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Why Kroger’s advertising program remains a nascent opportunity

Kroger has been trying to turn its business around, and one of its most anticipated programs is around media and marketing. It's been a while since the grocer first launched its new advertising offerings -- has it made a dent with brands?

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  • OCT 02, 2019

    Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest retailer to add experiences to its wedding registries

    As Bed Bath & Beyond looks for a turnaround, one of its few bright spots has been its wedding registry business. But, as more couples are adding cash and trips to their registries instead of products, the company could lose its spot as a go-to place for wedding registries.

  • OCT 01, 2019

    What brands can learn from Rent The Runway’s crisis response playbook

    Rent The Runway is in the midst of a logistical nightmare. But it's been responding to the crisis in a way that may not hinder its longterm brand image.

  • SEP 30, 2019

    How legacy brands are trying to find a way into the growing resale market

    As the resale market grows, it's ushered in a wave of startups that see a lucrative opportunity in helping retailers navigate the secondhand apparel space. Some marketplaces that started out as peer-to-peer are striking more partnerships with brands and retailers to increase revenue, while at the same time trying to direct traffic back to their own site. Another startup called Yerdle, which last week announced it had raised a $20 million round of venture capital financing, has created a white label service that retailers like REI, Eileen Fisher and Patagonia have used to build resale services that pull from their own inventory.

  • SEP 25, 2019

    Legacy retailers are creating roles to unify e-commerce and physical stores

    Nordstrom just promoted its head of digital to COO. This is the first time the retailer has ever hired for such a role -- and could be an indicator of more legacy businesses seeking out top strategic talent to more seamlessly mesh organizational objectives.

  • SEP 19, 2019

    With Scoop, Walmart’s private label strategy begins to shift

    This week Walmart announced it was resurrecting its fashion brand Scoop. It's a sign that the big box retailer is tweaking its approach to private label brands, and taking some cues from its earlier strategies.

  • SEP 18, 2019

    With Greenhouse, Foot Locker is rethinking how it works with startups

    On Wednesday, Foot Locker is launching Greenhouse, a new incubator for emerging brands. Greenhouse will live as a standalone shopping app, where it will release limited-edition product drops in partnership with select brands and designers. Greenhouse is one of a number of ways that Foot Locker is trying to reinvent itself as a destination for more than just athletic gear.

  • SEP 12, 2019

    Explainer: How California’s Consumer Privacy Act will affect retailers

  • SEP 12, 2019

    Big retailers like Walmart are tiptoeing into alcohol

    As Walmart continues to try to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, it says adult beverages is part of the equation. Alcohol, however, is a hard industry for large traditional retailers to scale. But as other retailers and platform begin to experiment in the space, it's clear alcohol is going to become a huge competitive battleground.

  • SEP 10, 2019

    With its new loyalty program, Target tries to attract infrequent shoppers

    Target's Cartwheel rewards program has for the past several years been pointed to as one of the most successful loyalty programs from a big-box retailer. Yet, late last year, Target announced that it was testing a new loyalty program called Target Circle, that would replace Cartwheel. The new loyalty program is meant to bridge the gap between Cartwheel, a digital couponing app that was free, but still geared towards diehard Target shoppers, and Red Card, Target's private label credit card.

  • SEP 03, 2019

    How Dollar General found a low-margin niche

    This past year, Dollar General has excelled, even ahead of the pack in other dollar store categories, thanks to a series of programs aimed at trimming margins and enticing customers. These include opening a number of new stores, investing in private-label brands as well as building out in-house logistics programs. Put together, Dollar General is creating a multi-pronged dollar store expansion strategy.

  • AUG 29, 2019

    By buying Lord & Taylor, Le Tote tries to assert itself as a retail leader

    Fashion subscription service Le Tote announced it was buying Lord & Taylor for $100 million. At first glance, it's an example of a digitally native company trying to enter the big leagues. But it remains to be seen if the bet will pay off.

  • AUG 26, 2019

    ‘It’s a different economic model’: Traditional retailers face hurdles in push into resale

    Over the past several weeks, a steady drip of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have announced plans to launch their own rental and resale service. They see these services as a way to reach a younger, more socially-conscious consumer, and they're inspired by the success of fast-growing startups like Rent the Runway and the RealReal. But many of the startups these traditional retailers are seeking to emulate remain unprofitable, and are struggling to maintain high levels of customer service as they continue to scale.

  • NOV 13, 2019

    Evaluating Essential KPIs of Retail Media Success

    Retail media is rich with data that the right team of analysts and strategists can help you unpack to better understand how your investment at retail is driving bottom lines. One metric doesn’t fit all; in fact, a combination of KPIs might be necessary to fully grasp sales success.

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