The Modern Retail Awards recognize the companies and campaigns modernizing retail in the digital age. The program will honor retailers who have best responded to changing consumer habits by tailoring experiences, producing standout campaigns and closing the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

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Key Dates

  • Regular Deadline: Oct 2, 2020
    $459 per entry
  • Last Chance Deadline: Oct 30, 2020
    $599 per entry


    • Most Innovative Use of Social

      Awarding a unique or creative social media strategy that successfully achieved set goals.

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      Best Use of Social Media for Commerce

      Awarding a social media commerce strategy that has successfully achieved set goals.

    • Best Use of Video

      Awarding a video strategy that successfully promoted a product, initiative or retailer.

    • Best New Product or Launch Campaign

      Awarding a marketing campaign that successfully generated buzz or increased awareness around a new product or initiative.

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      Best Socially Distant Campaign

      Awarding the campaign that has been most successful in adapting a campaign to achieve its objectives online.

    • Best In-Person Experiential Marketing Campaign

      Awarding the campaign that has been successful in achieving its objectives through offline experiences.

    • Best Email Campaign

      Awarding an original email campaign that has successfully achieved set goals.

    • Best Retailer/Agency Collaboration

      Awarding the retailer/agency collaboration that has most successfully achieved set goals.

    • Best Mobile Strategy

      Awarding the retailer whose mobile strategy best engages customers and/or aids the buying process.

    • Best Personalization Strategy

      Awarding the retailer who has been able to tailor each shopper’s experience most successfully.

    • Best Omnichannel Strategy

      Awarding the retailer who has best utilized a combination of in-store and online experiences to increase sales.

    • Best Customer Insight Strategy

      Awarding the retailer who has most effectively employed customer feedback.

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      Best Customer Service Experience

      Awarding the retailer with the most supportive customer service experience.

    • Best E-Commerce Experience

      Awarding the retailer with the most seamless e-commerce experience.

    • Best Use of Technology

      Awarding a retailer whose use of new technology has most significantly enhanced the customer experience.

    • Best In-House Innovation Team

      Awarding the innovation team who has effectively moved their company forward through new product development, processes and technology incorporation.

    • Most Innovative Retail Model

      Awarding the retailer who has most effectively changed the way customers shop and discover their brand(s).

    • Best Digital Transformation

      Awarding the retailer whose transformation has allowed them to adhere to standards brought about by changing consumer habits.

    • Most Responsible Retailer

      Awarding the retailer who, through proven initiatives, is the most socially/sustainably responsible.

    • Best DTC Pivot

      Awarding the most successful pivot to a DTC model by a brand.

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      Best Digitally-Native Brand (Grand Prix)

      Awarding the brand who has most successfully streamlined their efforts to sell directly to consumers.

    • new
      Best Established Retailer (Grand Prix)

      Awarding the retailer who has most successfully navigated changing market forces to maintain a successful brand and business.


  • Moiz Ali



  • David Bakey



  • Rachel Cohen



  • Gabby Slome



  • Zak Normandin



  • Michael Wieder




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