‘It can feel pretty thirsty’: How DTC startups build an email marketing strategy around a limited product selection

DTC startups didn't invent the practice of bombarding customers multiple times a week with emails. But DTC brands do face a unique challenge compared to other retailers: how to get customers to keep opening their emails when they only have a few products to promote.

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Why DTC marketing is no longer about accessible price points

In its early days, being direct-to-consumer meant lower prices. Because there was no middleman, so the theory went, companies were offering better quality goods at more competitive prices. But as the industry matures, there has been a shift away from branding DTC products as the most affordable alternative to traditional retail shopping for personal products.  The strategy to offer “no markups” was integral for the success of Warby Parker and Everlane, among others when they launched a decade ago. However, that’s no longer the case, as evident from a new crop of luxury DTC brands that are looking to duplicate the model’s biggest success stories, in diamonds, luxury fashion and more.

A 'unicorn hangover': Casper's impending IPO is impacting the wider DTC industry

All eyes are on Casper and its plans to go public. The company has long been considered a leader in the DTC space, but now that things don't look great for its public market debut, the question remains how its performance will impact other digitally native brands.

Iris Nova founder Zak Normandin: Being on Amazon is a defense strategy

"The cost to acquire customers online is unsustainable for a lot of companies," Iris Nova founder Zak Normandin said on the Modern Retail Podcast. "So we've learned to actually do retail in our own way now and actually use retail to our advantage."

Other news to know

  • Grubhub is launching new tech to help restaurants make it easier for customers to pick up orders. Called Ultimate, it’s currently being tested at restaurants in New York City and Chicago, as well as at restaurants on Ohio State University’s campuses.
  • Gap chief marketing officer Alegra O’Hare has left after less than a year on the job, Adweek reported. Gap did not give a reason for her departure.
  • After denying yesterday that it was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, New York City grocer Fairway filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday, and is looking to sell five stores to rival Village Super Market Inc.
$1 million
Cash Fairway had on hand when it filed for bankruptcy
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How TikTok is helping retailers attract younger customers

How TikTok is helping retailers attract younger customers

Tik Tok has managed to attract large retailers in just two years. From Old Navy to Walmart to supermarket giant Krogers’ shoppable campaign, everyone from big box and smaller retailers have hopped on the Tik Tok wagon.

Despite losses, Walmart's e-commerce strategy is taking shape

Over the last six months, Walmart has made many changes to its leadership. While some of these changes are natural to growing multinational businesses, they also hint at the retailer's evolving and more cohesive online strategy.

Omnichannel now: A guide to five retail opportunities driving the unified customer experience

Omnichannel now: A guide to five retail opportunities driving the unified customer experience

The days of the linear purchasing path are over — and retailers must implement a seamless, omnichannel approach in order to keep up.

Despite advancements, AR struggles to take off in retail

Despite advancements, AR struggles to take off in retail

Augmented reality right now is big among two categories: beauty or furniture. It has yet to take off among apparel retailers, which is the next step in order for AR to become more mainstream.

'They were the star': Gap shuttered plans for an Old Navy spin off after growth stalled

A year ago, when Gap announced plans to spin off Old Navy, the brand had reported nearly two straight years of revenue growth. Old Navy had brought in $8 billion in revenue in 2018, while the rest of Gap's portfolio -- which includes Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix, Hill City and Janie and Jack -- brought in $9 billion in sales total over the same time period. The idea was the spin off would give Old Navy room to grow.

Cookiepocalypse: What the death of the third-party cookie means for retailers

Cookiepocalypse: What the death of the third-party cookie means for retailers

Google is phasing out support for third-party cookies within two years, a move that has major implications for how some retailers advertise -- and may also be a boon for retail media operations at major companies like Target and Walmart. Third-party cookies are pieces of code that track what a user or their device does across different websites, and help retailers figure out when to serve an ad to various groups of users. They're most commonly used for ad retargeting and behavioral advertising. As such, as Google prepares to phase out support for third-party cookies, it could limit the number of ways retailers can target and advertise to users across the web.

As Payless tries to re-open in the US, it faces an uphill battle

Payless ShoeSource has come out of its latest bankruptcy proceedings with big plans to relaunch in the U.S. It's provided scant details about what that would look like. But with all of its U.S. locations closed, a large brand and business overhaul will be necessary to keep the retailer alive.

Staying relevant in a fast-paced industry: A health and beauty company's guide

Staying relevant in a fast-paced industry: A health and beauty company's guide

A growing number of health and beauty brands are turning to cloud-based systems that can handle customer, financial and inventory data across all processes, from production to payment.

Surreal cuisine: Why investors and entrepreneurs are intrigued by ghost kitchens

A new type of restaurant is becoming popular, and you can't sit down in it. Called "ghost kitchens," these delivery only establishments are catching entrepreneurs' eyes and investors' capital.

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