Modern Retail + WAIR Virtual Workshop

Join Modern Retail and WAIR for a virtual lunch workshop where we will discuss the challenges and opportunities around size and fit in the fashion apparel industry.

The virtual workshop will be hosted by Cale Weissman, editor in chief at Modern Retail, alongside Greg Moore, CEO at WAIR and experts from Vuori, Cuts Clothing and Rhone, sharing off-the-record strategies and tactics, with the goal of actionable takeaways you can implement for an immediate impact.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

– Why the first step of configuring any e-commerce strategy for fashion apparel brands is to nail down the elements of size and fit for customers

– Why accurately assessing a customer’s size during their first experience with your brand helps you plan the right inventory, avoid stock-outs and ensure full value sell-through

– How to improve customer experience with personalized size recommendations, reduce size-based returns and increase conversion, loyalty and LTV