As Sweetgreen expands to new locations, the fast-casual chain is using OOH, community marketing to ‘generate trials’

As the country opens up again and Sweetgreen continues its expansion into new markets, the fast-casual salad chain is starting to invest more in out-of-home advertising. Doing so is meant to “amplify the marketing we’re doing online,” according to Nathaniel Ru co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen.

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  • MAY 24, 2021

    Unpacked: How YouTube Shorts differs from TikTok

    Many brands see immense potential in YouTube's new video unit Shorts. And while Shorts is often cast as a mere TikTok doppelgänger, its unique infrastructure, and especially its search tools, might make it an especially appealing home for brands looking to create content that retains longer-term relevance.

  • MAY 04, 2021

    As other channels become unpredictable, DTC brands embrace streaming and connected TV

    Streaming and CTV have taken on new importance over the past year, both as people are watching more TV during the pandemic, and amidst an upheaval in digital marketing. As a result, DTC brands are speeding up their efforts to test out TV advertising, to break up their reliance on Facebook and Google.

  • APR 30, 2021

    With its pet fashion show, Petco is testing Facebook Live for video commerce

    Petco's next marketing strategy includes a major foray into video commerce. Starting this week, the pet-focused retailer will run shoppable live streams via Facebook Shops. According to the company, the idea is to engage highly engaged pet parents via social media feed, in hopes of driving more real-time sales.

  • APR 30, 2021

    ‘A culturally and emotionally connected brand’: How Walmart CMO William White is approaching marketing

    When Walmart's chief marketing officer William White joined the company last May, America's largest retailer was in rapid response mode. During a video chat at the Modern Retail Summit last week, White spoke about how the company had to shift its marketing strategy during the coronavirus pandemic last year, as well as how his team is trying to make Walmart a "culturally and emotionally relevant brand.

  • APR 29, 2021

    ‘Helps drive broad awareness’: Why 7-Eleven has returned to TV advertising after a 5 year hiatus

    The chain has hiked its TV investment by 275% year-over-year and has plans to advertise on TV for the rest of 2021 across network and cable in the 22 markets where it has a footprint.

  • APR 28, 2021

    ‘Not all ROI is apples to apples’: Retail leaders share gripes and concerns

    At last week's Modern Retail Summit, professionals came together and spoke about how they're thinking about some of the industry's most pertinent problems, like how to stand out on Amazon and preparing for a post-cookie landscape. Leaders from top brands described the trials and tribulations they faced over fireside chats, and attendees shared persistent thorns in their sides at break out working groups.

  • APR 27, 2021

    ‘Reaching hardcore fans’: Brands are testing out OnlyFans as a marketing channel

    OnlyFans is increasingly becoming an appealing platform for brands looking to stand out. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other marketing channels, the subscription-based app lends itself to more boundary-pushing content. It's why some brands are adding OnlyFans accounts to their roster in hopes of growing their digital presence.

  • APR 26, 2021

    Brands are increasingly seeing Reddit as a marketing goldmine

    While Reddit has 52 million daily active users whose passions span anything from stocks to skincare, brands and marketers alike have been scared to use it. But more companies are testing it out and seeing promising results.

  • APR 12, 2021

    Why some retail brands are testing out in-game ads

    Over half a dozen ad platforms -- including Bidstack, Frameplay, AdInMo and InMobi -- offer some version of an in-game ad service, and they are increasingly attracting the attention of major companies. In the past few months, Postmates, Burberry, Axe, Burger King, Asda and 7 Eleven have all run ads within video games like Off the Rails 3D and Gravity Zero -- suggesting that in-game advertising, while still very niche, is becoming a real consideration in retail marketing. 

  • APR 08, 2021

    West Elm is launching a new influencer network

    Williams-Sonoma-owned homewares brand West Elm announced a program called the West Elm Collective. The company described it as an ambassador program that lets West Elm work with both bigger and smaller online celebrities, giving them their own storefronts to feature select items.

  • APR 07, 2021

    Brands bet on texts to pique customers’ interest amidst digital marketing upheaval

    The messages app is starting to replace the email inbox as the most sought-after piece of digital real estate among brands and retailers. Using text messages to promote sales or new product launches are the most popular tactics, but marketers are still trying to figure out what kinds of text messages people would actually want to receive from them.

  • APR 02, 2021

    As shoppable livestreaming grows, some businesses try to avoid Facebook dependence

    Major brick-and-mortar players have begun investing in live-stream shopping -- with Walmart testing out TikTok livestreams and Nordstrom beginning to roll out their own livestream platforms. But the phenomenon is not new in the U.S. -- small businesses have been building sizable livestream audiences for years, especially on Facebook. Yet the reaction from businesses has been mixed -- and some remain leery of selling directly on the platform, opting instead to let third-party apps handle their sales. 

  • JUN 10, 2021

    Virtual event: Product detail pages — the next battleground for Amazon ads

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