The skyrocketing demand for GLP-1 diabetes treatments that curbs appetites and help lose weight could threaten sales for food and beverage companies. To avoid losing out on sales, more CPG conglomerates have been releasing new products that specifically cater to people who are managing their weight.


TikTok Shop listings are surfacing on Google Shopping

February 28, 2024  ■  4 min read

As it works to grow TikTok Shop, the company appears to be investing in SEO ads to reach new customers.

Brands like Jolie and Lululemon are fighting off copycats through dupe swapping

February 14, 2024  ■  4 min read

Although imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, the dupe trend has become a headache for premium brands.

Other news to know

  • Arkhouse and Brigade have raised their bid to buy Macy’s from $5.8 billion to $6.6 billion. Macy’s rejected the first offer after saying it didn’t have “compelling value.”
  • Whole Foods is opening smaller-format stores in New York City, per Bloomberg. The locations, which will range from 7,000 to 14,000 square feet, will have self-checkout stations, as well as cashiers.
  • Craft retailer Joann is considering filing for bankruptcy as it conducts talks with lenders and looks for more cash.
Joann's stores in the U.S.
Top Stories Mar 05

How Gummy Clusters became Nerds’ hero product

March 05, 2024  ■  4 min read

Since being introduced in 2020, Nerds Gummy Clusters have taken on a life of their own. In fact, Clusters were responsible for 81.4% of all Nerds sales from January 2023 to January 2024. Now, Nerds' marketing director tells Modern Retail, the brand is continuing to bet big on the candy.

‘Living paycheck to paycheck’: Confessions of an REI associate considering unionization

March 05, 2024  ■  6 min read

Nine REI stores have unionized, with workers at other locations mulling whether representation would make a change in their day-to-day.

Why Explorer Cold Brew is building partnerships with LGBTQ artists

March 04, 2024  ■  4 min read

With so many beverage brands in the market, the shelf space at wholesale stores has become much more competitive. As a result, buyers at these retailers are drawn to brands that have celebrity partners or a strong brand presence that would drive sales to the store.

Fashion retailers are gearing up for prom with bigger selections & more events

March 04, 2024  ■  4 min read

Most high schools' proms are still weeks away, but fashion retailers are already getting ready for the big day. This comes as digital upstarts like Shein also begin trying to woo prom customers.

Limited Series
The Last Mile

In this series, Modern Retail drills into all the issues and questions brands have about the last leg of their supply chain and how they’re trying to make sure it all runs smoothly in time for December. All amid a background of flattening revenue and more conservative balance sheets.



As payments platforms pitch more services, some brands fear too many options

March 01, 2024  ■  4 min read

In conversations with Modern Retail, some brands questioned the value of having too many buy now, pay later-style options on their checkout, wondering if it would look too cluttered and scare away the shopper.

Amazon Briefing: Despite hiccups, Shopify brands are warming up to Buy With Prime

February 29, 2024  ■  6 min read

After the release of an official Buy With Prime Shopify integration, some brands are seeing conversions lift on their DTC channels.

Brands are uncovering holistic consumer insights with transaction data

February 14, 2024  ■  4 min read

Jonathan Chin, Co-founder, Facteus The landscape of consumer insights has been traditionally navigated through customer surveys, detailed web analytics, cookie tracking and first-party data collection. These techniques, foundational to retailers’ and brands’ understanding of consumer behavior, predominantly hinged on self-reported preferences, online engagement metrics and data gathered directly from customer interactions.  While these methods have […]


Research Briefing: What the delayed Kroger-Albertsons merger means for retail media

February 29, 2024  ■  3 min read

In this edition of the weekly briefing, we examine the US FTC’s decision to block the Kroger-Albertsons merger and its effect on retail media as seen in data from Modern Retail+ Research.

Inside Calpak’s road to its brand-new baby gear collection

February 29, 2024  ■  4 min read

Calpak, which expanded from traditionally luggage to travel accessories and other gear in 2016, now has a line of diaper bags and baby gear.

Brands are mulling the UGC versus influencers conundrum

February 29, 2024  ■  4 min read

Some brands are more interested in making user-generated content part of their video strategy rather than influencer marketing.


Why Tampon Tribe’s Jennifer Eden is aiming for sustainability at scale

March 01, 2024  ■  5 min read

About half of Tampon Tribe’s sales are business-to-business, putting its clean period care products in places like hotels and corporate campuses. Jennifer Eden spoke with Modern Retail at the eTail West conference in Palm Springs about the tampon brand’s focus on sustainability.

Inside Vince’s plan to save $30 million over the next 3 years

February 29, 2024  ■  4 min read

Wilberger spoke ahead of her eTail West panel this week to discuss how Vince is embracing technology, why her pivot to retail from a non-retail background works to the company’s advantage and how Vince is preparing for its next 20 years.

How apparel retailers are increasing shopper confidence and conversions with AI

February 21, 2024  ■  4 min read

Jackson Dorsey, brand and marketing manager, Bold Metrics Every apparel retailer is looking to boost conversions and reduce returns, but fit and sizing are often overlooked tactics that make an impact. Sizing is crucial in the apparel industry’s value chain, influencing each stage, from product creation to the customer experience. A data-backed approach that leverages […]