For years, brands have scrambled to build a following among Gen Z. Now, they are working to tap Gen Alpha as talent.


‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: Temu’s ad spend soars as it embarks on a marketing blitz

January 22, 2024  ■  1 min read

Temu is continuing to go all-in on paid marketing, with its ad spend up 1,000% year-over-year, according to new data from MediaRadar. Modern Retail looks into the platform's unprecedented advertising blitz, and whether it is actually paying off.

Stitch Fix eliminates full-time styling position

January 14, 2024  ■  5 min read

Stitch Fix is getting rid of the full-time styling role, instead opting to staff its team of stylists with part-time workers in a cost-cutting move. 

Other news to know

  • CVS is partnering with Grubhub to deliver goods from 6,000 stores in 48 states. The partnership comes more than a year after Grubhub teamed up with Rite Aid.
  • Pharmacies across the U.S. say they’re having difficulties getting prescriptions to patients due to a recent cyberattack on part of UnitedHealth.
  • Carvana is on the up-and-up. The company, known for its car vending machines, posted its first-ever annual profit last week. It’s still grappling with debt, however.
CVS's fourth-quarter revenue
Top Stories Feb 26

As bridal retailers struggle, contemporary brands are swooping into the wedding market

February 26, 2024  ■  4 min read

Contemporary brands are investing in the bridal category during a time when some of the traditional players in the wedding industry are struggling to stay afloat.

For The RealReal, personalization is the key to customer retention

February 26, 2024  ■  5 min read

In the retail world, luxury resale company The RealReal has unique challenges. Along with selling single-SKU products, it must also contend with winning and retaining both consignors and traditional customers. According to Kerri-Ann Butcher, the company’s senior director of lifecycle, loyalty and retention marketing, ensuring the loyalty of each group requires individual strategies, which must evolve according to emerging technologies and group members’ behaviors.  

Modern Retail Rundown: Reddit’s IPO, Beyond Meat gets healthier & Macy’s proxy fight continues

February 24, 2024  ■  1 min read

This week Reddit is going public, Beyond Meat is refreshing its recipes, and turmoil at Macy's continues.

As venture capital funds pull back on consumer, more private equity firms look to play a bigger role in startup investing

February 23, 2024  ■  7 min read

With venture dollars becoming harder to come by, startup brands in need of cash injection are looking to private equity to help them grow profitably.

Limited Series
The Last Mile

In this series, Modern Retail drills into all the issues and questions brands have about the last leg of their supply chain and how they’re trying to make sure it all runs smoothly in time for December. All amid a background of flattening revenue and more conservative balance sheets.



Parents shopping at Walmart with their kids.

Research Briefing: Walmart’s e-commerce strategy and growth

February 22, 2024  ■  2 min read

In this edition of the weekly briefing, we examine Walmart’s recent earnings announcement and the state of e-commerce as seen in data from Modern Retail+ Research.

digital marketplaces

Amazon Briefing: 3 ways Walmart is following in Amazon’s strategic footsteps

February 22, 2024  ■  6 min read

Walmart’s acquisition of Vizio highlights the way the big-box retailer has transformed its growth strategy to mimic its biggest competitor: Amazon.

Brands are uncovering holistic consumer insights with transaction data

February 14, 2024  ■  4 min read

Jonathan Chin, Co-founder, Facteus The landscape of consumer insights has been traditionally navigated through customer surveys, detailed web analytics, cookie tracking and first-party data collection. These techniques, foundational to retailers’ and brands’ understanding of consumer behavior, predominantly hinged on self-reported preferences, online engagement metrics and data gathered directly from customer interactions.  While these methods have […]


Brands like Athleta are betting on product swaps as a customer acquisition tool

February 21, 2024  ■  5 min read

Brands like Athleta are playing the long game with product swaps, hoping that by giving away items for free now, they can increase traffic, loyalty and sales later.

Zappos Sign

How Zappos is reworking its influencer program to be more inclusive

February 16, 2024  ■  5 min read

Zappos is switching up its marketing strategy this year by tapping everyday people in lieu of models for campaigns and influencer-led projects.

Research Briefing: Poppi runs its first Super Bowl ad as CPG startups expand retail distribution

February 15, 2024  ■  3 min read

In this edition of the weekly research briefing, we examine how prebiotic soda brand Poppi ran its first Super Bowl ad amid increasing efforts by startups to expand distribution strategies, as seen in recent data from Modern Retail+ Research.


How retail conferences like eTail have evolved over the last 25 years

February 23, 2024  ■  6 min read

ETail West is celebrating its 25th year at its conference in Palm Springs starting on Monday. Here’s what’s in store for the event this year.

A group of young girls getting their ears pierced at Rowan.

Rowan unveils plans to double its store count this year

February 22, 2024  ■  4 min read

Rowan — which offers piercing services done by nurses and jewelry — plans to open up to 30 stores across the country this year.

How apparel retailers are increasing shopper confidence and conversions with AI

February 21, 2024  ■  4 min read

Jackson Dorsey, brand and marketing manager, Bold Metrics Every apparel retailer is looking to boost conversions and reduce returns, but fit and sizing are often overlooked tactics that make an impact. Sizing is crucial in the apparel industry’s value chain, influencing each stage, from product creation to the customer experience. A data-backed approach that leverages […]