Amazon Briefing: Why Amazon is investing in autonomous trucking

Autonomous trucking might help Amazon with driver recruitment. The technology isn't just for the relatively pie-in-the-sky future of a fully driverless truck, but also for shorter-term demands, where certain parts of the trucking process can be automated in order to make the industry more attractive to drivers.

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  • JUN 29, 2021

    Facing an existential threat, link-in-bio companies are pivoting to direct selling

    Increasingly, link-in-bio companies are building digital storefronts, where anyone who clicks a link in bio can toggle through various products that a creator has for sale. It's a shift that not only helps the link services stay relevant but also represents the latest example of e-commerce and product discovery moving to social media.

  • JUN 28, 2021

    Big-box retailers are still struggling to stand out on Prime Day

    Despite offering competing sales, retailers are struggling to put a dent in Amazon's Prime Day momentum. Multi-category big box retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as Wayfair and Best Buy, all ran sales that overlapped with Amazon's June 21 to 22 Prime Day. Still, early data in app downloads and web traffic shows that these retailers are still seeing a modest uptick in shoppers relative to Amazon.

  • JUN 24, 2021
    Modern Retail Amazon Briefing

    Amazon Briefing: How Amazon pushed its own products on Prime Day

    Amazon is known for its in-house electronics products. But this year, it gave its private-label products in its other categories an extra push. That underscores the extent to which Amazon is pushing specifically its non-electronics products -- which, unlike electronics, might inspire more frequent repeat purchases -- into consumers’ lives.

  • JUN 23, 2021

    Why the visual search revival poses a dilemma for retailers

    Visual search is witnessing a resurgence in interest that retailers may find difficult to ignore. On the one hand, social media and web giants are pushing visual search to the forefront of their platforms. Meanwhile, many retailers are opting to incorporate the feature directly into their existing apps, either individually or with the help of specialist tech startups.

  • JUN 23, 2021

    Instagram and Shopify are poised to join the new affiliate link wars

    Instagram and Shopify appear to be entering the affiliate commissions race. It's a sign that the two companies are trying to disrupt Amazon’s dominance over product affiliate links.

  • JUN 21, 2021

    Unpacked: How the Inform Act aims to regulate third-party marketplaces

    The recently-introduced Inform bills are essentially disclosure measures, stating that third-party marketplaces have to vet the bank information, government IDs, tax documents and other records pertaining to what the bill classifies as “high-volume third-part sellers.” Here's how these proposed laws could upend the e-commerce ecosystem.

  • JUN 17, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: The rise of influencer videos on Amazon

    Over the last year, influencer-created videos have increasingly popped up on Amazon product pages. With these videos, Amazon is trying to bring some of the cues from social platforms onto its own site -- and rather than have its influencers only recommend products on YouTube or TikTok, and just link back to Amazon, now Amazon is trying to bring more content natively onto its platform.

  • JUN 16, 2021

    Instacart is courting CPG brands by giving them more control over product display

    In early May, Instacart quietly added a new feature called “Product Library,” which lets brands whose products are bought and sold on Instacart edit how their products appear on the platform. The Product Library update might be small, but it showcases the extent to which Instacart, as it becomes an increasingly ad-focused company, has tried to make itself more friendly to brands.

  • JUN 10, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: How rollup companies are turning themselves into brands

    As the Amazon acquisition boom continues, a growing number of companies are beginning to consider how -- and whether -- to turn the products they acquire into recognizable brands even off of Amazon. But question of how present the actual name of the rollup company should be in the minds of consumers also remains up in the air. “At this point, we have delivered products to one out of every ten households in America, but they have no idea that we’ve done that,” said Josh Silberstein, founder and co-CEO of Thrasio.

  • JUN 08, 2021

    With new commerce features, Pinterest is continuing to court DTC brands

    As DTC brands continue to look for new customer acquisition channels, Pinterest is becoming a bigger part of their shoppable content playbook. The social platform, which has been increasingly building out e-commerce capabilities, has partnered with several digitally-native brands on a shopping event featuring exclusive products.

  • JUN 07, 2021

    Startups are pitching auto-replenishment services as data collection tools

    While Amazon's Dash Replenishment might be the largest program in what remains a niche industry, a growing number of startups are pitching auto-replenishment systems to brands -- and to stand out, they’re making their case not on just the economic benefits of convincing customers to set auto reorders, but also on the potential consumer usage data that they can source.

  • JUN 03, 2021

    Amazon Briefing: 3 trends to watch on Prime Day 2021

    One of the biggest storylines of this year’s Prime Day is inventory problems. Toward the end of May, third-party sellers began reporting that their inventory maximums had dropped suddenly -- meaning, essentially, that Amazon would only accept a reduced amount of inventory into its warehouses.

  • SEP 29, 2021

    12 tips for a merry marketer's holiday season

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