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Brides embrace ready-to-ship styles as elopements are on the rise

In August, coronavirus case rates are spiking once again. While couples may have pushed off their plans during 2020 for 2021 re-do, this year they are tired of waiting. Couples are now buying ready-to-ship styles and casual silhouettes, and rethinking old ideas of big dream weddings in favor of intimate elopements.

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  • AUG 18, 2021

    Concession stands are going digital

    Professional sports teams and movie theater chains alike are doubling down on app ordering technology, finding contactless ways to get concessions to fans and minimizing traditional long lines. Still, the space is nascent, as consumers slowly shift their mindsets from impulsivity towards preplanning and concession providers work out kinks.

  • AUG 12, 2021

    Why Mountain Dew is entering the alcohol space

    As consumers' tastes change, big soda is attempting to adapt. The latest brand to announce an updated variation on its product is Mountain Dew, which announced the upcoming release of Hard Mtn Dew, geared at adult drinkers.

  • AUG 11, 2021
    Hotel partnerships

    With travel in flux, brands are rethinking hotel partnerships

    In 2020, hotel occupancy hit 44% in the U.S., down from 66% in 2019. And, according to one estimate, occupancy will likely hover around 52% in 2021 -- still well below where it was pre-pandemic. As a result, branded partnerships no longer have the gravitas they once held. Now, some brands are changing the way they think about hotel partnerships.

  • AUG 10, 2021

    Why Walmart is giving warehouse employees bonuses and pay raises

    On Friday, Walmart announced that it was giving weekly bonuses and pay raises to warehouse workers across Walmart's 190 warehouse locations. While many companies' employee efforts in May focused on enticing new employees to join new roles, big retailers are finding ways to keep current employees happy and working through what many predict will be a prolonged holiday shopping season.

  • AUG 10, 2021

    ‘They love the tidiness’: Brands are embracing restock videos on TikTok

    Brands are embracing one of TikTok's latest trends: restocking. The restock hashtag on TikTok is filled with videos of organizing influencers moving products from their initial packaging to more aesthetically pleasing jars, shelfs and containers around their home.

  • AUG 09, 2021

    Travel and leisure rewards credit cards are adapting to a new uncertain world

    The return of leisure travel and vacations means rewards programs are getting an overhaul. While many credit card and bank perks have historically focused on earning airline miles, more are diversifying their rewards to reflect the post-pandemic world.

  • AUG 06, 2021

    As the Delta variant spreads, gyms prepare for new mandates

    It seems as if gyms can't catch a break. Just months after reopening to the public, gyms and fitness studios now have to be faced with checking proof of vaccination in major cities like New York. Meanwhile, other cities are reinstating indoor mask-wearing, which can also hurt workout attendance.

  • AUG 05, 2021

    After a year of no travel, brands are investing in duty-free exclusives again

    In 2020, the coronavirus demolished the travel retail industry: airport revenues decreased 66% and exclusive product deals dried up. Now, consumers are returning to travel and brands are again investing in travel-exclusive products and flavors that both give consumers a sense of uniqueness and allow brands to tap into new consumer segments.

  • AUG 05, 2021

    ‘An identity crisis’: Why PepsiCo is getting out of the fruit juice business

    On Tuesday, PepsiCo announced that it would be selling a controlling stake across its North American juice brands, like Naked and Tropicana, to private equity firm Pai Partners for $3.3 billion. The deal is another sign that the fruit juice market is loosing steam as consumers move towards low-sugar options and different breakfast beverages.

  • AUG 02, 2021

    How shapewear brands are trying to reinvent themselves

    Shapewear brands used to highlight their ability to make consumers appear thinner. Today, amongst a more casual and more inclusive fashion world, shapewear rebrands. Brands are changing marketing messages and product offerings, playing to a new normal and blurring the lines between shapewear and other fashion categories.

  • JUL 29, 2021

    With pandemic uncertainty abound, retailers are leaning into staycation messaging

    As consumers leave home, big box retailers are marketing towards "travel-at-home," launching new private labels, partnerships and products that are globally inspired and speak to adventure. However, as coronavirus uncertainties remain in flux, suitcase and travel accessories brands are focusing on the home.

  • JUL 27, 2021

    Resale platforms are increasingly catering to investment-minded customers

    Consumers are increasingly considering secondhand purchases as a new form of investment, carefully purchasing appreciating styles. In turn, resale retailers across both the luxury and collectible spaces are seeing rising prices on a wider range of products and brands, and are continuing investments in site features and customer services to create consumer trust in a relatively new space.

  • OCT 18, 2021

    Report: The state of online marketplaces

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