2022 style forecast: How wardrobes are changing and how brands can respond

The pandemic and quarantines have affected everyone and everything in the world of retail and beyond. Wardrobes are no exception, in light of a year in which so many staying inside are now re-emerging and making ongoing decisions about how and where to be seen in a constantly evolving landscape of new cycles and safety considerations. 

The data shows shoppers working through change. Two-thirds of consumers said they were likely to replace clothes in their wardrobe in the near term, with one-third planning to replace at least half of their wardrobe. However, what they plan to buy has changed. 

With work-from-home ordinances and shifts in priorities, consumers are embracing new trends — and yet some of their purchase decisions also look familiar. This report highlights data collected from millions of Stitch Fix clients and thousands of their expert stylists on the wardrobe trends reflected in 2021, and what they can tell us about what’s on the horizon for 2022. 

Download this new report from Stitch Fix to learn: 

  • Consumers’ new priorities and their most requested items
  • How social media affected clothing trends
  • The future of workwear in light of work-from-home trends
  • What consumers now expect — and demand — from their shopping experience

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