The alcohol delivery wars are heating up

The newfound need for fast, on-demand alcohol delivery has spurred a golden age for platforms. Fulfillment platforms like Minibar and Saucey are proving there's room for multiple players in this category.

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  • MAR 30, 2020

    ‘In the dark’: Non-essential third-party Amazon sellers try to navigate a new reality

    Two weeks into the age of coronavirus and Amazon third party sellers still feel in the dark. Those considered non-essential are trying to figure out ways to stay afloat while Amazon de-prioritizes their products. Some are trying to get their products re-categorized, others investing in new fulfillment resources. Risks abound for all the options.

  • MAR 23, 2020

    ‘Massive increase in volatility’: As demand surges, advertising on Amazon gets more unpredictable

    Brands on Amazon are struggling to figure out how to adapt to the Amazon advertising ecosystem in the age of coronavirus. Supply and demand -- both for products and ad units -- have become volatile. Meanwhile, brands are struggling to figure out how best to remain profitable and plan for the future.

  • MAR 20, 2020

    The DTC coronavirus home test kits are here

    Radish, Everlywell and Nurx announced their own respective versions of at-home coronavirus tests.

  • MAR 19, 2020

    TikTok Royalty: Here are the stars you need to know

    Most adults have probably never heard of Loren Gray. But plenty of teens know all about the TikTok celebrity with 38.4 million followers. What exactly makes a creator like Gray soar in popularity is somewhat of a mystery, but those who “understand trends and become early adopters are more likely to gain more traction,” says Ariadna Jacob, CEO of Influences.

  • FEB 26, 2020

    The go-to retail influencers on Tik Tok right now

    Retailers’ use of TikTok is still in its early days, but many are already testing the water by partnering with existing influencers on the popular app. While many brands aren’t necessarily building out official pages on the video sharing platform, retailers like Target, Kroger and Walmart are finding value in early investment in youth-geared social network.

  • FEB 24, 2020

    ‘The modern Goodwill’: How ThredUp positioned itself as the struggling retailer’s resale partner-in-crime

    ThredUp just announced a new partnership with Gap that would let customers consign their old clothes. It shows the secondhand clothing platform staking it claim as a helpful brand partner for traditional retailers looking for a refresh.

  • FEB 10, 2020

    Pinterest pitches discoverability advantage to retailers

    “We're building the shoppable surfaces and we're improving the ML that matches inspiring images."

  • FEB 07, 2020

    See the slides: What retailers need to know about Amazon product pages

    Selling on Amazon can be tricky. The company’s sheer scale means the key to getting the most out of Amazon as a retailer is the details. That was the major takeaway at Digiday Media’s recent Amazon Strategies event.

  • FEB 06, 2020

    Why small retailers are spending more on YouTube

    Within the past year, Google has made a significant push to turn itself into more of a shopping destination. But it's also taken steps to encourage more retailers and direct-to-consumer brands to invest in YouTube. In November, YouTube announced that it was extending shopping ads to YouTube's home feed and search results, so that when a user searches for say, Puma shoes, they see an ad with a carousel of suggested products to buy.

  • FEB 04, 2020

    ‘We are getting our ass kicked’: Amazon sellers grapple with a fake review problem

    Reviews have been on Amazon for decades. But big and small brands alike are noticing more players gaming them. While Amazon claims that it's trying its best to fight the problem, it is only becoming a bigger headache as the e-commerce platform continues to grow.

  • FEB 03, 2020

    How Amazon’s review system turned into a giant problem for sellers

    Reviews have been on Amazon for decades, and so too have fake ones. But as Amazon has become a more dominant e-commerce force, the problem review fraud presents has become more clear. Here is a look at how Amazon has approached its review ecosystem, and how it's led to dark network of bad online actors.

  • FEB 03, 2020

    Retailers begin to see e-commerce gains from Pinterest

    Retailers are now gravitating toward Pinterest’s shopping-friendly features to add another source of e-commerce revenue. The platform has added more social commerce tools in an effort to pitch retailers on how being on the platform can help actual conversions. These include the ability to build custom shopping catalogs, product pins and improved retargeting.

  • JUL 09, 2020

    Advertisers’ survey: What’s holding back your ad performance?

    Advertisers, from DTCs scrapping for share in a crackling at-home beauty market to seasoned retailers leaning into the quarantined consumer’s e-commerce surge, what’s changing about your campaign KPIs? How are you using data to make choices and effectively budget across channels? What’s working, what’s broken and how will you fix it? Take this survey and get the full results plus a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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