Cuyana co-founder Karla Gallardo on how the pandemic strengthened the brand’s mission statement

In Karla Gallardo's estimation, the world got tired of fast fashion just as the direct-to-consumer model was being proven out. "By 2010 there was fatigue, there was dissatisfaction with the quality," Galardo said on the Modern Retail Podcast. "A lot of of news was coming out in terms of the conditions of the factories where these products were made. There was an opportunity for something better right after that bubble burst." On this episode, she spoke about growing her brand and dealing with coronavirus-related hurdles.

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  • OCT 29, 2020

    Semihandmade’s John McDonald on hitching his wagon to Ikea, and then competing with it

    If you're going to hitch your company's wagon to another brand's success, Ikea isn't a bad choice. Semihandmade makes and sells cabinet doors for the giant retailer's fixtures, which can themselves be bought without the doors. For a small price increase, according to founder John McDonald, you get a big step up in quality. One big opportunity McDonald spots is the lack of name recognition beyond the top spot filled by Ikea. "There's Ikea in the U.S. and then there's 50 others made by the big guys," McDonald said on the Modern Retail Podcast.

  • OCT 22, 2020

    How Blk & Bold capitalized on Target and Amazon’s coffee shortcomings

    It's hard to find good coffee online, and roaster Blk & Bold found that to be a competitive advantage. The company saw huge growth over the last year, thanks to its placement on retail shelves at stores like Target -- as well as being a top-selling brand on Amazon. On the Modern Retail Podcast, which was recorded live during our Modern Retail Summit this week, co-founder and CEO Pernell Cezar Jr. spoke about how he has grown the company.

  • OCT 15, 2020

    ‘We’re always watching the competition’: Farfetch’s Kelly Kowal on Amazon’s growing luxury presence

    Luxury retailers have historically been slow to go online. But in the age of coronavirus, digital remains one of the only viable channels. Kelly Kowal, chief platform officer at Farfetch, is one of the people heralding this transition. Farfetch both offers its own consumer-facing marketplace of luxury items and sells white-labeled services to brands and retailers that want to create their own online experiences. Both sides of the business have been booming over the last few months, she said on the Modern Retail podcast. "We are seeing a lot of interest from brands and retailers now really understanding how important that e-commerce channel really is."

  • OCT 08, 2020

    Mattel COO Richard Dickson on entertaining young consumers everywhere they are

    Barbie is Mattel's most iconic brand, but it has more than 400 others that COO Richard Dickson is, in his own words, looking to revive. In an age where smartphones and games like Fortnite present stiff competition for analog toys, Dickson says the company needs to create media everywhere it can. "Continuing to be where our consumers are means, today, being everywhere," Dickson said on the Modern Retail Podcast.

  • OCT 01, 2020

    Bloomscape founder Justin Mast on shipping living things and why it acquired a plant care app

    Bloomscape founder Justin Mast joined the Modern Retail podcast and spoke about all things flora. The DTC plant company ships flowers and other living things nationwide, and has seen a spike in demand of late. The company also just acquired the plant care app Vera. On the podcast, Justin explained how the company has gone about things and its future plans.

  • SEP 24, 2020

    Thrive Market CTO Sasha Siddhartha on supercharged growth and the grocery website’s future

    Thrive Market, which first launched in 2014, had been growing at a rate of 40% a year before the pandemic. Now, with new customers joining the membership-based online grocery service, that growth rate has more than doubled to 90% a year, according to the company's co-founder and CTO Sasha Siddhartha. "We were already a digital native experience, so there were lots of parts of the business that scaled naturally," Siddhartha said on the latest episode of the Modern Retail Podcast. He spoke about how the company has adapted to the new e-commerce heavy environment.

  • SEP 17, 2020

    ‘We want you to like our brand’: Truff co-founders Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni on making their TikTok channel a destination

    Truff considers itself a luxury DTC hot sauce brand. And one of its most popular social media channels is TikTok. In fact, co-founders Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni said their company is the biggest hot sauce brand on TikTok, with 69,000 followers and nearly one million likes as of this writing.On this episode of the Modern Retail Podcast, the co-founders spoke about growing the company its strategic retail decisions.

  • SEP 10, 2020

    ‘A little bit of a rocket ship’: Abbio co-founder Jonathan Wahl on growing a kitchenware brand during a pandemic

    Jonathan Wahl sees the boom in kitchenware companies as a good thing for the sector as a whole. "Seeing others recognize the same opportunity reaffirms that yes, we're on the right track," Wahl, who co-founded the cookware company Abbio last year with his brother, said on the Modern Retail Podcast. On this episode, he spoke about growing a brand during coronavirus and the myriad other kitchenware brands available online.

  • SEP 03, 2020

    ‘A perfect storm’: Article Director of Marketing Duncan Blair on cornering the furniture market

    2020 hasn't been a good year to travel or go on vacation, and Americans are spending more on home improvement instead. Furniture brand Article was lucky enough to corner that market with a DTC model that eschews the need for expensive floorspace that has gone unused for several months this year. Its director of marketing Duncan Blair joined Modern Retail Podcast and spoke about how the company has grown and why it's not opening a store anytime soon.

  • AUG 27, 2020

    Strong Roots founder Sam Dennigan on the growing popularity of vegan food

    Sam Dennigan launched Strong Roots with a single item -- sweet potato fries -- in Ireland in 2015. The frozen vegetables company has since raised $18.3 million from private equity firm Goode Partners to expand into the U.S., where Dennigan is now based. His experience on both sides of the Atlantic helps him highlight some of the competitive differences among markets. He was the latest guest on the Modern Retail Podcast.

  • AUG 20, 2020

    GT Dave on the challenges of being a kombucha leader

    Back when GT Dave, founder of GT's Living Foods, single-handedly proved that there was a market for kombucha in the U.S., probiotic was hardly a buzzword. "Fortunately today, that hurdle or barrier is no longer there," Dave said on the Modern Retail Podcast. Kombucha is now big business; sales of the beverage exceeded $480 million in 2019, according to Nielsen. GT's Living Foods, which was founded in 1995, makes for a big piece of that pie. He joined the Modern Retail podcast and talked about what's ahead for the company.

  • AUG 13, 2020

    Blueland CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo on how the pandemic changed the cleaning supplies aisle

    Blueland CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo wants you to know that when you pay for cleaning supplies at the grocery stores, you're mostly buying water. "Often times consumers are paying really for a new plastic bottle -- and water, which we already have at home," Paiji Yoo said on the Modern Retail Podcast.

  • NOV 24, 2020

    For legacy brands, e-commerce platforms create new D2C opportunities

    The global pandemic has accelerated the appetite for retailers to experiment with new distribution channels, moving quickly to build their own direct-to-consumer models.

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