The Linnworks total commerce guide to growth

Modern e-commerce has moved beyond simply launching a website or signing up to a marketplace to be a successful retailer. Now, retailers must be available to customers on whatever channel they prefer to shop and on whatever device they are using. 

However, retailers also now have a wide range of channels in which to grow and find new customers, from marketplaces to direct selling and social commerce, to private label and B2B e-commerce. In order to leverage these channels successfully, retailers will need to build seamless strategies for each of them.

With commerce happening more frequently in online environments, brands need to stay connected to their customers by accessing multiple commerce channels simultaneously. Understanding the growth opportunities each selling channel provides is key to developing an effective e-commerce strategy and driving growth. 

Download this report to learn: 

– How retailers can get their product in front of the customer wherever they choose to shop while providing them with a frictionless purchase experience 

  • How to scale up with the right marketplace
  • The value of owning the customer relationship
  • How to leverage the boom in social commerce

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