Winc files for bankruptcy following declining sales

December 01, 2022  ■  2 min read

Online wine club Winc is the latest direct-to-consumer company to face struggles directly following its pandemic-era growth period. This week, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a means to consolidate and reorganize its debt after a series of unprofitable quarters.


Food courts are dying, but mall food is thriving

November 23, 2022  ■  6 min read

The food complexes at newer malls are increasingly being rethought — and the days of the humdrum Auntie Anne’s and Panda Express dotted food courts may be waning. And, as a result, malls are seeing food as a way to draw people in, rather than a mere sustenance necessity.

How brands are incorporating the metaverse into their holiday marketing

November 25, 2022  ■  4 min read

As shoppers continue to shop at a range of channels this holiday season, brands are holding on to the possibility of the metaverse playing a bigger role in shopping in the near future. However, experts warn that it might be too soon for the metaverse to offer a return on investment.

Other news to know

  • With major implications for shipping and logistics, U.S. gas prices are at their lowest level since February, CNN Business explains. The national average is now down by $1.55 a gallon since hitting a record high in June.
  • Consumer spending ticked up 0.8% in October compared with September, according to new data from the U.S. Commerce Department. Adjusting for inflation, personal income jumped 0.4%, the biggest increase since July, the New York Times writes.
  • Rolex will certify pre-owned watches for the first time, Bloomberg reports. However, Rolex says it will only certify watches that are at least three years old.
Projected value of the luxury pre-owned watch market by 2030, according to Deloitte
Top Stories Dec 02

Lands’ End posts quarterly loss, revises outlook due to ‘uncertain macro environment’

December 02, 2022  ■  4 min read

Apparel retailer Lands’ End is adjusting its outlook for the rest of the year, citing an “uncertain” and “volatile” macro environment. Lands’ End reported a net loss of $4.7 million for the third quarter of 2022, compared to a net income of $7.4 million for the third quarter of 2021.

The Laundress issues product recall two weeks after posting safety notice

December 01, 2022  ■  2 min read

The recall comes two weeks after The Laundress first notified customers of the potential for bacteria in products, and a week after a federal lawsuit was filed against parent company Unilever.

Etsy sellers say inflation and higher fees are hurting their holiday sales

December 01, 2022  ■  4 min read

Etsy sellers continue to express frustration over slowing traffic and higher sales fees on the platform. This holiday season, a typically busy time for many shop owners on the platform, is proving to be a turning point for Etsy sellers.

Petco’s Vital Care membership program grew 200%

November 30, 2022  ■  3 min read

Vital Care now has more than 400,000 active members, growing 42% quarter-over-quarter and 200% year-over-year, according to its third quarter earnings report. Members of the Vital Care program have a 3.5 times higher lifetime value than regular shoppers.

Special Edition
The Great Mall Overhaul

First, the mall was dying, then the mall was the future of retail and then came the pandemic. Now what? In this series, Modern Retail and Glossy go deep into the past, present and future of the mall.



Amazon Briefing: Economic turmoil and a reporting outage led to a chaotic Black Friday and Cyber Monday

December 01, 2022  ■  5 min read

This holiday season is more turbulent than in years past. And Amazon sellers say the sales results aren’t as big as expected. Some of this had to do with the economy, along with an ad platform tech glitch.


Buy now, pay later services are hoping for a big holiday season

November 23, 2022  ■  4 min read

Roughly one in five shoppers say they plan to use BNPL this holiday season. In turn, companies are ramping up marketing efforts to give these potential new BNPL customers an extra push before Black Friday.


For retailers, customer data is driving CTV campaigns

October 27, 2022  ■  4 min read

The popularity and adoption of streaming exploded during COVID. Now, in the post-quarantine era, retailers are connecting with consumers who have redefined their relationships with screens — no matter their shopping preferences across the return to in-person commerce. Connected TV is empowering retail marketers to adjust and adapt to changing times by combining linear TV’s […]


overhead shot of two women shopping on their phones

By the numbers: What Black Friday trends tell retailers about the rest of the holiday season

November 30, 2022  ■  5 min read

Whether heading out to the mall in traditional fashion or scrolling from the comfort of the couch, a record number of people shopped during the five-day stretch between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. Early insights from the National Retail Federation, Adobe Analytics and retail experts show an increase in the number of shoppers and higher spending during Black Friday weekend.

Illustration with a pan, a jar and underwear with tags spelling out D-T-C.

DTC Briefing: Takeaways from this year’s Black Friday results

November 29, 2022  ■  7 min read

Shopify, the e-commerce engine of many DTC startups, reported that its merchants generated $3.36 billion in sales on Black Friday this year, a 21% increase compared to last year. But topline results don’t tell the full story.

As wholesale gets more competitive, brands bet on digital vouchers to drive in-store sales

November 28, 2022  ■  5 min read

Once digitally-native brands get into a retailer, their next challenge is proving that they can sell enough product to stay on that retailer’s shelf. To more cheaply promote their presence at retail chains, CPG brands are using digital discount vouchers to prompt digital followers to head to stores.


Modern Retail Research: 52% of brand workers are worried about their mental health at work

December 01, 2022  ■  3 min read

Despite corporations’ widespread professed dedication to improving employee mental health, brand workers are still struggling, according to a new study. 

Thrive Market on how it cooks up collaborations with brands like LesserEvil

November 30, 2022  ■  4 min read

Thrive Market has started collaborating with brands like LesserEvil and Beyond Meat to develop new products for its more than 1 million members. Thrive Market Brand’s senior director explains more about the partnership process.


The next-generation of retail marketing is about quality reach

November 11, 2022  ■  3 min read

Gil Larsen, managing director, U.S., Blis Marketers have long relied on the belief that retaining and upselling an existing customer is easier and more cost-efficient than a net new acquisition. However, between today’s challenging economic headwinds, dwindling data landscape and heavily saturated retail market, that adage may no longer prove entirely accurate. Brand loyalty is […]