The Amazon Effect

Amazon Briefing: Cyber Week was lackluster for many third-party sellers

Cyber Week has traditionally been considered one of the most important selling holidays for third-party merchants on the platform. But this year, sellers and agencies say that sales event didn't produce eye popping results like years past.

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  • NOV 04, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: The high cost of free returns

    Free returns were optional -- but now, in the Fashion category, Amazon is making it a requirement of doing business. It’s a niche policy change, but it comes at a moment in which return rates and shipping costs are skyrocketing -- and it has bigger implications for how Amazon is continuing to pass the costs of customer-friendly policies to its third-party sellers.

  • NOV 02, 2021

    After raising over $10B, Amazon aggregators have big ambitions for 2022

    Two recent surveys looked at how Amazon aggregators are preparing for the year to come. Taken together, the two surveys offer a portrait of how aggressively aggregators are looking to acquire new brands and how much money they are aiming to spend on those acquisitions -- all despite growing skepticism of their operational skills.

  • OCT 28, 2021
    amazon cut

    Amazon’s profits drop as logistics spending rises

    During its third-quarter earnings report today, Amazon said it was spending big to navigate the turbulent end-of-the-year supply chain. Though profits fell below expectations compared to recent quarters, CEO Andy Jassy said that was because the company was fortifying itself against a turbulent supply chain

  • OCT 28, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Why Amazon is pushing in-store pickup

    Amazon is outsourcing pickup opportunities to retailers. Big retail chains like Best Buy, as well as independent businesses like MODIA, have already joined the Local Selling program. Customers who buy products from these retailers on Amazon can select, at checkout, the option to ship the order to each store.

  • OCT 26, 2021

    The Rundown: Amazon steps up its courtship of brand advertising dollars at Unboxed

    Amazon's announcements at Unboxed, its advertising conference, show how focused its pursuit of brand advertising dollars is.

  • OCT 22, 2021

    Established brands are eyeing Amazon seller acquisitions

    Individual brands are copying the Amazon aggregator model and trying to scoop up their own marketplace sellers. The addition of CBD brand Grove underscores that interest in the Amazon aggregator business model is spreading -- but that doesn’t mean established companies are rushing to acquire marketplace products quite yet.

  • OCT 21, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Why Brand Registry has yet to become a ubiquitous seller tool

    Amazon announced that "440,000 brands" are currently enrolled in Brand Registry worldwide. Some experts who spoke to Modern Retail see that stat as surprisingly low, especially in light of the fact that Brand Registry is offered for free. And it may point to the types of sellers who make up much of Amazon's marketplace.

  • OCT 20, 2021

    Amazon is launching a new tool to boost sellers’ product assortments

    A new tool called the Product Opportunity Explorer will offer a way for sellers to determine how successful a product they are working on might be on Amazon -- or to figure out which high-interest subcategories they might want to target with their next products. For Amazon, meanwhile, the tool is a way to fill out its overall product selection. By anonymizing its data, the company believes that it can encourage sellers to embrace subcategories in which Amazon is in need of high-quality products.

  • OCT 14, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Retailers are copying Amazon search advertising

    There’s a simple way to prove that Amazon’s advertising playbook has reshaped the industry: major retailers across the board are copying it. According to data from the e-commerce growth agency Profitero, retailers of all types have added significantly more ads to search results over the past year. Walmart, the largest brick-and-mortar retailer, is leading the pack, growing its average number of ads on the first page of search results from 1.9 in October 2020 to 4.0 in August 2021.

  • OCT 13, 2021

    Amazon and Walmart are duking it out over streaming merch

    Until now, Amazon has had largely uncontested control over merch from viral streaming shows -- but the Netflix partnership gives Walmart a new leg up over Amazon when it comes to selling merch. It is also kicking off a battle between Amazon and Walmart to control merchandise for streaming shows and films, as sellers on both platforms vie to offer tie-in products that ride the waves of virality.

  • OCT 11, 2021

    ‘A little bit of an anomaly’: How 4-Star stores fit into Amazon’s physical retail strategy

    Amazon's 4-Star stores are kitschier and don't get as much attention as some of its more high-tech concepts, like Amazon Go. Yet 4-Star offers two benefits that none of Amazon’s other physical store concepts do yet: one, it’s a showroom, and two, it doubles as a fulfillment center.

  • OCT 07, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: Why Amazon is opening insurance marketplaces

    While Amazon’s new insurance marketplace might not say a lot about the company’s ambitions in the insurance space, it does signal the extent to which Amazon has become a center of commerce -- not just for typical consumer products, but for services of essentially any kind as well.

  • NOV 09, 2021

    How CPG brands are driving sales and achieving seamless fulfillment

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