Dining booking platforms are expanding beyond restaurants

Reservation platforms like OpenTable, Resy and Tock have modified expanded their toolsets, resulting in a new category of retail appointments. As restaurants are either closed or relying takeout only, these back-end services are scrambling to pivot their offerings to survive the year. “I think retailers are going to turn to appointment based visits indefinitely,” Tock CEO Nick Kokonas said.

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  • MAY 01, 2020

    How wine seller Winc is building out its digital business to acquire new customers

    Longevity in the coming year will require “re-imagining at home consumption,” said COO Brian Smith, with restaurants and hospitality down at the moment. Here are some takeaways about how the wine brand has strategized in this current economic climate.

  • APR 30, 2020

    Amazon revenue is up, but the coronavirus will eat into its entire $4 billion profit

    Amazon's sales went up during the first quarter of this year, but so too did costs. This certainly has to do with the coronavirus -- as do the plans to re-invest all of its profits into the business. The company's latest earnings report shows that even the industry leaders have some cracks in the business.

  • APR 29, 2020

    Why Poshmark is launching a TikTok-like Stories feature

    Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra said Posh Stories, its version of the short video format, is expected to replicate the success that social shopping has achieved in markets like China.

  • APR 27, 2020

    The current crisis has big CPGs rethinking their DTC strategies

    With many businesses closed, CPG brands are seeming sales plummet. Indeed, Coke just reported that it saw a 25% sales volume drop earlier this month. As a result, many bigger brands are likely trying to rethink their digital strategies -- and are looking to adopt more direct-to-consumer programs.

  • APR 23, 2020

    As Amazon tries to tamp down on false claims and price gouging, some sellers say it’s going overboard

    Amazon has historically had difficulty keeping track of bad actors on the platform. Now, the company is having the opposite problem -- numerous brands are receiving automated alerts about issues they claim are false. For some, Amazon alleges price gouging. For others, it's about whether their FDA approved product is truly over-the-counter. For these sellers without a direct line to Amazon to appeal they're stuck with products suspended and sales dwindling.

  • APR 23, 2020

    How Google is trying to woo sellers away from Amazon

    Amazon's decision in March to temporarily stop accepting shipments of non-essential goods to its warehouses left many sellers in limbo. That presents a new opportunity for other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Target and Google to woo over dissatisfied sellers. Earlier this week, Google announced that it would be now making it free for merchants to sell their products on Google Shopping. Previously, merchants were charged on a cost-per-click basis.

  • APR 22, 2020

    DTC brands are partnering up to create communities (and save on customer acquisition costs)

    Growing coalitions between brands via community and content is one bet for them to survive. During the pandemic, they're "banding together to weather the storm."

  • APR 22, 2020

    ‘The aggregators will win’: Profitero’s Bryan Wiener and Sarah Hofstetter on the future of e-commerce

    Former ad exec Wiener said that with many brands, it’s not so much changing what they were doing but doing it faster. "It’s not going to be an evolutionary change, but revolutionary."

  • APR 21, 2020

    Grocery micro-fulfillment is getting a boost

    Micro-fulfillment solutions company Takeoff Technologies’ has seen a surge in grocery clients' orders. Chief business officer Curt Avallone explained how the company is solving the last mile problem and why major supermarket chains are getting on board with delivery.

  • APR 20, 2020

    How Minibar is handling the alcohol surge

    Minibar Delivery co-founder and CEO Lindsey Andrews spoke to Modern Retail about handling an unprecedented surge, hiring staff amid high order volume and what this spike means for the alcohol delivery industry. 

  • APR 20, 2020

    It took a pandemic, but Facebook Marketplace is of increased interest to brands and retailers

    To many, Facebook Marketplace is a destination for used goods and/or oddities. But more brands are looking to the online marketplace to sell their goods -- especially as they experience woes with Amazon. While there is more interest in the social network's commerce tools now, it's unclear this wave is longterm.

  • APR 17, 2020

    Amazon brands are adopting DTC strategies

    Many brands live and die on the Amazon platform. Now that many non-essential items have seen a profound decrease in demand, these companies are in a bind. Some are trying to adopt competitive tactics that only a few months back they were allergic to.

  • JUL 09, 2020

    Advertisers’ survey: What’s holding back your ad performance?

    Advertisers, from DTCs scrapping for share in a crackling at-home beauty market to seasoned retailers leaning into the quarantined consumer’s e-commerce surge, what’s changing about your campaign KPIs? How are you using data to make choices and effectively budget across channels? What’s working, what’s broken and how will you fix it? Take this survey and get the full results plus a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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