New Economic Realities   //   January 31, 2024

Thinx to lay off 95 workers, per New York State labor filing

Thinx, the period underwear brand, is laying off 95 employees this year in New York City. 

A Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification filed with the New York Department of Labor on Tuesday January 30 said 95 workers would be let go on May 1. While the notice doesn’t explicitly say what department or area the workers are in, the reason given says “merger,” along with the reason “plant layoff.”

A spokesperson for Kimberly-Clark, which owns a majority stake in Thinx, issued a statement to Modern Retail confirming the notice and saying, “We’ve made organizational changes as part of ongoing efforts to integrate the Thinx brand into Kimberly-Clark’s existing infrastructure and global portfolio of iconic brands.”

Thinx launched as a DTC brand in 2013, helping to put reusable absorbent underwear in the mainstream consciousness. In 2019, it secured a $25 million investment from the personal care conglomerate Kimberly-Clark, which then acquired a majority stake in February 2022. Meghan Davis became CEO later that year.

In recent years, the brand has made moves to make its products more affordable and accessible, selling in Walmart, Target and on Amazon. It also launched a lower-priced line in early 2023 called Thinx for All.

“Thinx continues to be a leader in the reusable underwear space, and its growth from a niche idea to a mainstream brand has built confidence and admirable consumer loyalty in this category,” the spokesperson said.