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  • SEP 16, 2021

    Inside olive oil startup Brightland’s product expansion strategy

    When CPG startup Brightland launched in 2018, it launched with just two products: two different varieties of olive oil. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include four different flavored olive oils, two different varieties of vinegar and this week, launched a line of honey. Brightland typically partners with other companies, and does limited-edition runs, in order to test out new products.

  • SEP 14, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Shopify is taking a heavier hand in startup investing

    There's a new sought-after investor for tech startups that serves a lot of direct-to-consumer brands -- and it isn't a traditional private equity or venture capital fund. It's Shopify. That was made clear last week, when Shopify announced that it invested in Yotpo.

  • SEP 10, 2021

    As retailers hope for big holiday seasons, hiring remains a challenge

    Historically, the only holiday messaging retailers have embraced before Labor Day are Christmas in July-themed sales. This year, however, retailers want job applicants to start thinking about their holiday plans before the summer is over.

  • SEP 07, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Brands are trying to set expectations ahead of holiday inventory challenges

    Direct-to-consumer startups have now been grappling with manufacturing delays, increased prices of raw materials and astronomical costs for shipping containers for close to a year and a half now. And the challenges show no signs of subsiding.

  • AUG 31, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Warby Parker’s direct listing highlights the profit challenges DTC brands face

    For the past few years, Warby Parker has been cited as an example of the rare direct-to-consumer startup capable of turning a profit -- the company first noted in 2017 that it achieved profitability on an EBITDA basis. But when the company filed its S-1 last week, it revealed that the path to profitability remains bumpy -- and it served as a good proxy for the biggest challenges DTC brands face in 2021 in turning a profit.

  • AUG 24, 2021

    DTC Briefing: What’s fueling consumer disillusionment with digitally-native brands

    After years of scooting by on beautiful aesthetics, some startups are feeling the ripple effects of DTC disillusionment. That is, customers (and high-profile writers) are increasingly expressing remorse after spending a premium to buy beautiful cookware or bedding from a startup that they think is more ethical than traditional retailers.

  • AUG 17, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Brands are leaning on email marketing amidst a digital marketing upheaval

    Despite the fact that shoppers are likely to receive a dozen-plus emails from retailers each day, direct-to-consumer startups are constantly trying to wedge their way into people’s promotions tabs. And email marketing is only likely to become more crucial -- and more complicated -- for any burgeoning DTC startups, thanks to privacy-focused changes in the digital marketing landscape. 

  • AUG 10, 2021

    DTC Briefing: Startups are already preparing for another chaotic holiday season

    With holiday planning well underway, DTC startups are planning for the 2021 holiday season to be just as chaotic as last year's. While they hope that carriers like UPS and FedEx will be better equipped to deal with the surge in e-commerce orders, port delays are shipping container shortages are in some cases worse than last year.

  • AUG 10, 2021

    Despite the return of travel, brands aren’t rushing to run airport ads again

    Last March, airports became ghost towns and as a result, airport advertising ground to a halt. While some brands are exploring airport advertising again, some are waiting until closer to the holidays, which will be the biggest advertising season for them anyways.

  • AUG 03, 2021

    Stitch Fix to stylists: Accept scheduling changes — or resign

    Styling service Stitch Fix told employees yesterday in an internal message that the company would be making changes to when stylists can work -- changes that stylists have to accept in the next two weeks, or resign. Three stylists told Modern Retail that they felt the changes were one of many ways that the stylist role had gotten less flexible over the years -- though flexibility has long been a selling point as Stitch Fix has tried to recruit stylists.

  • AUG 03, 2021

    DTC Briefing: How year-old startups are trying to grow through chaos

    Rarely, if ever, does a startup’s first year in business go according to plan -- but DTC founders who launched their businesses in 2020 had to deal with an unprecedented amount of chaos. Now, going into their second year of business, these startups are ramping up marketing investments, and resuming some of the brand-building tactics they previously had to put on hold.

  • JUL 27, 2021

    DTC Briefing: As more platforms launch, the DTC-marketplace sales strategy evolves

    Within the past several years there has been an explosion of new specialty marketplaces through which e-commerce brands can also sell their products. As a result, e-commerce brands have more options than ever before when considering where to sell their products online -- and many of them are expressing more interest in moving beyond DTC distribution earlier on.

  • JUL 22, 2021

    How Gap’s new loyalty program ties together its multiple brands

    Last September, Gap Inc. relaunched its loyalty program in order to encourage people to shop and redeem rewards across all four of its brands -- Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and the namesake Gap brand. Now roughly ten months into the program, Gap is making a greater push to get more people to sign up, by making it easier to redeem points and adding more perks.

  • JUL 20, 2021

    DTC Briefing: How supply chain shortages are impacting e-commerce operations

    Getting products manufactured overseas, transporting them over to the United States and shipping them out to customers globally is still nearly as difficult as it was in 2020 -- and in some cases more difficult. As a result, nearly every decision that a burgeoning e-commerce startup has to make these days has to account for shipping or production delays on every little item. 

  • JUL 13, 2021

    DTC Briefing: After months of hesitation, brands are rushing to host in-person events

    Last summer, brands took a muted approach to marketing. Now, the mood is much more celebratory as some brands are rushing to host their first in-person events in nearly eighteen months. Many of these events are being planned on the fly, as some brands were hesitant to plan any indoor events until a month or two ago.

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