The retail brand marketer’s guide to omnichannel tactics for post-quarantine campaigns

The pandemic accelerated the timeline for digital transformation while also altering customer expectations about the shopping journey. Brands that continue to recognize new behaviors — and those that reprioritize according to what shoppers really want — will succeed in capturing new shares of wallet as quarantines lift.

With customer experience serving as the most effective avenue to a competitive advantage, and the most important barometer of success, it’s crucial that brands know where they stand with their customers and how to make improvements. 

Collecting the outcomes of secret-shopper audits by 250 leading retail brands, this new report highlights approaches to website and mobile applications, call centers and in-store experiences in 2021, identifying how these components measure-up across omnichannel marketing strategies.

Download this report from NewStore to learn:

  • How the industry has made omnichannel progress since the start of the pandemic
  • What critical solutions and services are available across key brand properties
  • How brands are enabling and empowering their in-store and customer service staff
  • How brands are aligning their technology investments with customer expectations

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