The Marketing Accountability Void: Sponsored by Acxiom

The acceleration of adtech and martech technology has become as divergent as it is fast, and its consequences are nothing less than the separation of marketing dollars from successful business outcomes. As the tools become more complicated, performance becomes less accountable — and even the best teams are spending time and resources to fine-tune systems that are siloed at best, or at worst, in competition with each other.

Download this new white paper to learn how adtech and martech got to this point of fragmentation, and how teams can now begin to bridge the gaps that it has created. And there’s a ray of hope for the industry: This paper unpacks the steps marketers can take to build a future of truly accountable marketing.

Read this new white paper to discover:

  • How to build a direct link between marketing dollars, business outcomes and the customer experience
  • The truth about data-driven marketing — how the quest for it has created dysfunction without improving outcomes for businesses or their customers
  • Ways to mitigate fragmentation and bridge the martech–adtech gap
  • The top-10 items on any accountable marketer’s checklist

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