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Research Briefing: Modern Retail’s Guide to Events

By Li Lu

In this edition of the weekly briefing, we share newly released data from Modern Retail+ Research’s event guide that details strategies for marketers looking to leverage influencers and 3rd party agencies.

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Events are becoming an area of focus for marketers

Breaking News: This week, Modern Retail+ Research has released its 2024 events guide that details findings from a survey of 174 marketing professionals and collected data on influencers’ social media posts about brand events, as well as exclusive interviews with influencers. Modern Retail found that publisher-hosted events are becoming a particularly useful marketing opportunity for brands since many publications plan to build their events businesses in 2024. Similarly, Influencer partnerships also emerged as another key strategy that gives brands additional touch points for customer engagement.

Questions: What are the best ways to utilize publisher events? What are the best ways to engage influencers for events?

Answers From Research:

A particularly effective event strategy focuses specifically on promoting brands themselves. In 2022, Gallery Media Group, a subsidiary of VaynerX that publishes PureWow and ONE37pm, started a new strategy through its semi-permanent experiences “Gallery Houses.” The event franchises take up residence in locations like Miami, New York City or the Hamptons for weeks or months at a time, allowing multiple sponsors to come and go. The Gallery Houses create a space where brands can come in and feature themselves in collaboration with an editorial brand. For example, its upcoming Beach House experience includes brand partners like Patron and Origins, which will provide products and experiences for guests during the August event. This strategy boosts awareness for both the brands and the publisher, while giving consumers an immersive experience. One particular strength of this specific partnership is that the brands don’t need to handle leasing and logistics for the space. 

“We have influencers here, the products here, this beautiful venue here and we already have all of the best in class [photographers] and editors. … Let’s not just get one piece of content [that’s meant to create] FOMO from a consumer who doesn’t really care. Let’s instead give you months of content by shooting [a sponsor’s product] in 16 different ways,” Mary Kate McGrath, Gallery’s chief brand officer, said.

Influencers, too, have noted that brand event collaborations provide a unique consumer experience during which brands can provide shoppers with product education. They also provide an opportunity for influencers to meet with colleagues. “I get to network. I get to connect with people who love beauty as much as I do, and we’re all there for the same reason,” said beauty influencer Stephanie Valentine. For influencers who work independently at home, these events serve as important professional experiences.

Want to learn more: The Modern Retail+ Events Guide examines how marketers can further boost their events strategy.


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