Why Pomp is entering the crowded online floral startups field — and trying to take on 1-800 Flowers

Direct-to-consumer floral company Pomp launched on Wednesday, joining the new guard of online-native brands trying to improve the floral industry’s convoluted supply chain, and provide simpler alternatives to industry giants like 1-800 Flowers. The perishable floral industry has struggled with supply chain since its birth. In response, new DTC challengers like Pomp, Farmgirl Flowers, and Urban Stems innovate with owned supply chains, and a smaller, more curated assortment of bouquets.

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Tehmina Haider

Harry’s Labs’ Tehmina Haider on how the CPG giant is building out a portfolio of brands

Tehmina Haider is the head of Harry's Lab, which both builds new CPG brands as well as invests in and acquires existing ones. Haider described the operation as being a "diversification engine." She joined the Modern Retail Podcast and explained how she's built out the program over the last three years.

DTC Briefing: Instagram is trying to make influencer marketing more prominent

Social media apps are rolling out more tools meant to encourage brands to work more closely with influencers. Instagram, for example, announced last week that it is testing a new affiliate tool, which allows influencers to earn a commission from products they recommend that use Instagram’s checkout service, with the commission being set by the brand. It's led to a change in overall influencer strategy.

From McDonald’s to Chipotle, restaurants are doubling down on drive-thrus

Fast food and fast casual chains are betting on drive-thrus to remain popular, even as the pandemic subsides. Particularly in the early stages of the pandemic, restaurants struggled as indoor dining shuttered in most states. But, drive-thru visits soared, up 26% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2020 according to NPD Group. In response, experienced drive-thru players like McDonald’s as well as other newer players announced new investments in the feature.

Other news to know

  • Google officially opens its new flagship store on Thursday, June 17. The tech giant’s New York City location is reportedly part showroom and part retail space, according to a preview by The Verge. The shop will sell Google’s Pixel, Nest and Fitbit products, along with third party accessories.
  • Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the fashion and apparel industry. In a new interview, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said that consumers’ increased pressure is prompting brands to overhaul their manufacturing and its impact on the environment. For its part, this year Adidas is releasing a mushroom leather-based version of its popular Stan Smith shoe. 
  • In marketing news, alcohol conglomerate Diageo struck up a historic deal with the NFL — becoming the first spirits company to do so. The multi-year sponsorship will kick off in time for the 2022 football season, and feature Diageo-owned brands like Smirnoff Vodka and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. 
8% to 10%
The amount of the world’s carbon emission the fashion industry contributes annually.


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Amazon Briefing: The rise of influencer videos on Amazon

Amazon Briefing: The rise of influencer videos on Amazon

Over the last year, influencer-created videos have increasingly popped up on Amazon product pages. With these videos, Amazon is trying to bring some of the cues from social platforms onto its own site -- and rather than have its influencers only recommend products on YouTube or TikTok, and just link back to Amazon, now Amazon is trying to bring more content natively onto its platform.

Instacart is courting CPG brands by giving them more control over product display

In early May, Instacart quietly added a new feature called “Product Library,” which lets brands whose products are bought and sold on Instacart edit how their products appear on the platform. The Product Library update might be small, but it showcases the extent to which Instacart, as it becomes an increasingly ad-focused company, has tried to make itself more friendly to brands.

How City Hive is courting liquor shops with white label tools

How City Hive is courting liquor shops with white label tools

Digital alcohol delivery surged during lockdowns, with major players like Drizly and Minibar dominating sales within past year. However, smaller, niche platforms also found success in wooing local merchants. One startup that's offering liquor stores an alternative to big marketplaces is City Hive, which allows small businesses to provide white labeled pickup and delivery fulfillment.

'The no mask policy is already giving me anxiety': 4 retail workers on changing mask regulations

Last month, the CDC announced the loosening of its mask guidance, saying people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are not required to wear a mask “in any setting” unless local laws and regulations demanded it. Since then, retailers have been left to their own devices to come up with new mask guidelines for employees and customers. Modern Retail spoke to four people currently working in retail about how they feel about these new guidelines.

Why Impossible Foods’ viability in Asia is key to its highly anticipated IPO

Why Impossible Foods’ viability in Asia is key to its highly anticipated IPO

After the successful IPOs of Beyond Meat and Oatly, plant-based behemoth Impossible Foods is reportedly preparing to enter the public market -- and Asia is key to its success. “The bigger a footprint Impossible has in the Asian market, the bigger their expected long-term value is going to be,” said one investor. 

A tale of 3 cities: The state of retail in Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles

After a year and a half of unevenly applied US Covid-19 regulations as well as various city exoduses, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago’s retail scenes fare differently. While many hope for a return to store in 2021, retailers' fates rest somewhat on location. Here's our look into how the three cities are faring.

'Workcation Retreats': Tourist destinations offer remote-working packages including personal assistants, to attract visitors

Tourist destinations like the Maldives and Seychelles are promoting remote-working, featuring ocean views, discounts, strong WiFi and personal assistants to help with work admin.

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