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Inside eyewear brand Goodr’s plans to double its product portfolio

In a bid to broaden its appeal to new demographics, eyewear brand Goodr is doubling its product lineup.

Since the brand was founded in 2015, Goodr has developed nine styles of glasses or roughly 111 SKUs on average when taking into account different colors and limited-edition drops. Now, the company plans to roll out nine additional styles this year, some of which cater to athletes in specific sports like baseball and pickleball. Just last month, the company launched a new angled style of sunglasses, called the Pop G collection.

Priced at around $25 each, Goodr’s products focus on affordability and style. The company was initially launched to give runners cheaper and more stylish eyewear options, with sunglasses that were designed not to slip or bounce. As the company matured, it further leaned into fashionable styles, and into targeting different types of athletes.

“We have an accessibility mindset,” Goodr’s Chief Creative Officer Mike Eddy told Modern Retail. “I think the $25 price point lends itself to a lot of different customer bases.” 

Goodr is currently available for purchase at 3,500 retail doors, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI. The company also has a sole flagship store in Venice, California and a direct-to-consumer site. Goodr declined to share any details regarding its growth trajectory.

Compared to other products it released in the past, Goodr wants to lean into performance for its upcoming sports collections. The upcoming sports collections will offer more coverage, a tighter fit and elevated features like nose grips. Goodr plans to roll out these collections throughout the summer months. The company plans to release products meant for activities like golf, volleyball, and high-performance running and cycling. 

The eyewear brand plans to use a mix of channels to generate awareness. It said it will promote products via email, TikTok, Meta and Google to reach new and existing customers. Goodr also intends to use its point-of-purchase displays in physical retail as well as store staff members to make people aware of its launches.

In addition to its sports-focused products, Goodr has also expanded its product lineup through collaborations. The company has a total of 12 SKUs with the National Parks Foundation after rolling out a winter collaboration last year. The collaboration — which highlighted parks like Yellowstone, Zion and Yosemite, among others — had helped bring new customers to Goodr. Of all the purchases made for the collection, 55% were first-time buyers. 

In the past, Goodr started with stylish silhouettes and then added performance-based features to its products. Now, it’s essentially doing the reverse. “What we try to do now is take something that’s very functional and then make that fashionable. It’s a little bit of a different approach and a different focus,” Eddy said.

Goodr hasn’t abandoned shoppers looking for stylish eyewear though. On April 27, Goodr is launching its new product line, called Moon G. The upcoming product line features a retro-futurist style and cat-eyed shades. 

Melissa Minkow, director of retail strategy at digital consultancy firm CI&T, said that when companies extensively expand their product portfolio, it typically signals a desire to drive more sales volume to their business. Although it’s not unusual for brands to expand their portfolio, she said that brands typically do so more gradually. 

“I think on the positive side, it signals that they feel confident in their capabilities and also in their ability to resonate with potentially a different market than what they’ve previously gone after,” Minkow said.

However, brands that undergo a significant portfolio expansion need to be wary of how they are marketing themselves. Minkow said that one challenge brands typically encounter is making sure their original brand messaging isn’t diluted by their new product lineup or new target demographic. “If other consumers start to know you for this new thing versus the old or pre-existing offering, then that existing customer may feel like they’re not being spoken to,” Minkow said.   

Alongside its partnership with other brands, Goodr has already established a number of collaborations with athletes and organizations to appeal to the athletic crowd. Goodr has partnered with athletes like former Olympic-level runner Alexi Pappas and ultramarathon runner Camille Herron to promote their products. Goodr is also partnered with the Angel City Football Club and the LPGA Tour. 

“Our two core values are fun and authenticity,” Eddy said. “We want to make sure that we’re partnering with like-minded brands that both provide us an opportunity to reach new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.”