Mall-based brands like Gap and Abercrombie are having a ‘renaissance’ on TikTok

Some of the brands millennials grew up wearing are trendy again. Thanks to rebranding efforts coupled with Gen Z’s love for nostalgia, brands like Gap, Abercrombie and Juicy Couture are enjoying TikTok fame.

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  • JAN 19, 2022

    Brands like Athletic Greens and Floyd are doubling down on connected TV

    In recent years, connected TV has been a growing advertising channel for startup and digitally native brands. That trend is continuing as more companies steer away from relying on social ad spend, particularly on unreliable channels like Facebook and Instagram.

  • DEC 17, 2021

    Why retailers like Nike and Dick’s are tying their loyalty programs together

    Retailers like Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods or Kohl's and Sephora are strengthening their partnerships via loyalty program integrations. The method can benefit both retailers and their consumers: it combines two customer bases and strengthens the brand-retailer relationship while lowering the number of apps a consumer needs to access different loyalty programs. However, in a time where advertising and targeting costs are rising, brands may be wary of giving up total control over their customer data. 

  • DEC 14, 2021
    Text message campaign from furniture retailer CB2

    How brands are incorporating text messages into their holiday marketing strategies

    SMS marketing has become popular among retail brands over the past few years. However, this holiday season some brands -- including CB2, Aarke and Hydrojug -- are using text messages to over-communicate promotions and inventory availability to their customers.

  • DEC 02, 2021

    Why EyeBuyDirect refreshed its customer referral program

    Almost every e-commerce brand offers customers promotions for referring friends. However, the effectiveness of this customer acquisition method is hard to measure. It's why DTC eyewear brand EyeBuyDirect has redesigned its referral program to get more customers to use it throughout the year.

  • NOV 16, 2021

    How Elfster is capitalizing on digital gifting to entice retail brand partners

    Once known as a Secret Santa website, Elfster has refashioned itself as a social gifting platform for online shoppers and merchants. This year, the company added dozens of new affiliate brands to its growing roster of shoppable merchants, including Away and Allbirds.

  • NOV 16, 2021

    E-commerce brands prep for the death of the third-party cookie

    As e-commerce growth slows and brands figure out their retention strategies, marketers are ramping up preparations for the death of Google Chrome's third-party cookie. While data-collecting methods like loyalty program and community-building have become standard, some merchants are rethinking their website design and advertising budgets for a cookie-less world.

  • NOV 08, 2021

    How 3 DTC startups are using TikTok to grow their businesses

    Since TikTok began launching e-commerce tools like its ad platform, major brands have quickly jumped at the chance of marketing on the platform. However, TikTok's conversion rates are still relatively low and heavily reliant on virality. This is prompting young brands to use it in creative ways to grow their businesses.

  • NOV 08, 2021

    Home decor and board game brands are taking design inspiration from one another

    Home decor and board games are the latest pandemic strange bedfellows, as home brands and retailers increasingly take inspiration from table-top classics. Ahead of the holiday season, for example, Anthropologie is releasing its own line of special edition, luxury Hasbro board games.

  • NOV 02, 2021

    Inside the rise of digital sampling sites

    For young startups, in-person sampling is quickly becoming archaic. For decades, CPG companies relied on in-store sample stands to get customers to try their products in the hope of getting feedback and drive sales. However, a slew of digital sampling platforms are giving brands an alternative to traditional sampling.

  • NOV 01, 2021

    Why Peet’s Coffee redesigned its loyalty program

    As loyalty programs become the norm, customers' expectations are getting higher. While more brands continue to launch new rewards hubs, some, like Peet's Coffee, are looking to improve on their existing programs to draw higher customer engagement.

  • OCT 28, 2021

    With a Halloween livestream, Heinz is testing out shoppable video

    Heinz is the latest in a growing line of brands to embrace live video shopping. In late October, the company worked with livestream e-commerce specialist Firework to take viewers inside its Halloween pop-up store in Santa Monica, California. The condiment giant’s adoption of shoppable live video is part of parent Kraft Heinz’s growing online marketing strategy.

  • OCT 21, 2021

    Modern Retail Research: Most brands haven’t let supply chain concerns influence their holiday promotions

    As the supply chain’s problems have grown into a clear obstacle for many brands and retailers, that shift hasn’t been enough to drastically change the holiday promotion strategies for a majority of brands, according to new Modern Retail research.

  • JUN 01, 2022

    Why independent retailers are joining shopper networks

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