. The 7-Eleven launch is part of a wave of existing retailers trying to offer shoppers a more frictionless checkout process, which includes foregoing long line waits. A company spokesperson did not comment on how the initial testing has gone thus far.

  • FEB 11, 2020

    Digiday announces finalists for its 2020 Future Leaders Awards

    Forty-six individuals have been short listed for Digiday's 2020 Future Leader Awards, which recognize the next generation of leaders from the media and marketing, fashion, beauty and retail industries.

  • FEB 11, 2020

    ‘We weren’t getting a full view’: A Target workers group surveyed 500 employees to ask about wages and overwork

    As big-box retailers are facing increased pressure to keep their employee headcounts stable, some store workers are frustrated as they feel like they are expected do more with less. On Monday, a workers advocacy group called Target Workers Unite released what it says are the results of an employee survey that shows the majority of them feel like their stores are understaffed, but also don't feel like they are receiving enough hours from Target to make an adequate living.

  • FEB 11, 2020

    Birchbox’s latest sweeping layoffs show early digital brands struggling to survive

    Birchbox is laying off a quarter of its global workforce. It's a last-ditch effort to keep the 10-years-old business afloat -- and shows just how difficult it is to be a business that relies mostly on subscription sales. Despite numerous attempts to reinvigorate the brand, things seems especially bleak for Birchbox right now.

  • FEB 10, 2020

    What’s next for Harry’s?

    Edgewell has decided to pursue a "standalone" playbook after the Federal Trade Commission's move to block the Harry’s acquisition last Monday, said Rod Little, Edgewell president and CEO. The company also said that Harry’s plans to sue its prospective partner, a case that Edgewell said has "no merit." A spokesperson for Harry's said the company has nothing to share on potential litigation at this time.

  • MAY 27, 2020

    For marketers, fraud-free campaigns put an accurate lens onto audience humanity

    As bot-driven fraud eats into budgets, marketers are placing a heightened focus on identifying the characteristics that account for authentic audience humanity.

Modern Retail+ Talks: How to Maintain Brand Loyalty During a Time of Tumult
Jun 4, 2020

Exclusively for Modern Retail+ members: Hear from Connie Matisse, Co-founder and CMO and Alex Matisse, Co-founder and CEO at East Fork Ceramics, on how to maintain brand loyalty during a time of tumult.