The Brand Marketer’s Guide To TikTok

Every day, TikTok becomes a more important platform for brands to be on. It’s no longer just a way to gain recognition from a younger audience — TikTok has proven itself as a vehicle to propel a company into the zeitgeist.

With that, brand marketers and retailers alike are trying to figure out their best way in. There is no one size fits all model, but there are some clues about best practices. This guide looks at some tactics used over the last year, analyzing what made them work on the TikTok platform.

In this guide, Modern Retail will:

  • Map out how brands go viral on TikTok, looking into the various elements that helped a certain campaign really work
  • Provide case studies diving into what made certain posts/campaigns resonate with millions of viewers
  • Look at how bigger brands retailers are changing the TikTok strategies — including behemoth retailers like Walmrt
  • Analyze how TikTok is professionalizing the platform, making it less of destination to get a company’s name out there and more of a place to sell products

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Modern Retail TikTok Guide