How co-working is taking over retail and hospitality spaces

The future of co-working spaces, which were first popularized by WeWork and others, was unclear during lockdowns. Now, these concepts are taking on a new life by opening up locations in retail spaces, such as existing shopping centers, restaurants and bars.

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  • AUG 27, 2021

    ‘Little moments of luxury’: High-end bath products are still in high demand

    Last year during the pandemic, consumers invested in the home and bath space in droves: bath towel sales rose 12% to $2.9 billion while bath accessory sales rose 9% to $2.7 billion. As consumers continue to embrace self care, direct to consumer startups offer luxury items in the space and speak to self care and continued home renovations.

  • AUG 25, 2021

    Warby Parker’s S-1: A digitally-native brand discovers the power of stores

    Warby Parker is the latest direct-to-consumer company planning to go public. The eyewear brand, which was founded in 2010 and currently has 145 stores, is preparing for a direct listing on the NYSE. The debut will come after years of major revenue growth coupled with operating losses.

  • AUG 24, 2021
    Illustration with a pan, a jar and underwear with tags spelling out D-T-C.

    DTC Briefing: What’s fueling consumer disillusionment with digitally-native brands

    After years of scooting by on beautiful aesthetics, some startups are feeling the ripple effects of DTC disillusionment. That is, customers (and high-profile writers) are increasingly expressing remorse after spending a premium to buy beautiful cookware or bedding from a startup that they think is more ethical than traditional retailers.

  • AUG 23, 2021

    Lottery ticket sales are going digital

    For decades, lottery ticket sales were restricted to authorized brick and mortar sellers, mainly made up of convenience stores and gas stations. But in recent years, the effort to digitize U.S. lotteries has been brewing thanks to platforms like Jackpocket and

  • AUG 18, 2021

    Concession stands are going digital

    Professional sports teams and movie theater chains alike are doubling down on app ordering technology, finding contactless ways to get concessions to fans and minimizing traditional long lines. Still, the space is nascent, as consumers slowly shift their mindsets from impulsivity towards preplanning and concession providers work out kinks.

  • AUG 17, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Brands are leaning on email marketing amidst a digital marketing upheaval

    Despite the fact that shoppers are likely to receive a dozen-plus emails from retailers each day, direct-to-consumer startups are constantly trying to wedge their way into people’s promotions tabs. And email marketing is only likely to become more crucial -- and more complicated -- for any burgeoning DTC startups, thanks to privacy-focused changes in the digital marketing landscape. 

  • AUG 17, 2021

    ‘A national presence’: How Drybar is expanding with the help of franchisees

    The hair salon industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Now, service providers are looking to double down on growth opportunities. One of these is blowout specialist Drybar, which is looking to open hundreds of new franchise locations in the coming years.

  • AUG 16, 2021

    ‘DTC is running cover’: Inside Farmer’s Fridge’s omnichannel pivot

    Farmer's Fridge makes fresh salads in plastic bottles that used to be distributed via push-button machines in highly-trafficked areas -- like airports or hospitals. Its model was essentially business-to-business. When the pandemic hit, the company was forced to build out a direct-to-consumer sales channel -- and fast.

  • AUG 13, 2021

    ‘There is room for multiple services’: Sezzle CEO Charlie Youakim on the future of buy now, pay later

    The buy now, pay later (BNPL) category has benefitted from the ongoing e-commerce boom in the past few years. Now, players in the space -- which include Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna -- are looking for ways to stand out to both retail partners and consumers. Sezzle is one upstart that's looking to differentiate by courting young customers with offerings like rewards, flexible spending and a large selection of brand partners.

  • AUG 11, 2021

    As sales rise again, mask and sanitizer companies focus on longer-term branding

    In July, sales of hand sanitizer and medical face masks were up 24% and 16%, respectively, compared to June a Instacart. Now, however, consumers are looking for more stylish and buzzier versions of formerly un-sexy necessities. To play to this new consumer, brands like Rowing Blazers and Touchland are investing in more fashionable styles and sexier messaging.

  • AUG 10, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Startups are already preparing for another chaotic holiday season

    With holiday planning well underway, DTC startups are planning for the 2021 holiday season to be just as chaotic as last year's. While they hope that carriers like UPS and FedEx will be better equipped to deal with the surge in e-commerce orders, port delays are shipping container shortages are in some cases worse than last year.

  • AUG 10, 2021

    Despite the return of travel, brands aren’t rushing to run airport ads again

    Last March, airports became ghost towns and as a result, airport advertising ground to a halt. While some brands are exploring airport advertising again, some are waiting until closer to the holidays, which will be the biggest advertising season for them anyways.

  • SEP 13, 2021

    Back to school 2021: What happened and what it means moving forward

    Watch this on-demand webinar where experts discuss the changes to the back-to-school season and what it means for retailers now and in the future.

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