The Upended Holiday Season

Why the holidays may upend American malls

Malls have been struggling for a while now, but this holiday season may bring about a whole new reckoning. As more people shop online, traditional mall tenants find themselves in a lurch. Sales have plummets, many have gone bankrupt. And the only time of year that usually cushions the blow may leave malls worse off than before.

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  • OCT 21, 2020

    How toy retailers and brands are preparing for a whole new world

    This year, as fewer people do their holiday shopping at stores, more toy sales are expected to move online. That means retailers like Walmart and Target also have to shift more of their marketing efforts for toys online, as do top toy brands like Mattel and Hasbro. This was a trend that was already underway before the start of the coronavirus outbreak, but has since been accelerated. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales of toys are projected to grow 34.9% year-over-year, compared to 1.5.5% the year prior.

  • OCT 20, 2020

    ‘Retail feels risky’: How the holiday pop-up has changed

    Last year, New York' Soho neighborhood was filled to the brim with holiday pop-ups, both from more established retailers and brands like Ugg and Kohl's, as well as up-and-coming startups like East Fork Pottery and Stuart & Lau. But this year, the coronavirus has put a damper on holiday pop-ups. Few retailers are opening pop-ups this year with the goal of getting shoppers to spend hours checking out their winter wonderlands. Rather, they're opening pop-ups in order to ease capacity limits at existing stores, or to test out a new market while they can find a good deal on rent.

  • OCT 19, 2020

    ‘I’m already dreading the big rush’: 5 retail workers on the upcoming holiday season

    Brick-and-mortar retailers have been trying to prepare for the upcoming holidays -- as have digital brands. But no one quite knows what to expect. Modern Retail spoke with five people whose livelihoods depend on holiday retail sales. We asked them how they’re preparing and what they're fearing most. From digital marketers to Shipt app delivery workers, all are entering into a new world and fear they don’t have the adequate safeguards. 

  • NOV 24, 2020

    For legacy brands, e-commerce platforms create new D2C opportunities

    The global pandemic has accelerated the appetite for retailers to experiment with new distribution channels, moving quickly to build their own direct-to-consumer models.

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