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Direct-to-consumer used to mean something different only a few days ago. Now, every company, large or small, brands itself as DTC -- meanwhile, hardly any business really fits the bill. This is because the playbook and overarching strategies of being a digitally native brand have drastically changed. So-called DTC brands are inking large-scale wholesale deals with large retailers left and right; their products are often found on Amazon; they're advertising on a slew of channels beyond Facebook and Google.

At the Modern Retail DTC Summit, we're going to dive deep into what it means to be a DTC brand -- speaking with leaders in the space about how their business models have shifted and what they're focusing on in 2022. E-commerce saw huge growth over the last few years, and now brands are figuring out sustainable business practices. Put together, all the sessions will reveal the modern brand playbook of 2022 and beyond.

Please note: The health and safety of attendees is our top priority which is why we’re requiring proof of vaccination prior to the event and masks to be worn indoors. You can find more about Digiday Media's Covid protocols here.

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Modern Retail will follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

Here are a few things to expect, but for specific questions or accommodations, please contact us here.

– Attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to the event
– Modern Retail will distribute masks that will be required to be worn indoors at all times
– Outdoor 8-Minute Meetings and meal functions when possible
– Social distancing during sessions and throughout the venue
– A cap on the number of registrants
– Sanitizing stations throughout the venue