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Why Adidas was unable to resurrect the Reebok brand

Reebok's future as a part of Adidas is now in question, after the German sportswear brand confirmed to media outlets on Monday it "has started to assess strategic alternatives for Reebok, including but not limited to a potential sale of the business." Reebok has lost market share in U.S. sneakers since it was acquired by Adidas, and though Adidas has recently been reinvesting in growing Reebok's profile, a coronavirus-induced sales hit made it harder for Adidas to build the Reebok brand.

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  • DEC 11, 2020

    Startup food brands are getting creative with sampling

    Free sample stands are often considered a big in-store conversion driver for food brands. Now, startup brands are testing out new ways to get their products to potential customers. They're doing this by partnering with restaurants and cafes or tacking on free samples to existing orders. These tactics aren't a panacea, but they are helping these startups find more eyeballs. 

  • DEC 10, 2020

    How Ikea’s decision to shut down its catalog bucks current retailer trends

    On Monday, Ikea announced that it would be shutting down its print catalog, after a 70 year run. While there are a few other companies have shut down or temporarily cut back on print catalogs this year, like Uncommon Goods, Ikea is actually an outlier. But that's also because Ikea has been lagging behind its competitors in recent years in building out a big e-commerce business.

  • DEC 03, 2020

    Modern Retail Research: 50% of brands have downsized their brick-and-mortar staff this holiday season

    So much for staffing up on seasonal store associates. According to a November 2020 Glossy and Modern Retail survey of brand workers, in preparation for this holiday season, brands shifted their resources away from stores to investments that better serve online shoppers. Read more in our latest research brief.

  • DEC 03, 2020

    What Kohl’s Sephora partnership means for the future of department stores

    After a decade-long partnership with JCPenney, Sephora is now striking a deal with one of its rivals to reach new customers. On Tuesday, Kohl's announced that it had secured a partnership to open 850 Sephora shop-in-shops within its stores by 2023, the first of which will open next year. For the past 16 years, Sephora has operated shop-in-shops within JCPenney stores, with that deal set to expire within approximately two years. Sephora's decision to ditch JCPenney for Kohl's signals how drastically the fortunes of these two department stores have diverged.

  • DEC 03, 2020

    Why Tastemade is partnering with retailers for shoppable programming

    Recent Walmart and Amazon partnerships suggest that shoppable TV might become a big part of Tastemade's future. And as more retailers are looking to invest in their own television shows, social-first media companies like Tastemade are becoming their go-to place. But the media company still has to figure out how to get people to actually buy the products.

  • DEC 01, 2020

    Explainer: Is middle-mile delivery a logistics frontier or retail buzzword?

    The "middle mile" -- the part of the supply chain in which goods are shipped from a supplier's warehouse to a retail store -- might not have the buzz or high profile of last-mile delivery, but a growing number of retailers see middle-mile logistics as a quick path toward slashing delivery costs. For retailers, that would keep them competitive as the online delivery space grows more crowded.

  • NOV 30, 2020

    Modern Retail Research: Brands are going all in on digital marketplaces for the holidays

    If the last nine months did nothing else for retailers and brands, it made them realize that there are some downsides to being precious and exclusive about where to sell products. A Modern Retail and Glossy survey, in which we queried employees at brands and retailers, found that more companies this year plan to try out a variety of new digital sales channels they never did before. Here's a look at our most recent holiday related data.

  • NOV 24, 2020

    With tourist traffic dwindling, Abercrombie & Fitch is accelerating plans to close expensive flagship stores

    Even before the pandemic, Abercrombie & Fitch has been on a mission for the past several years to close some of its flagship stores in expensive cities. But now, those plans have been accelerated in order to focus more on the company's growing e-commerce business. CEO Fran Horowitz announced during the teen apparel retailers' third quarter earnings that the company will be closing eight flagship stores by the end of January. Going forward, the company will focus more on serving the local customer, through services like curbside pickup.

  • NOV 23, 2020

    Shipt shoppers are the latest entrants in the growing gig workers rights movement

    Some Shipt workers are trying to get better worker protections, and are partnering with the nonprofit group Gig Workers Collective’. The two hope the collaboration will give the group of delivery people leverage during negotiations. Unlike other tech-based delivery services, labor organizing among Target-owned Shipt workers has its own challenges.

  • NOV 23, 2020

    As big tech goes all in on live-stream shopping, the future may be for small brands

    Based on its success overseas, experts have been predicting for years that live-stream shopping will blow up in the U.S. Until now, even though apps like NTWRK are niche successes, that hasn’t happened. But the entrance of tech giants into live-stream shopping might signal a real breakout moment -- and might prove to be a boon especially to small, niche businesses.

  • NOV 19, 2020

    Modern Retail Research: 82% of brands are expecting higher DTC holiday sales

    This year, retailers and brands are focusing on building out their digital fulfillment programs and are expecting record e-commerce sales, according to new research from Modern Retail and Glossy. As such, they are forecasting a digital windfall. What's more, the brands surveyed said they are implementing a bevy of services and offerings to better facilitate. Here are some takeaways from our most recent November survey. 

  • NOV 19, 2020

    ‘Too small to show ROI’: Why Target canceled its subscribe and save service

    This month, Target axed its subscribe and save program. Instead, the company said it's focusing its efforts on continuing to grow in-store and curbside pickup, as well as same-day delivery via Shipt, which itself offers a subscription for users. The move is another example of a big-box retailer trying out an e-commerce revenue strategy to compete with Amazon. But this one didn't stick.

  • MAR 03, 2021

    What is ‘omnichannel’ and why do we need it in retail?

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