Sponsored   /   December 8, 2019

Video: Why inspiration is a better metric than awareness

By Triad


Creative and content has always had the ability to drive performance at retail. However, it must be relevant, timely and evoke the ultimate action — inspiring shoppers to make a purchase — if it is to be considered truly successful. In this video, Tim Bagwell, Triad’s svp of operations, explains three key considerations that all marketers should take into account when developing their own creative strategies to attract and shape meaningful connections with shoppers:

  • Inspiration is a better gauge for measuring the impact of creative than awareness because it sparks emotion and fuels action
  • Personalized ads have a 230 percent higher click-through rate than regular ads, which has proven to drive transactions by leveraging personal interests
  • Even when you create an inspiring message that directly addresses a person’s needs, creative can prove ineffective if it doesn’t engage them at the right time
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