DTC Briefing: Partnerships are becoming a consistent part of startups’ marketing playbooks

With summer approaching and people being inclined to spend more time at the beach than they are online shopping, brands are looking for creative marketing tactics to drum up excitement. And one of the most common tactics startups have started experimenting more with in recent years is partnership marketing. Partnership marketing encompasses everything from product giveaways on Instagram to selling more co-branded items, and they're increasingly becoming a small but critical component of startups' strategies for critical sales moments.

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  • MAY 25, 2021

    As it expands beyond the coasts, Feather is trying to make furniture rental trendy

    Like other retail startups, furniture rental company Feather has adjusted its growth strategy for the year as it tries to figure out how to best fit into customers' post-pandemic lifestyles. Now, the company is expanding to new markets and launching in new categories. As a rental startup, Feather faces a unique challenge in that its growth trajectory also depends upon its ability to get more people on board with the idea of temporary ownership.

  • MAY 25, 2021

    How Hodinkee plans to dominate the watch resale space

    Hodinkee launched in 2008 as a watch-focused blog, but has since grown into a full-fledged e-commerce site. To further its growth, the brand named a new CEO, Toby Bateman at the end of 2020. Bateman spoke with Modern Retail about the company's plans.

  • MAY 24, 2021
    three wishes

    Startups are feeling the heat over rising raw materials costs

    After a year of supply chain headaches, brands now have a new challenge to grapple with: the rising costs of commodities and raw materials. Many of the raw materials that startup food and beverage brands rely on have risen in price. As a result, brands that are experiencing a rise in costs of materials often have to cut costs elsewhere -- or, pass it on to customers as a last resort.

  • MAY 24, 2021

    Hair color brand Madison Reed is doubling down on physical salons

    For the past year, the ongoing lockdowns had customers turning to at-home hair coloring and treatments, giving brands like Madison Reed an opportunity to grow sales. Now that salons are reopening and events are returning, the brand is looking to expand its physical footprint to continue its momentum.

  • MAY 21, 2021

    ‘Buying things that make them feel happy’: Dresses and bright colors are driving sales at apparel startups

    As the United States begins to reopen, small fashion startups navigate new consumer interest in dressing up, bright colors, and in-store experiences. The fashion industry struggled in the pandemic, with economic uncertainty slowing discretionary spending and leading to store closures. Small fashion brands, with limited assortments and nimble business teams, pivoted to e-commerce and comfort. Now, small fashion start-ups are offering bright colors, dressed up silhouettes and in-store experiences that consumers are flocking to.

  • MAY 20, 2021

    CPG giants are rushing to acquire new types of health and wellness startups

    With the wellness trend continuing to infiltrate more categories, big CPG companies -- including Nestle, Unilever and Mars Inc, among others -- are adding more health-focused brands to their portfolios. Some of these recent startup acquisitions include Nestle's purchase of Nuun and The Bountiful Company, along with Unilever's buyout of Liquid IV and Onnit.

  • MAY 20, 2021

    ‘We’re still big believers in physical retail’: Warby Parker’s Dave Gilboa on the brand’s updated store strategy

    Like other DTC brands, Warby Parker relied on its e-commerce channel while its stores were shut down during the pandemic. However, the company also found the period to be an opportunity to build out its telemedicine services, including optometrist appointments and prescription renewals. In an interview, Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Dave Gilboa spoke to Modern Retail about the brand's latest services and future role of the stores.

  • MAY 19, 2021

    Hu Kitchen co-founder Jason Karp: There are ‘too many options’ in CPG

    Jason Karp is quickly becoming the driving force behind a lot of brands trying to create a healthier spin on CPG staples. Along with his wife Jessica and brother Jordan, Jason launched Hu Kitchens in 2012. Karp spoke with Modern Retail about why he's getting into the frozen foods space, and how he thinks "greenwashing" is overtaking the health foods category.

  • MAY 18, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Startups are still trying to figure out what takes off on TikTok

    While DTC brands are more eager to test out TikTok, marketers and agencies say that most startups are still trying to figure out what types of videos work. As a result, they say experimentation is the key to TikTok success. And specifically, keeping an eye on what's trending on the For You page, and figuring out how to incorporate trending hashtags or effects into a brand's video.

  • MAY 18, 2021

    Why Quip is launching a teeth aligning service

    Following years of subscription acquisition and retail expansion, Quip is entering the crowded dental aligner space. DTC brands like SmileDirectClub and Candid Care have been offering at-home teeth-straightening for years. But Quip is betting on its existing dental care platform and customer demand to set its service apart.

  • MAY 14, 2021

    Jumia is still in search of profitability as it seeks to dominate African e-commerce

    In its quest to become the dominate e-commerce marketplace in Africa, Jumia has historically placed profitability on the backburner for the sake of growth. But now, the company is starting to prioritize certain investments for the sake of profitability. This week, Jumia released its 2021 first quarter earnings, showing an 11% increase of gross profits and 24% decrease of debts. However, the company remains unprofitable 8 years since its 2012 founding and 2 years after its April 2019 IPO. The American e-commerce giant with a similar marketplace model, Amazon, took 6 years to become profitable.

  • MAY 14, 2021

    How online grocers are trying to resurrect milkman-style routes with recurring deliveries

    While the current grocery delivery trend is to optimize for speed, not all analysts agree and startup CEOs see it as a viable or sustainable tactic. “This whole idea of speed of delivery is I think equivalent to the bridge to nowhere,” said Bill Bishop, an industry analyst who founded the research firm Brick Meets Click.

  • JUL 16, 2021

    Report: Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences drive revenue growth

    Every interaction a customer has with a brand is an opportunity to nurture the customer-brand relationship. This report highlights tactics that top brands are using to improve the customer experience.

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