Add financial institutions to the list of companies piling into the retail media business. Earlier this month, JPMorgan Chase said its new business called Chase Media Solutions would start to sell ads on its app and website to retailers.


TikTok is pushing brands to post photos instead of videos

April 09, 2024  ■  5 min read

TikTok is forging ahead on becoming a full-fledged photo platform -- and brands are coming along for the ride. Consumer-facing companies tell Modern Retail how they're using the Carousel feature and whether they'd consider moving to TikTok's rumored new photo app.

DTC Briefing: Why some marketers worry that Meta is ‘broken’

April 02, 2024  ■  6 min read

Is Meta broken? That's what marketers keep saying on sites like X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Other news to know

  • Nordstrom is moving one step closer to going private. It’s formed a special board committee to consider the decision, the WSJ reports.
  • TikTok more than doubled its ad spend to more than $4.5 million to try and stave off a possible U.S. ban, according to data from AdImpact.
  • Rite Aid is closing an additional 13 locations in five U.S. states. It filed for bankruptcy protection last year.
Nordstrom's market cap
Top Stories Apr 21

Kizik plots major retail expansion and national marketing blitz

April 19, 2024  ■  5 min read

After success in its first Salt Lake City store, Kizik aims to have six stores open by the end of 2024, and 15 by 2025.

How Shein’s content is keeping up with its fast-paced supply chain

April 19, 2024  ■  3 min read

At the Modern Retail Commerce Summit in New Orleans this week, Shein’s head of content creation Marisa Runyon spoke about how Shein developed its content creation strategy to drive engagement and sales.

Amazon Briefing: 3 ways brands’ perceptions of Amazon have changed

April 18, 2024  ■  4 min read

Before, premium brands had very differing views on the platform. But the perception has changed drastically with, now, most brands having at least a semblance of an Amazon strategy.

Sellers are worried about the ‘Amazon-ification’ of Etsy and are considering other platforms

April 18, 2024  ■  11 min read

The number of Etsy sellers rose 21% from 2022 to 2023, according to the marketplace. And yet, some merchants tell Modern Retail they've found the site harder to use due to increased competition, SEO troubles and hiked fees.

Limited Series
The Future of Brand Marketing

The lines between brand and performance marketing are blurring. It's no longer enough to spend millions on a TV campaign and hope people find your brand. In this series, Modern Retail looks into how the wild, expensive world of brand marketing has been upended over the last few years.



Photograph of a GoPuff bag.

Inside Gopuff’s new B-to-B strategy

April 16, 2024  ■  3 min read

At this week’s Modern Retail Commerce Summit, Gopuff’s svp of Business Daniel Folkman spoke about the company’s new Powered by Gopuff platform and its growth plans for the rest of the year.

How YouTube Shopping is upping its social commerce competition with TikTok

April 15, 2024  ■  5 min read

YouTube Shopping updates make it easier for creators to monetize old videos and showcase affiliate products.

How QR codes help brands meet consumer expectations for sustainability

April 09, 2024  ■  4 min read

Katherine Ryan, vice president, brand marketing, Bitly From trending resale programs at top brands like Lululemon and REI that make sustainable shopping more accessible to scrutiny over Taylor Swift’s private jet carbon dioxide emissions, demand for sustainable shopping experiences and transparency is at an all-time high. Consumers have more access to information than ever, and […]


Kendra Scott storefront

Why Kendra Scott’s CMO doesn’t believe in siloed performance marketing

April 17, 2024  ■  3 min read

Kendra Scott CMO Michelle Peterson spoke this week at the Modern Retail Commerce Summit in New Orleans. During her session, she discussed the brand’s approach to marketing — which emphasizes making connections with its shoppers over conversion.

Women livestreaming herself holding a handbag, popping out of a phone screen surrounded by sunglasses, sunscreen, lipstick, and other beauty products. Illustration is on a navy blue background.

‘Influencers are not cutting it’: Overheard at the Modern Retail Commerce Summit

April 17, 2024  ■  3 min read

It’s hard for many consumer-facing businesses to raise cash and customer acquisition costs are rising. At the Modern Retail Commerce Summit, executives dished about the biggest problems they’re facing.

How DTC jewelry brand Dorsey is growing profitably

April 15, 2024  ■  5 min read

Having struggled to raise venture capital, Dorsey’s founder made the decision to grow a DTC-only business sustainably.


amazon walmart scale

Research Briefing: Modern Retail’s Index, a playbook for retailers

April 18, 2024  ■  3 min read

In this edition of the weekly briefing, we share newly released data from Modern Retail+ Research’s yearly index that focuses on how retailers have changed their online strategies.

What the future of non-alcoholic beverage retail looks like after Boisson’s bankruptcy

April 18, 2024  ■  6 min read

Specialty bottle shops offer non-alcoholic drinks brands unique shelf space. However, the future of this category’s retail prospects remains tied to national chains.

How advertisers are leveraging Roundel’s best practices to maximize retail media spend

March 20, 2024  ■  4 min read

Renee Doerre, senior director of strategy and enablement, Roundel Creating impactful e-commerce strategies begins and ends with the consumer experience. From websites to apps to in-store experiences and third-party platforms, shoppers can connect with brands at many touchpoints. Consumers want a convenient and personalized shopping experience and advertisers must create lasting ways to capture and […]