Founders are getting accustomed to bootstrapping or making a pre-seed round last longer, and are spending more time talking up how they are reaching customers organically in fundraising pitches. 


What went wrong at Foxtrot

April 23, 2024

On Tuesday, Outfox Hospitality -- the parent company of Foxtrot and Dom's Kitchen -- abruptly announced it was shutting its doors for good.

Amazon is hitting pause on a controversial new fee amid seller outrage

May 03, 2024

Amazon is once again delaying a controversial new seller fee as the e-commerce behemoth looks to appease its hundreds of thousands of merchants after the original announcement sparked outrage among sellers. It's a sign that Amazon is looking to turbocharge the business as competitors encroach on its turf.

Other news to know

  • Amazon says it’s removed almost all (95%) of the plastic air pillows in its packaging in North America. It’s in the process of replacing them with paper fillers.
  • Target is rolling out a generative AI chatbot to help store employees in the U.S. get answers around whether products are in stock, the loyalty program and more.
  • Ontario, a city in Southern California, is letting entrepreneurs start their own pop-ups for $1 a month.
Target stores in the U.S.
Top Stories Jun 21

Why M.M.LaFleur & Perigold are teaming up to sell each other’s products

June 21, 2024

M.M. LaFleur and Perigold are cross-selling select items from each other's website and in-store as a way to drive new acquisition.

Amazon Briefing: Why more high-end beauty brands like Estée Lauder are joining Amazon

June 20, 2024

High-end beauty brands that once shunned Amazon are now warming up to the platform. With 300 million customers worldwide, the retailer’s growing dominance in the beauty industry is pushing companies to reconsider Amazon as a marketplace to sell their wares. 

CMO Strategies: Retail Media’s Renaissance — from Amazon to eBay

June 20, 2024

The second installment of Modern Retail's 2024 CMO Strategies series examines current investment into retail media networks, as well as the business strategies and challenges that have developed for these digital platforms.

Why bulk is better for some CPG brands like Mariani and Apothekary

June 20, 2024

CPG brands are experimenting with more bulk sizes, thanks to value-conscious consumers.

Limited Series
The modern brand's guide to doing more with less

It’s a strange time to be operating a consumer brand. Shoppers are more selective about what they spend and brands are struggling with how to interpret signs of conflicting consumer behavior. While many brands were recentlyswimming in cash, VC funding has now dried up and high interest rates make vehicles like debt less palatable. In this series, Modern Retail looks at the scrappy ways companies are continuing to build their brands and wow shoppers in this strange new operating environment



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Research Briefing: How are retailers using buy now, pay later

June 20, 2024

In this edition of the weekly briefing, we examine how retailers are using buy now, pay later tech as seen in data from Modern Retail+ Research.

How Amazon brands are adjusting to a new normal as fee changes squeeze margins

June 18, 2024

Frustrated sellers and the agencies that work with them say Amazon is increasingly placing the burden of its operating costs onto small business owners.

Virtual event: How retailers are using AI to produce and manage content

June 17, 2024

As generative AI transforms retail, marketing teams are working to understand, incorporate and use the technology to create meaningful content, surface insights and bolster campaign outcomes — and revenue.  Alongside that push comes the concern that AI could alter content creation in ways other than acceleration. Quality and accuracy, among other factors, are under the […]


Sexual health brand Stix says it is profitable as it rebrands to Winx Health

June 20, 2024

After five years of growing its sexual health offerings, the now-profitable Stix is rebranding to Winx Health.

Startups seek to make a splash on a budget with product collabs & giveaways

June 19, 2024

Product collaborations are nothing new, but lately they’ve ramped up among brands trying to create organic marketing campaigns on the cheap.

Moving truck from furniture resale startup Kaiyo

Why online furniture platforms like Kaiyo are turning to physical retail

June 19, 2024

Kaiyo is one of a number of digitally-native furniture platforms making the move to physical retail to appeal to younger shoppers, many of whom are furnishing their first apartments and prefer to buy big-ticket items in person.


Why Blume Superfood Lattes is betting on wholesale at retailers like Whole Foods

June 20, 2024

Blume is changing up its packages once again as it heads into Whole Foods, a move that many DTC brands may have to make as they seek wholesale distribution.

How DayDayCook plans to grow its Asian food portfolio after acquiring Omsom

June 17, 2024

Hong Kong-based food group DayDayCook is quickly growing its portfolio of brands after going public last November. Most recently, it acquired Omsom.

How QR codes help brands meet consumer expectations for sustainability

April 09, 2024

Katherine Ryan, vice president, brand marketing, Bitly From trending resale programs at top brands like Lululemon and REI that make sustainable shopping more accessible to scrutiny over Taylor Swift’s private jet carbon dioxide emissions, demand for sustainable shopping experiences and transparency is at an all-time high. Consumers have more access to information than ever, and […]