The founder of Unilever-owned Schmidt’s Naturals is launching an editorial site for entrepreneurs

Supermaker, which launches today, is a new media site founded by Schmidt and Cantino focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs, particularly women and people of color who are launching consumer brands with a “conscious agenda” according to Cantino, as well as sharing career and business advice around topics like raising investment funding and commanding successful social campaigns. The site currently features spotlights on brands like Bippy, a sustainable toilet paper company, and Anna Robertson, the founder of Ghana-based apparel brand Yevu.

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  • JUN 13, 2019

    ‘The term DTC is a misnomer’: Brands recalibrate strategies as direct businesses become more complex

    Under the weight of the category, and increasingly complex business models, the direct-to-consumer label is cracking in its purity, but startup brands still have a similar mission in mind as they navigate their categories: Build sustainable businesses by any means possible (even if that means wholesale) while keeping customer wants and needs firmly rooted in the center of that strategy.

  • JUN 13, 2019

    Inside Blue Apron’s comeback strategy

    Blue Apron’s rise and fall has become a cautionary tale to other billion-dollar-valued consumer startup unicorns: Profitability may not matter to venture capitalists, but a lack of it can sink a business that’s beholden to stockholders scrutinizing quarter-by-quarter performance.

  • JUN 12, 2019

    As CBD products hit mass retailers, DTC brands plot competitive strategies

    Retailers’ interest in CBD products is tilting the burgeoning industry’s favor towards traditional players, and away from DTC startups in the space. The digital marketing engines like Facebook, Instagram and Google that help spur the momentum of direct-to-consumer brands still block companies from advertising non-intoxicating cannabidiol products, as they’re derived from cannabis. These platforms have all blocked paid ads promoting CBD products, under their policies against advertising “drug and drug-related products.”

  • JUN 07, 2019

    How DTC brands plot their PR strategies

    The right formula for a DTC brand's success is often combining the right product with the right PR and marketing. And as more attention has been paid to these upstart brands' channel strategy, the value of PR has come into sharper focus.

  • JUN 07, 2019

    Stitch Fix is spending more on marketing

    Stitch Fix CEO and founder Katrina Lake told investors that the company spent $16 million in brand marketing last quarter, and is looking to spend even more heavily on it during the second half of the year as the company looks to diversify from its “normal bread and butter performance marketing.”

  • JUN 05, 2019

    How Food52 is building out its direct-to-consumer brand using reader feedback

    Food52’s strategy is to use the data on what items already sell well through its website and what white spaces exist to determine what products it will launch next, and then use customer feedback to add personal touches.

  • JUN 03, 2019

    ‘What now?’: DTC brands are facing a make-or-break moment

    Having made a collective mark on the retail’s makeup, direct-to-consumer brands are pushing to command more market share in their respective categories while dealing with an existential crisis. Direct-to-consumer retail, launched on the basis of selling directly to customers through owned e-commerce and physical retail, is exploring outside of its own channels to drive growth.

  • MAY 28, 2019

    VC Henry McNamara: ‘The term direct-to-consumer is outdated’

    Henry McNamara, a partner at Great Oaks Venture Capital, shared his perspective on the future of the DTC category, around saturation, expected scale and veering off of the internet’s crowded toll roads: Facebook and Instagram.

  • MAY 24, 2019

    ‘Digital has its limitations’: DTC brands are testing direct mail

    Facebook, Instagram and Google are still the most powerful customer acquisition channels for online brands, but maturing means building a more diversified marketing mix.

  • MAY 20, 2019

    After successful tests, Bonobos looks to expand ‘try before you buy’ to more stores

    Bonobos has been quietly piloting a "try before you buy" service in three of its Boston area guideshops, and is looking at expanding the service to the West Coast.

  • MAY 16, 2019

    Despite headwinds, Brandless is making a bet on going it alone

    Brandless wants to win over customers on its own, drawing them into its marketplace.

  • MAY 15, 2019

    Inside Smile Direct Club’s 125-person in-house agency

    Bruce Henderson, who joined Smile Direct Club in February as its first chief creative officer, said the biggest advantages of working in-house for a brand is how quickly his team can get things done.

  • NOV 13, 2019

    Evaluating Essential KPIs of Retail Media Success

    Retail media is rich with data that the right team of analysts and strategists can help you unpack to better understand how your investment at retail is driving bottom lines. One metric doesn’t fit all; in fact, a combination of KPIs might be necessary to fully grasp sales success.

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