Store of the Future

The store of the future is coming this summer. Here’s what it looks like.

Stores are slowly reopening, but they are about to look very different. Fewer people will be inside and the technology will be used to perform easy tasks. We took a look at all of the facets required to rebuild the retail experience. While some of it may look similar to before, a lot of thought is taking place. Come on in and take a look.

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  • MAY 15, 2020

    How Iris Nova is managing reopening brick and mortar

    Over the last three month, consumer behaviors have shifted -- and the strategies behind retail expansion have changed dramatically. At this week’s Modern Retail +Talk, Iris Nova’s founder and CEO Zak Normandin explained why the pandemic is a test for DTC brands that are hoping to maintain a brick and mortar presence.

  • MAY 13, 2020

    Retailers are trying to develop frameworks for reopening safely

    Some of the big owners of retail space have announced their reopening plans. They involved newly-crafted protocols that have never been tested before. While other retailers are taking it slowly, all are trying their best craft a proper reopening strategy. Here's a look at how some are working together and what it takes to develop a true list of best practices.

  • APR 30, 2020

    Inside grocery’s big transformation

    Grocery stores changed overnight with the rise of coronavirus. Because they were able to stay open, they had to figure out how to adapt. Some have implemented new ways to better facilitate digital orders. Others have re-thought their interiors to be safer for customers and staff alike. Here's a look at all the physical changes the grocery industry has seen.

  • APR 28, 2020

    Shopping malls face a tough road ahead as stores re-open

    Even before stores were forced to shut down to the coronavirus, shopping malls were struggling. In October, the number of vacancies at shopping malls reached an eight-year high, according to commercial real estate data analytics company Reis. Now, shoppers may be even less enthusiastic about visiting the mall than they were before the coronavirus. As a result, malls have to make a few key decisions in order to ensure that they survive the coming year.

  • APR 23, 2020

    Target’s profits warning casts a dark shadow on other retailers

    Target's CEO just warned that this Q1 will bring lower profits than expected. While not surprising, it does paint a bleak picture for other retailers in similar situation. Companies big and small have had to shift their program online. If Target is having difficult making the economics work, it's going to be much worse for others.

  • APR 15, 2020

    To deal with online demand, Whole Foods turns physical locations into ‘dark stores’

    Whole Foods just announced that it was closing one of its popular Manhattan locations to handle only digital orders for the time being. It highlights the crunch even the most prepare retailers are facing. But once things begin to normalize, all grocery players are going to have to re-think and re-invest to better handle online fulfillment.

  • APR 14, 2020

    How coronavirus could accelerate retailers’ robot deployments

    Essential retailers' workforces are under a lot of strain right now, as they are being forced to keep up with unprecedented demand, while at the same time many of their employees may be calling out sick. As a result, relying on robots to complete more in-store tasks is starting to look more and more attractive to retailers. Before the coronavirus pandemic, retailers including Walmart and Giant Eagle were starting to test out using robots in their stores for tasks like unloading pallets of inventory and scanning shelves to get a count of inventory. Now, that trend will likely accelerate.

  • MAR 31, 2020

    ‘I’m terrified’: Confessions of an Instacart worker on strike

    I’m not working today. I have bad anxiety, and have increasingly become more terrified of killing someone’s grandma. I’m not as worried about getting sick myself, so grocery shopping for me has become awful. Even before the strike, I’d been cutting back on work. Thankfully my rent is paid through April, but I’m terrified of falling behind on bills.

  • MAR 30, 2020

    The future of toy stores isn’t in selling you toys

    Toy stores haven't fared well over the last century. But a new crop of retailer are trying to rethink the entire category — and make it less of a toy store and more of an experience. Will it work?

  • MAR 20, 2020

    ‘Like the worst holiday rush’: The coronavirus outbreak has transformed frontline retail workers’ jobs

    As other types of retail businesses have temporarily closed their stores in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, grocery store workers and employees at big-box chains like Target and Walmart have found that their jobs have become more critical than ever before. Shoppers are flooding their stores looking for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and to stock up on two weeks worth of groceries. That leaves workers scrambling to fulfill order pick-ups and make sure the stocks are shelved before the stores are opened, coming in earlier than usual to unload extra trucks, and struggling to keep up with more frequent cleanings that have been ordered by corporate offices.

  • MAR 13, 2020

    Neighborhood Goods launches dashboard to help brands analyze store data

    This week, Neighborhood Goods opened its third location in Austin, Texas. With it, the company is also offering brands a new digital dashboard to better understand store analytics. As more physical retail concepts become popular with digital brands, the ability to analyze and contextualize real-time data is increasingly becoming table stakes.

  • MAR 11, 2020

    How the coronavirus is affecting mall traffic

    Some malls are even experiencing a jump in visitors' as the coronavirus spreads across the country.

  • SEP 17, 2020

    For marketers, 10 tactics are driving advertising success on Amazon

    One thing is true for nearly all conversions on Amazon: They’re captured by products on page one of the search results. And a significant share of purchases go to just the top few results.

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