Several fashion retailers and e-commerce platforms are playing the blame game when it comes to Temu and Shein. Modern Retail takes a closer look at these claims, what they involve, and whether they have merit.


Brands question the value of Showfields after late payments, lackluster sales & bankruptcy

November 06, 2023  ■  12 min read

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Showfields’ future prospects are being called into question. Multiple brand partners report that they saw smaller-than-expected sales, as well as late payments.

In an attempt to turn profitable, Allbirds is relaunching its original shoe

November 03, 2023  ■  5 min read

Allbirds is reintroducing its original shoe, the Wool Runner 2, as part of its bid to turn profitable following declining sales.

Other news to know

  • CVS Health will launch a new model for how it reimburses pharmacies and prices prescription drugs starting in  January 2025. However, this change may not guarantee that costs will be lower.
  • U.S. job openings have hit a two-year low, according to data from the government. 8.7 million jobs were available in October, down from estimates of 9.3 million.
  • TikTok is investing in a unit of Indonesia’s GoTo Group called Tokopedia. The two will work on an online shopping service that could pave the way for TikTok’s expansion in other Southeast Asian countries.
CVS's market cap
Top Stories Dec 06

Retail bankruptcies are opening ripe real estate opportunities for competitors

December 06, 2023  ■  4 min read

After a number of physical retailers filed for Chapter 11 this year, the floodgates of real estate opportunities have opened up for fast-growing retailers looking to expand into new markets.

How Ole is trying to crack the code to ultra-fast delivery in luxury fashion 

December 06, 2023  ■  6 min read

Quick-service delivery app Ole wants to be for luxury fashion what apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub are for food. The company spoke with Modern Retail about its new round of funding, the brands it wants to bring on board, and its plans to expand across the U.S.

DTC Briefing: How Bearaby drives holiday sales without offering discounts

December 05, 2023  ■  6 min read

Since launching in 2018, Bearaby hasn't offered any discounts. But, this Black Friday, Bearaby's revenue was still up 4X compared to the week before.

‘Customers are looking to stretch dollars’: Tanger CEO on why Black Friday traffic rose 4% across its portfolio

December 05, 2023  ■  4 min read

Stephen Yalof, Tanger CEO and President, spoke with Modern Retail about some of the traffic trends the company saw over Black Friday weekend.

Limited Series
The Last Mile

In this series, Modern Retail drills into all the issues and questions brands have about the last leg of their supply chain and how they’re trying to make sure it all runs smoothly in time for December. All amid a background of flattening revenue and more conservative balance sheets.



Why more brands like Therabody are using FSAs to drive new sales

December 05, 2023  ■  4 min read

As many as 40% of HSA and FSA consumers let health doctors expire, and retailers are increasingly finding ways to capture that spend.

overhead shot of two women shopping on their phones

More than half of e-commerce Cyber Week sales came from mobile

December 04, 2023  ■  4 min read

Mobile shopping was the clear winner during the Thanksgiving week. Adobe Analytics reports that 51.8% of Cyber Week sales came from mobile spending.

The marketer’s guide to programmatic direct mail

November 28, 2023  ■  1 min read

As advertisers seek solutions for the loss of addressable audiences, they’re also looking for effective methods amid consumers experiencing digital fatigue. The emerging strategy is programmatic direct mail (PDM) — upgrading direct mail to connect it to the online world for a performance-driven tactic.  This companion video to Modern Retail and PebblePost’s recent Unpacked guide […]


A pink and purple Facebook icon that's cracked in half on a navy blue background

As affiliate marketing gets competitive, a new brand playbook emerges

December 04, 2023  ■  7 min read

Over the past couple of years, affiliate marketing has become an integral part of brands’ marketing playbook. In turn, the competition is fierce ahead of the holidays to land placement on coveted guides like Oprah’s Favorite Things.

‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ have lost their meanings as brands extend promotions

December 04, 2023  ■  5 min read

Not only is Black Friday, Cyber Monday starting earlier — now it’s sticking around longer too. A number of brands are testing out longer sale windows to convert distracted customers and grow year-over-year sales.

Food brands bet on gift sets to drive holiday sales

December 01, 2023  ■  4 min read

As inflation has left people with tighter wallets this holiday season, a number of food companies are positioning their products as luxurious-yet-affordable presents.


Three women wearing Birdy Grey dresses.

Birdy Grey is tapping leaders with DTC experience to build out its C-suite

December 05, 2023  ■  4 min read

More people are taking seats at the C-suite of bridal company Birdy Grey. With the exception of 2020, Birdy Grey has been profitable since its inception and is now in a position to fill out executive positions to support its next phase of growth.

physical retail

Class A malls continue to be in high demand

December 01, 2023  ■  4 min read

Even as consumer spending cools down across the U.S., retailers continue to target upscale malls for expansion. Modern Retail looked into why.

Why BNPL is an essential brand and retailer strategy this holiday season

November 13, 2023  ■  4 min read

In recent years, buy now pay later (BNPL) options have become increasingly popular with consumers and merchants, especially as inflation spiked in 2023. Now, as the 2023 holiday season gets underway, consumers still want to shower their families and friends with gifts. However, the spirit of generosity during the holidays often comes with a cost. […]