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‘The modern Goodwill’: How ThredUp positioned itself as the struggling retailer’s resale partner-in-crime

ThredUp just announced a new partnership with Gap that would let customers consign their old clothes. It shows the secondhand clothing platform staking it claim as a helpful brand partner for traditional retailers looking for a refresh.

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  • FEB 07, 2020

    Why Staples is opening a co-working space

    Staples is launching Staples Connect, a concept store that will include spaces for co-working, podcast recording and events. The office supply chain said the format, which initially announced it last April, will debut in six Boston area Connect locations, and is “built around the ever-evolving needs of the retail customer.” 

  • JAN 27, 2020

    David’s Bridal launches a new chatbot and Pinterest-like tools to help brides plan their weddings

    David's Bridal has launched a suite of online wedding planning tools, including a messaging chatbot named Zoey, aimed at helping people find and purchase their wedding looks. The idea is that a service layer will be enough to fend off competition and create a more seamless experience. Taking a page from wedding planning services like Zola, David's Bridal helping brides do save the dates, curate mood boards via Pinterest and of course embarking on finding the perfect wedding dress, all from their device.

  • JAN 06, 2020

    The slow death of the salaried retail job

    When retailers seek to cut costs, salaried store employees can be the first ones to get the ax. Among those who do remain, many of them say that their job is becoming harder and the hours more unpredictable, according to five current or former salaried managers Modern Retail spoke with.

  • DEC 30, 2019

    These startups are racing to help retailers create their own version of Amazon Go stores

    Where Amazon goes, other retailers follow. So as Amazon has rapidly expanded its network of Go stores, startups like Grabango and Zippin have launched to help retailers launch similar types of facilities that allow customers to walk in and out without having to stop at a cash register. These types of stores usually use a mix of computer vision and sensors to track which items shoppers pick up as they move throughout the store. That way, when a shopper exits, the store knows exactly which items to charge each customer for, typically through an app the customer has to download before entering. 

  • DEC 17, 2019

    Explainer: What are grocery micro-fulfillment centers?

    More grocery stores are realizing they need to build out standalone programs to fulfill digital orders. There are a few choices on the market currently, but one trend called micro-fulfillment is increasingly catching companies' eyes.

  • NOV 05, 2019

    Retailers are trying to make low-risk bets with new types of locations

    Starbucks is opening a store only for online orders. It's a way for customers to not have to deal with a long line coffee drinks. It's also a growing trend for retailers, who are looking for cheaper ways to try new services and location concepts.

  • OCT 31, 2019

    Macy’s-backed b8ta pitches retailers on a new product to help them launch their own marketplaces

    As legacy retailers struggle with what to do with their large store footprint, there's a growing industry of retail-as-a-service companies that are pitching them on software and services that they say will help them make better use of in-store space.

  • OCT 23, 2019

    REI chief customer officer Ben Steele: Retailers need to ask why they exist

    REI is extending Opt Outside. The retailer is again closing its stores and websites this Black Friday so employees can, ostensibly, go outside. This year, it’s also starting an Opt to Act program, joining a nationwide clean-up effort to collect trash, clean up their neighborhoods and tackle waste. (The company is also rethinking its own business model to use fewer plastic bags and be close to zero waste by 2020.)

  • SEP 26, 2019

    Health care is shaping up to be the next battleground in retail

    Big-box retailers are starting to make bigger pushes into health care to target older shoppers. This week, Best Buy announced that it hired its first chief medical officer and announced at an investor meeting its plans to ramp up services like remote monitoring of seniors. Last month, Walmart began piloting a new standalone health care clinic in Georgia that offers primary care and mental health services.

  • SEP 24, 2019

    Friction, entertainment and experiences: Brands are stretching the definition of retail

    Starbucks just announced a new store concept that allows customers to order their drinks online and more quickly and easily pick them up. It's not the only retailer seeking out new ways to reinvigorate physical spaces.

  • SEP 20, 2019

    How Instagram became the new mall

    Instagram’s version of the mall, then, is a reflection of the brand’s currency in culture, from a community perspective as well as how aggressively it’s pushing its way into the narrative with paid posts.

  • SEP 17, 2019

    With American Dream, the American mall attempts a comeback

    As shopping moves online and staple retailers increasingly close their doors, developers have been working to revive the draw of the mall. An audacious attempt to reinvigorate the American mall is taking shape in the dreary swamplands of East Rutherford, just outside New York City.

  • SEP 17, 2020

    For marketers, 10 tactics are driving advertising success on Amazon

    One thing is true for nearly all conversions on Amazon: They’re captured by products on page one of the search results. And a significant share of purchases go to just the top few results.

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