Member Exclusive   //   April 19, 2024

How Shein’s content is keeping up with its fast-paced supply chain

Fast-fashion giant Shein has been aiming to produce content at the same pace it launches new clothes. 

At the Modern Retail Commerce Summit in New Orleans this week, Shein’s head of content creation Marisa Runyon spoke about how Shein developed its content creation strategy to drive engagement and sales. Runyon spoke about how the company invested in an in-house content production team as well as livestreaming to keep up with Shein’s ever-changing assortment.

In 2020, the company started going viral organically through young people on social media posting about their Shein hauls. However, at that time, the company didn’t have a dedicated content strategy. Runyon, who had an extensive background in content production for CBS and Rachel Zoe Inc., joined the company in 2022 and was given the task of continuing the organic growth the company saw during the early days of the pandemic.

“The pace in which we drop products is so rapid that the content strategy has to keep up with that pace,” Runyon said. “We have to be very reactionary and move very quickly. So what I wanted to create was a studio that gave us the flexibility to do that really quick turn content.”

The company’s solution was to create an in-house content production crew to help the company respond quickly to fashion trends. In the past, the company had outsourced content production and other creative services. The company also made strategic hires to help create content that would reflect the interests of its young consumer base.

“I feel very strongly, and I think any marketer would, that your brand voice needs to reflect your consumer,” Runyon said. “It was very easy for us to see who our consumers were because they are on the internet talking about our brand.”

Shein also leaned into its existing livestreaming initiative. The company previously had four livestream hosts who would hold shows in their own homes using a ring light and a phone. Shein soon built out a dedicated studio with a full control room.

Its livestream shows are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on Shein’s app. The shows offer both entertainment and educational value. Shein features 30 outfits in the show and the hosts go through the details of the pieces as well as give advice on how to style these clothes. Runyon said “hundreds of thousands of viewers” regularly tune in on the app. 

As its viewership expands, the company has brought on a diverse group of talent, such as young moms and women of all sizes to talk about the company’s broad selection of items. Shein is also opting to hire people who interact well with the camera and the audience as opposed to people with a big following. Runyon said the sweet spot for its shows is about seven minutes. 

“We’re all about getting people to buy,” Runyon said. “Adding in an element of entertainment or education adds to the experience of the show. You don’t just want to hammer them product the whole time.”