Modern Retail+ 2023 Preview: The emerging technologies to know

Dec 6, 2022

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Five years ago, marketers were more eager to invest in virtual reality than in augmented reality. But since that time, their priorities have shifted. In 2022, more brand marketers are using augmented reality for brand engagement and sales than are still dabbling in virtual reality.

The pandemic propelled usage of both technologies: Virtual reality (VR) offered the ability to remotely gather in virtual spaces when in-person events were canceled; and augmented reality (AR) offered the means to sample household or personal products virtually from home.

Modern Retail Research has looked into the ways emerging technologies are impacting brands’ business models. Now, Modern Retail+ members get the chance to get exclusive access to these learnings from the researchers.

Join us for a live analysis and Q&A on December 6 at 12p.m. ET with Modern Retail’s editor-in-chief Cale Guthrie Weissman, senior researcher, Li Lu, and research editor, Catherine Wolf who will reveal the results of Modern Retails’s latest emerging technologies report and dive deep into its findings. Bring your questions for a Q&A following the presentation. You’ll learn more about:

• What emerging technologies marketers are using
• The most effective use-cases
• Whether or not buzzwords like AI, AR and the metaverse are useful to brands
• Emerging technology trends over the years


  • Cale Weissman
  • Li Lu
  • Catherine Wolf


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