How Pinterest is pitching DTC companies through a new ‘disruptor brands’ sales team

In January, Pinterest created a new sales team that was tasked with figuring out how they can get younger startups, particularly direct-to-consumer brands, to spend more money on the platform.

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Amazon offered vendors ‘Amazon’s Choice’ labels in return for ad spending and lower prices

Amazon has previously offered vendors the ability to bid on the Amazon’s Choice badge by lowering prices, increasing profitability per sale for Amazon and increasing marketing spend, according to sources who received the pitch from the company.

Walmart's e-commerce business grows thanks to store fulfillment

Walmart's earnings report showed a legacy retailer growing, despite digital competitors like Amazon looming. Though Walmart has had trouble executing its overall e-commerce program, these results show that the retailer may have a few competitive advantages.

Why Washington wants to break up Amazon, explained

More lawmakers are cracking down on Amazon's allegedly anticompetitive practices. But it's important to understand what these politicians and advocates are claiming, in order to surmise the best approach to fight the ever-growing tech behemoth.

Other news to know

  • Amazon is reportedly employing a Twitter army of warehouse workers to fight against bad press. Their tweets are plentiful and certainly in the uncanny valley.
  • J.C. Penney reported a better-than-expected quarter, with a net loss of $48 million — compared to last year’s net loss of $101 million. To gin up business even more, it’s entering into a partnership with ThredUp.
  • Even with a trade war on the horizon, Alibaba is still doing just fine. Sale jumped 40% fo the Chinese e-commerce company. It’s looking more and more like an Amazon competitor.
Alibaba's cloud computing unit's YOY growth
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An online wine company is using customer data to develop products and gain traction with retailers

An online wine company is using customer data to develop products and gain traction with retailers

After gathering customer insight from subscribers around the types of wines they prefer over Vinebox’s past three-and-a-half years, and seeing users buying more cases of the individual pours outside of the three-month delivery cycle, Vinebox founder Matt Dukes launched Usual Wines, a private-label brand of wines made in-house. Usual wines, which launched eight months ago, are sold in packs of six and can be bought online and at Usual’s first branded store and wine bar in San Francisco.

'Shot themselves in the foot': Macy's struggles to wean itself off of steep discounts

As Macy's struggles to par down its inventory, it is turning to steep discounts in order to make way for new seasonal product. The company has said that it believes investing more in data analytics and overhauling its markdown strategy will help it avoid fewer discounts going forward, but analysts believe that its inventory is the bigger issue.

Blue Apron parts with Jet as meal kits' retail strategies show mixed results

Blue Apron, in its latest earnings report, announced that it was no longer partnering with Announced last year, this alliance was one of the most highly-anticipated programs for the meal kit company to reinvigorate business. While other similar companies look into retail partnership, the results seem mixed.

'A slippery slope': Amazon wants to control third-party sellers' product pricing

'A slippery slope': Amazon wants to control third-party sellers' product pricing

Amazon has rolled out a new selling format for brands in its third-party marketplace: Sold by Amazon, a program that lets sellers submit products to be priced by Amazon’s algorithm. Positioned as a competitive advantage to sellers, the new selling format could prove to be a slippery slope.

Big-box retailers are pushing curated product assortments to reach new shoppers

As big-box retailers like Target, Walmart and Kohl's are grappling with how to defend their business against Amazon's endless aisles, they are finding that in order to gain sales traction in certain categories, offering a curated, sometimes smaller assortment is key.

A marketer’s guide to a perfect launch

A marketer’s guide to a perfect launch

It’s normal for digital marketers to feel overwhelmed when dealing with the challenges that can come with a major launch, but when armed with the right tools and know-how to combat the most common obstacles, your team can set sail without a hitch.

How DTC brands are navigating multi-touch attribution, explained

As direct-to-consumer brands grow up and spend more money on traditional marketing channels, figuring out how effective each of these marketing channels are becomes a much more challenging process. When brands start spending on channels like direct mail or television, they can no longer just count on the number of clicks to determine what's working.  And that's where multi-touch attribution comes in.

Amazon's ambitions in the alcohol category could boost competitive e-commerce companies

Amazon reportedly obtained a liquor license in San Francisco. This is likely part of the company's slow expansion into the alcohol delivery business. As a whole, alcohol e-commerce has been relatively untapped – and Amazon may be the company that makes a big splash.

Nike's new membership model for kids' sneakers amplifies shift to direct sales

Nike’s newest venture, a sneaker membership model for kids, is part of the brand’s push to establish stronger direct customer relationships. This time, the idea is to start young.

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