‘TikTok can be dangerous’: Overheard at Digiday Media’s Commerce Week

At Digiday Media's Commerce Week -- held both virtually and in New York City -- business leaders from many different industries came together to talk shop. Some had solutions, others problems that needed to be fixed. We kept our ear to the ground to hear some of the biggest pain-points executives said and compiled it here.

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  • MAY 16, 2022

    With Loop and Happy Returns teaming up, returns become big e-commerce business

    Competition in the e-commerce returns space is heating up, leading some companies to join forces. Last week, Shopify returns provider Loop and PayPal's Happy Returns announced a partnership that allows Loop users to offer box and label-free returns at Happy Returns' 5,000 service locations. Loop's president Aaron Schwartz said that while Happy Returns and Loop may have been seen as competitors, the new partnership will allow each provider to focus on their expertise areas: offline drop-off return logistics and online return software, respectively.

  • MAY 12, 2022

    How Kicks Crew aims to gain an edge in the sneaker space by working with retailers

    Armed with new funding, retailers and traffic growth, sneaker marketplace Kicks Crew aims to help more mom-and-pop sneaker retailers launch a digital presence. Sneaker marketplace Kicks Crew enables itself to list over 400,000 styles from brands like Nike and Adidas by serving as an e-commerce aggregator for smaller retailers and boutiques across the globe. Kicks Crew lists, ships and authenticates products across these retailer partners in what it calls a "business to business to consumer" model, similar to Farfetch.

  • MAY 11, 2022

    How 4 e-commerce brands are using product bundles to drive sales

    As inflation continues to rise, more companies are betting on bundles to drive sales. With bundles, the ultimate goal is to create bigger basket sizes, as well as to drive up repeat purchase rates in specific categories. However, some brands are also using the strategy to help reduce supply chain-related costs, such as shipping and packaging.

  • MAY 04, 2022

    Levi’s adds more sizing features to its website in DTC sales push

    Denim brand Levi Strauss and Co. is adding more digital tools to help customers find the right size jeans, as part of its mandate to grow direct-to-consumer sales. On Tuesday, the company announced two new digital fit features to its site: a predictive fit algorithm and a photo-bank of products on people of different body types.

  • APR 22, 2022

    Snap continues to bet on augmented reality to attract more brands

    In the first quarter, social media platform Snap Inc.'s revenue increased 38% to $1.06 billion and daily active users were up 18% to 332 million. To further appeal to brands and creators alike, Snap is going all-in on augmented reality.

  • APR 20, 2022

    Pitch Deck: How Gopuff is encouraging brands to mention the delivery service in their marketing

    The grocery delivery wars are in full force, and platforms like Gopuff are trying to differentiate themselves with both customers and brands. With that, Gopuff has been trying to businesses to include the delivery platform in more of their marketing campaigns. A Gopuff pitch deck sent to brands last year, which Modern Retail recently obtained, showcases these efforts.

  • APR 14, 2022

    ‘Consumers have evolved’: TalkShopLive’s Bryan Moore on North America’s growing appetite for livestream commerce

    TalkShopLive has been around since 2018. Until 2021, it was completely bootstrapped -- but it took a $3 million seed round a year ago this past February. Since then, it's been ramping up partnerships with major publishers and retailers, including Walmart and Condé Nast. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Moore joined the Modern Retail Podcast this week and spoke about the livestream commerce platform's growing presence.

  • APR 13, 2022

    How 3 DTC brands are upgrading their approaches to retention

    Retention is often cited as an important tactic for online retailers trying to keep customers, which have become expensive to acquire. But defining retention and planning around that definition is another story. For some brands, that means executing a second purchase within months of the first. For others, it's more about being a go-to brand the next time a customer is considering shopping their respective product.

  • APR 11, 2022

    ‘Coming up short after every sale’: Etsy sellers prepare to strike over increased fees

    Thousands of Etsy sellers are going on strike this week, demanding lower transaction fees and less pressure from the company to offer free shipping and fast customer service. However, the strike has also highlighted the dominance Etsy has had over handmade and artisan goods sellers, who've attempted to move to other platforms.

  • APR 08, 2022

    As competition heats up, Instacart is on the move to diversify beyond delivery

    In a bid to stand out from competitors, Instacart has been making inroads in categories outside of its primary delivery business. The company recently introduced a suite of services and technology for retailers, which includes data tools, e-commerce development and in-store technology like smart carts.

  • MAR 29, 2022

    Google adds new shopping analytics tools to boost merchant sales

    The new features indicate the platform’s plans to play a bigger role in the customers’ shopping journey. By equipping merchants with free insights, Google aims to give merchants the ability to stand out against other online competitors.

  • MAR 28, 2022

    ‘Apparel is hard’: Why VC funding has moved on from traditional clothing startups

    Only a few years ago, apparel startups like Modcloth were raising tens of millions of dollars. Now, things have changed. As funding for traditional apparel startups dries up, VC investors look towards more profitable niches like resale or apparel tech.

  • MAY 24, 2022

    Creator-led brands are prioritizing content and community for commerce growth

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