Research: Programmatic marketers are struggling with a lack of standardized targeting

From connected TV to out-of-home to audio, an evolving range of digital channels and environments now represents the expanding promise of a genuinely omnichannel future for advertisers. But marketers need to be able to connect channels, and not all programmatic players can execute a whole-spectrum strategy in this way — yet.

To surface more about the changes underway, Digiday and MiQ surveyed 191 buyers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We gauged their current practices and also their plans for programmatic buying, and we spoke to agency and technology experts about the trends and new realities of omnichannel across industries.

For many, we found that omnichannel efforts are underway, and budgets are adjusting to meet challenges. While some marketers still default to established — and more limited — ranges of channels, or they’re working with siloed teams and data, our respondents told us their teams are continuing to reach for the expertise and partnerships needed to build for the future state of omnichannel.

Download the new report to learn:

-How the US, Canadian and UK markets align — and diverge — when it comes to current levels of omnichannel investment
-Which channels will receive the most programmatic spending over the coming year
-How data silos are affecting 55 percent to 100 percent of buyers across regions
-Which markets are solving for the omnichannel future with new technology

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