The retailer’s guide to building successful data strategies

The truth about data for retailers is that it’s too often getting overlooked: According to Forrester, only 9% of retailers are updating their data in real-time. 

With the massive amount of data that retailers have available to them, taking it in and leveraging it is all about three things: knowing which data to collect, knowing how to use that data and having a system that can connect that data — no matter the source. 

Download this retailer’s guide for a full breakdown of the data strategy successful marketers are putting in place, and how to start doing just that. Get the guide to learn more about:

  • How only 11% of U.S. retail sales happen online, highlighting a wealth of digital opportunity for proactive marketers
  • Why retailers that increase customer loyalty by just 5% are seeing up to a 95% increase in profits
  • How implementing a fully-fledged personalization strategy is driving 5x higher spend per transaction for retailers

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