How Zazzle is trying to gin up more sales through social selling

Social selling just recently began to take off in the U.S., but the trend is quickly evolving to include everything from virtual cooking classes to artisan services. As marketplace Zazzle's investment in its Zazzle Live shows, demand for on-demand digital activities is beginning to stick.

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  • DEC 16, 2020

    ‘The time for amateurs seems over’: How acquirers are giving Amazon sellers an exit

    A German startup called Razor bought out a seller’s three top-selling products. Razor is part of a growing ecosystem of Amazon seller acquisition companies, sometimes called seller “rollup” companies, that invest in successful Amazon products and pull them into a much larger Amazon product portfolio. Here’s a look at how this growing offshoot of Amazon commerce works.

  • DEC 15, 2020

    While Amazon tries to grow its Just Walk Out technology, competitors are thriving

    Companies like Keyo, Grabango, Standard Cognition, Aifi, Zippin and Trigo have all worked on various types of cashierless technology. And despite Amazon’s tremendous power, these companies aren’t seeing their businesses shrink this year. If anything, having Amazon enter a new sector of the retail technology space seems to be a boost for the companies are already active in it.

  • DEC 15, 2020

    As gyms flounder, digital fitness instructors are going it alone

    The future of gyms remains up in the air, but trainers are finding new digital sources of income. Equipped with their followers, influencer-like instructors are wielding their power -- cutting out the middleman and building out their own virtual fitness channels. And platforms are popping up helping these trainers build out their own independent businesses.

  • DEC 14, 2020

    ‘We have an opportunity to pivot back’: eBay’s vp of buyer experience Bradford Shellhammer on the company’s path forward

    Like many e-commerce platforms, eBay is having a big 2020. Over the years, the company had strayed away from its core mission to power merchants. Now that the pandemic's momentum is waning, the priority is to "pivot back and focus on sellers" in the coming year. "An opportunity has fallen into eBay’s lap,” said Bradford Shellhammer, who heads up buyer experience at eBay. He spoke with Modern Retail about the company's 2021 strategy.

  • DEC 11, 2020

    Explainer: The high-profile 2021 bills that may change Amazon’s business model

    E-commerce liability protections might start to come with extra strings attached -- if they continue at all. A September court decision declared that Amazon was in fact responsible for a defective laptop battery sold by a third party on its site, in large part because Amazon warehoused and packaged that product through its Fulfillment by Amazon network. In October, the White House called for stronger anti-counterfeit legislation against e-commerce companies. And that is giving new momentum to a series of Congressional and state bills.

  • DEC 10, 2020

    How a shoppable WhatsApp might give a boost to small sellers

    In the U.S., only a tiny sliver of people shop on WhatsApp. But the potential for WhatsApp -- which boasts over 2 billion users worldwide -- is significant. That suggests WhatsApp's biggest benefit might not be for international brands, but for local stores without a lot of money to spend on a slick e-commerce site. In turning WhatsApp into a shopping platform, Facebook is actually placing a bet on localized e-commerce.

  • DEC 08, 2020

    Thanksgiving gave online alcohol delivery a big boost

    Alcohol delivery platforms continue to acquire customers, especially as millions of Americans face a second wave of pandemic lockdowns. This Thanksgiving was no different. Aside from its standard sales boost, this year Drizly's white glove service saw record consumer interest.

  • DEC 07, 2020

    With office holiday parties on hold, digital corporate gifting is taking off

    The often dreaded office holiday party is on hold this year, and many employers are looking for alternatives to celebrate remotely and reward workers. Virtual gifting, like e-commerce, is on the rise to meet this demand. Startup Loop & Tie and's new SmartGift portal, aimed at business customers, are trying to capitalize on the growing phenomenon.

  • DEC 07, 2020

    ‘Playing catch-up’: Why FedEx and other carriers are striking deeper partnerships with platforms

    In order to prevent Amazon from clawing away more of their business, shipping carriers are trying to forge deeper partnerships with other platforms that work closely with retailers and e-commerce companies. That's evidenced by FedEx's latest acquisition, announced last week. The logistics carrier is acquiring ShopRunner, a marketplace that offers its members free two-day shipping and returns on products from more than 100 retailers.

  • DEC 07, 2020

    ‘It wasn’t really a perk’: How Amazon Launchpad has been left to languish

    It seemed, briefly, like Amazon might shake up the way that startups take off. But over five years later, Launchpad has languished. Although there are some success stories, few customers have heard of Launchpad -- and many of those sellers who did work with Launchpad felt that the perks weren’t worth the extra 5% of profits they had to give up. What happened to the highly anticipated program for growing startups?

  • DEC 03, 2020

    How e-commerce platforms stacked up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Cyber week is becoming Cyber November, according to B-to-B vendors that power e-commerce merchants. This holiday season, companies that build SMBs' online stores, which include Shopify, BigCommerce and Adobe's Magento, are all seeing record sales among merchants. Here's how e-commerce platforms fared over this holiday shopping weekend blitz.

  • DEC 03, 2020

    Why Tastemade is partnering with retailers for shoppable programming

    Recent Walmart and Amazon partnerships suggest that shoppable TV might become a big part of Tastemade's future. And as more retailers are looking to invest in their own television shows, social-first media companies like Tastemade are becoming their go-to place. But the media company still has to figure out how to get people to actually buy the products.

  • JUL 16, 2021

    Report: Brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences drive revenue growth

    Every interaction a customer has with a brand is an opportunity to nurture the customer-brand relationship. This report highlights tactics that top brands are using to improve the customer experience.

Modern Retail Livestream Commerce Trends
Jul 28, 2021

At Modern Retail’s Livestream Commerce Trends, we’ll explore how the growth of livestream and video shopping trends are transforming how retailers, brands and marketing teams are engaging with consumers in-stream and live across social and owned-and-operated websites.