Inside one spice retailer’s anti-Trump, pro-impeachment Facebook ad strategy

A midwestern Spice company has a very political message, and spend a lot to share it on Facebook. For the last three years, this has proven to be a good digital strategy -- so much so that its political advertising spending has been rivaling Trump's.

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With new sampling program, Uniqlo takes page from DTC brands

Uniqlo just announced a new promotion, giving away 100,000 free samples. The retailer's US business has been flagging, and this seems like a way to try to regenerate interest. This latest program seems to borrow from some DTC strategy.

Why Kroger's advertising program remains a nascent opportunity

Kroger has been trying to turn its business around, and one of its most anticipated programs is around media and marketing. It's been a while since the grocer first launched its new advertising offerings -- has it made a dent with brands?

Snapchat is evolving its ad platform to encourage DTC brands to spend more

As Snapchat's created more in-app commerce opportunities over the past year, it's also sought to encourage consumer brands to spend more on the platform by creating more shoppable ad formats, and improving its ad targeting options.

Other news to know

  • Walmart US president and CEO Greg Foran is leaving the company to serve as Air New Zealand Limited’s new top executive. Taking his place is John Furner, who most recently oversaw Sam’s Club.
  • Dollar General is building a mobile app integration that will allow customers to buy items online and pick them up in-store, reported the Wall Street Journal. This is just one of many recent innovation programs the company has employed to target new customers and stay relevant.
  • L. Brands Inc., the parent of Victoria’s Secret, is experiencing quite a bit of tumult. Its evp of stores and store operations, April Holt, is departing. And Bloomberg reported that the company is laying off 14% of its corporate staff.
The average checkout receipt for Dollar General's "digitally engaged customers"
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Modern Retail Research: 41% of brands and retailers say Amazon isn't a trustworthy partner

Modern Retail Research: 41% of brands and retailers say Amazon isn't a trustworthy partner

Retailers and brands have a lot to gripe about when it comes to Amazon. The e-commerce juggernaut has become in many ways a frenemy for brands.

Without first-time customer discounts, DTC brands try to find new ways to collect emails

Email addresses have become the currency of choice for direct-to-consumer brands. As a result, many DTC brands offer customers a discount off their first order, if they sign up for the company's email list

DTC brands are using hybrid chatbots for customer service

Chatbots were all the rage a few years ago, but consumers never took to them. Now, DTC brands are using a mixture of AI and human-based chat technology to better handling customer service.

With discount and off-price sites, retailers try to move the 'treasure hunt' experience online

With discount and off-price sites, retailers try to move the 'treasure hunt' experience online

The "treasure hunt" shopping experience that's been popularized in outlet and off-price stores has historically been difficult to recreate online. But as more people general are doing their shopping online, that isn't stopping more retailers from trying their hand at building a more appealing discount shopping experience online.

With Google Shopping, the product discovery wars heat up

Google just announced new features to its Google Shopping program. The platform is trying encroach on the e-commerce terrain that both Amazon and Facebook have dominated. It illustrates that the next big shopping advertising battle will focus on product discovery.

How brands can use digital messaging to make customer support personal

How brands can use digital messaging to make customer support personal

Digital messaging is central to human communication, yet most customer support teams sound deeply inhuman on digital platforms. To connect with modern consumers, it's crucial to get conversational through text, email and social — but without getting invasive. Download the guide to learn how.

'Flatfooted': Retailers are scrambling to prepare for CCPA

California's new data privacy regulations are set to be enacted in the coming months. Some retailers are being caught flatfooted in the race to be compliant.

How Lowe's is using YouTube

As a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, Lowe's doesn't solely rely on digital marketing channels to raise brand awareness -- it's also looking to drive them more of its existing customers into stores, or get them to buy products in other categories. Lowe's has zeroed in on YouTube in particular as an important channel in driving customer traffic to its website, and that its customers see YouTube as a "resource for product inspiration and knowledge."

'It lost its consumer': 4 takeaways from Forever 21's bankruptcy filing

Many malls in the U.S. are about to lose yet another brick-and-mortar tenant, as Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy earlier this week. Forever 21's bankruptcy filing has prompted discussion about whether or not fast-fashion is dying, or just evolving. But there are some lessons that every retailer would be wise to take away from Forever 21's bankruptcy filing.

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